Fun Poll: Favourite Barbie Movie

Fun Poll: Favourite Barbie Movie

Hiya Lovelies,

Following the success of the Theme Poll and Disney Heroine Poll, I thought you might all like another poll this month. As such, I would like to know what your favourite Barbie movies are! In order to vote, please click on this link and vote before November 25th in order for your pick to have a chance of being in the Top 10 Barbie movies. Like with Belle, the winning Barbie movie will inspire a future story.


Princess Aurora of the Fairbreeze Plateau Xx

Edit: If you haven’t seen many Barbie movies but do have Netflix, you can watch Barbie in Princess Power, Barbie of Swan Lake and Barbie: Dolphin Magic now included in your basic package. Enjoy!

P.S. Due to the 30 option limit in straw polls, I had to combine similar films as single categories in order to fit all films eg. counting Barbie in a Mermaid Tale, Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2 and Dolphin Magic as one option due to all featured films including mermaids and dolphins.


Though I will not be posting directly about previous polls, you can still vote in the Theme Poll and Disney Poll if you so wish. If I see an explosion in a certain interest, I will take that on board.

Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Like many teen boys, Callum is a big fan of the Marvel superhero movies. He has seen every single one to be released in cinema since all the way back in 2012 with the first Avengers movie and in all the times he had gone to see the films with friends or family since, he had never left the cinema regretting that he saw a Marvel film. And like many young guys, he wasn’t afraid to admit he shed a tear or two during the finger-snap scene in the latest Avengers movie.

At home he had a collection of superhero action figures which he lined up on his shelves and as of his sixteenth birthday, his parents even bought him a 12″ deluxe Black Widow figure, which despite being teased at by school friends for having a doll on his desk, he thought was awesome and would certainly fill his enthusiasm in many of his teenage dreams.

One day Callum was inside the garden shed, searching for some cans of food for his cat when he suddenly found a book covered in cobwebs in the shed. Clearly, the book had not been touched in years and must have been left behind by the previous house’s owners. Callum opened the book to find it was filled with pentagrams and weird symbols, and as he turned the pages he realised this must be some deranged cultist’s manual or something like that. On one page in particular, he could just about make out what was written. The page reported to be an “Infiltration Spell” which according to the preamble gave the user to become anyone they wanted for a set period of time.

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Callum laughed it off and put the book back as his cat started to purr in hunger.

As he looked around the shed he began to think to himself about how cool it would be to be able to become other people. Imagine if he could become one of the actors for the Marvel superheroes? All that fame, wealth, awesome muscular bodies, it would be awesome. And what’s more, he could charge people for autographs at Comic Con. Oh he would never want to give that dream up!

As he thought about this the book he had placed back suddenly began to glow faintly. Callum didn’t notice as he continued to look for the cat food when suddenly a wave of smoke emerged from the book and engulfed him, causing him to fall asleep.

When he woke, Callum felt odd. He opened his eyes to realise he was no longer in a shed and furthermore, he could feel between his legs that he was no longer Callum!

A woman suddenly ran over to him “Oh thank god you’re awake. We were worried for you Miss Larson, you fainted just as you were about to take the to the stage.”

Callum looked at her confused “Miss? L-Larson?” what’s going on he thought as he looked down to find out he was now a woman standing in an ankle-legth pink dress with dots and judging on his new-found chest, he was definitely all woman now.

Before he could say or do anything, he heard an announcement saying “And now, winner of the 2019 Women in Film Award, Brie Larson.” He looked around completely confused when the woman who helped him stand up suddenly motioned for him to walk to the stage, something he frankly struggled with thanks to his new body shape and the fact he had never worn heels before!

As he approached the stage, an elderly woman congratulated him, kissed his cheek and handed him a trophy. He just feigned a smile as lots of paparazzi approached to photograph the Winner of the Women in Film Award, even though he had no idea what had happened.

Later in the evening he discovered though small-talk that he was apparently the woman who played superhero Carol Danvers in the upcoming Marvel Captain Marvel film. He felt so stupid for not realising earlier and realised that cultist book must have been answering his thoughts of becoming a superhero.

He had seen this woman in the Captain Marvel trailers before of course but the fact he hadn’t expected to suddenly become her or the fact he had never seen her in a dress before was clearly the reason he hadn’t realised already. What a stupid book, he was thinking of Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth or Samuel L Jackson when he thought of Marvel Superheroes, not a woman who’s film hadn’t even released yet!

Still, it wasn’t all downsides. His dream of becoming a superhero actor had in a way come true, he could sell autographs at Comic Con come this Summer and he would have red carpet access to the latest Marvel film in which he was now starring despite never once acting in it himself. Let’s hope the film in which he stars will not be the first one to disappoint him.

But best of all, looking at his phone it seemed he now had the contact details of all his, no her, fellow Marvel leading ladies including none other than Black Widow herself, Scarlett Johanson. Perhaps it was time Brie made some phone-calls and arranged to meet up!

Supergirly-boy Meets His Hero

Supergirly-boy Meets His Hero

Mel or Melanie as he, now she, is called is still trying to get used to their new body. Becoming a woman after stealing Lex Luthor’s experimental tech was one thing but becoming a woman with all the powers of Superman was so much more. Hugging is great, hugging when the person hugging you is a woman with super strength is not. This week Melanie made the latest in a long list of mistakes. While applying mascara to her eyelashes, her concentration on her eyelashes accidentally lead to her firing a beam of heat vision at the mirror which reflected off of it and set her cupboard on fire, torching her entire wardrobe minus the underwear she was wearing, the grey hoodie that was sitting on her chair and her super suit which was impervious to the flames. Mel tried to use his frost breath to quickly put out the flames, but instead accidentally used super breath to blow the burning cupboard through her window as it fell 4 stories from her apartment window. The fact it didn’t fall on anyone was a miracle.

Melanie needed new clothes so without much alternative, put on his superhero costume with the grey hoodie over it and headed into town to buy new clothes at the mall. She tried to hide his super-costume beneath is as much as possible but thanks to the uniform’s indestructible nature, there was no way of removing the skirt from the uniform and simply wearing the skirt with the hoodie. In order to wear the skirt, Melanie would have to wear the whole suit, cape and all which certainly aroused suspicion as she headed into town.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes and outdoor

“Wow, it’s Supergirl!” people gasped as Melanie walked and soon Melanie found herself posing for photos with these fans of her super-heroics. Supergirl isn’t her superhero name of course, but Mel tends not to argue back when people call him that nowadays. Frankly, it’s less embarrassing than the superhero name he was actually given by his idol Superman. She may still be getting used to being a mostly female superhero but one thing Mel loved from the moment he became a superhero was the amount of adoration he seemed to receive from the public. Superman told him all about the importance of being a symbol for Hope back when his body first changed and one such element of heroism was always maintaining a bubbly, optimistic image to her fans.

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Eventually, Melanie entered the store and headed to the first young women’s-wear shop she could see and proceeded to look through all the racks of shorts, leggings, pants, shirts, blouses and tops as she mentally tried to build a new wardrobe from them, working out which items go ebst with which.

Image result for women clothing shop

However, as she held an armful of shopping in her arms, Melanie suddenly dropped everything she was carrying after she saw who was shopping two aisles to her left. ‘Is that…no it can’t be. Can’t it? It must be-it’s it’s Wonder Woman!!!’ Melanie thought as she saw stunning dark haired woman going through the underwear section. Never mind her own things, Melanie just had to say hello.

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Mel walked up to the brunette. “Uhmm excuse me miss but I just have to ask. It’s you isn’t it? You’re Wonder Woman aren’t you?”

“I don’t know where you got that from miss, now if you don’t mind I would like you to…”

“No wait, you don’t understand. I can sense your aura. Look *zips open her grey hoodie* See? I’m a superhero like you!”

“I recognise that symbol, wait I know you. Superman mentioned you. You call yourself Supergirl right?” Wonder Woman asked.

“Uhmm…not quite it’s uhmm..ah..well, Clark calls me Supergirly-boy” Melanie responded embarrassed.

“Girly-boy?” Wonder Woman asked questioningly.

“It’s a long story but please, it’s an honour to meet you Wonder Woman, I even have a poster of you on my bedroom wall, you’re a true role-model for all female superheroines, me included. Please, I have got to take a selfie with you.”

Suddenly, the two superheroines were interrupted by the sound of an explosion outside. “Duty calls girly-boy, we can take photos later but for now, let’s go see what that noise was.” Wonder Woman claimed.

“OMG, I’m going to go fight a villain with Wonder Woman, DREAM COME TRUE” Melanie thought to himself as the two ran outside to fight evil. When they got outside they saw a figure in metal armour who upon removing its mouth armour was revealed to be Faora-Ul, a rogue Kryptonian out to gain revenge for her lover General Zod being killed by the Man of Steel.

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The two superheroines ran into battle, timing their blows so they could punch the villain simultaneously only for Faora to counter their hits and land a few of her own. In one awesome moment of teamwork, Supergirly-boy grabbed Faora at the waist to immobilise her as Wonder Woman proceeded to deliver a flurry of kicks to Faora’s armoured chest and later when Faora shot her eye beams at Wonder Woman, Supergirly-boy countered the heat beams with her own, thanking her lucky stars that her beams activated when she wanted them to for once.

As the battle raged on, Faora lifted Melanie and through her across a nearby park as she continued to fight Wonder Woman. Before getting back up to fight, Supergirly-boy had to just take in the moment as she laid on the ground. Here she was, fighting a supervillain alongside Wonder Woman, her role-model, and far from being let down, she was totally over the moon. Wonder Woman tended not to fly very much but honestly, she didn’t seem to need to as she leapt entire buildings in a single bound and slashed at Faora with her sword with blows strong enough to throw her through walls, she honestly made everything around her look like it was made from Papier-Mache and that is just awesome.

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Finally, Faora started to gain the upper hand once more and so Melanie realised it was time to get up and back into action as she flew into combat and hit Faora back. The two superheroines delivered their final blows against Faora together, breaking through her armour’s defence systems until the force-field around her head began to break. Faora isn’t native to this world and cannot breathe here if her force-field breaks. As such, Faora knew she was defeated and would soon need to flee.

As Faora stared at the heroes who had beaten her, Wonder Woman and Supergirly-boy posed together as Wonder Woman said “By Hera I warn you, leave this planet or justice will be swift.” Faora turned around and flew straight upwards, seeking to escape the Earth’s atmosphere before her field broke.

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Supergirly-boy turned to Wonder Woman “OMG that was so cool! I was shooting lasers from my eyes and flying around and you were kicking and jumping and slashing. Wonder Woman, you’re my favourite superhero.

A News reporter from the Daily Planet ran over to take a photo of the saviours of the town. “Well, you said you wanted a selfie Girly-Boy” Wonder Woman joked. “Please, call me Melanie” Supergirly-boy replied as the two hugged for the camera.

“So, back to clothes shopping Melanie?”

“Sure , I accidentally burned my wardrobe when applying mascara so I need a whole new wardrobe. But first, I’m really hungry. Can I get you anything?” Melanie asked. “No thank you, I’ll just answer police report questions but be back quickly. Oh, and you can call me Diana, Melanie.” Wonder Woman responded as Melanie flew off to grab a burger, only for the chip shop to give her the burger for free after realising who she was from her costume.

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“There, thanks for waiting Wonder Woman….I mean Diana.” Melanie said after eating her burger.

“You’re welcome. Come, let’s go shopping. How large is your budget Melanie?” “Uhmm, pretty stretched Diana, I hadn’t exactly included burning all my clothes and my wardrobe and breaking a window in my weekly budget.”

“Well then, come with me Melanie. I’ll give you the Princess Pass.” “You’re a princess?” Melanie asked. “Yes indeed, Princess Diana of the Amazons at your service. Now let’s go find your new look. Oh, and I still want to know why Clark calls you Supergirly-boy. You don’t look boyish to me.” “Yeah, uhmm I’ll tell you later. Come on lets go Diana, shops close in an hour!”

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That evening Melanie sat down to eat dinner as she watched today’s news coverage of the fight with Faora and her photo with Wonder Woman. This was perhaps the best day of her life. She was a pretty embarrassed when Diana insisted on knowing about her nickname and Melanie had to confess about the rod of steel that had remained within her panties after her transformation from Mel to Melanie but Diana was pretty cool about it, not to mention she had just bought her a whole new wardrobe which Melanie was very thankful for. Furthermore, upon seeing Melanie’s broken window, Diana called a guy called Hal to come and fix the window for her which Melanie soon found out was none other than Green Lantern himself! Today was the best day ever!!!

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Buying Hubbie’s Diapers

Buying Hubbie’s Diapers

“Hey Margot, it’s me Michael. We were in the same English class in college. Fancy seeing you here.”

“Oh hi Michael, long time no see. I’m just picking up some nappies.”

“Well congratulations! Do you have a boy or girl?”

“Uhmm, he’s male.”

“I see. Well, would you fancy that? Margot Clanbacher has gone and had a baby. I didn’t see that one coming.”

“Well, times change I guess. What do you think of this package?” Margot asked.

Related image

“Uhmm…didn’t you say you had a boy? That nappy pack is in pink.”

“Well of course it is, he loves pink.” Margot said as she smiled a little.

“Oh…I see well in that case I’m sure they will be perfect then. But how do you know your baby son loves pink? Surely that’s a bit presumptuous when I assume he can’t speak?”

“Well, he’s a bit older than you might think.”

“Really, how old does he have to be to have a colour preference?”



“Nope, years.” Margot said.

“What the hell? Your baby is 36 years old? He’s older than you?”

“Well of course, he’s my husband. You used to know him actually, Felix from high school maths class.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Is this a joke?”

“No, not at all. Felix couldn’t handle the pressures of postgraduate mathematics classes so he regressed back into infancy and became a sissy baby, the sissy side being my idea of course. Tell you what, let me purchase this pack and I can bring you round to our house to meet him if you like. Would that be alright?”

“Of course, there’s no way I’m missing out on this.” Michael said.

*15 minutes later*

“Finally, Margot’s coming home. What took her so long? I’ve filled my diaper twice while she’s been out and it will start leaking soon….Wait, who’s that with her? She said nothing about bringing someone else home. Is that…is that Michael from college?”

“OMG what is Michael doing with her? I don’t want him to see my like this, especially when I need a change. This is going to be so humiliating, and there’s no way I will be able to hold myself in if I have to start talking to him. I need a change now…”

Shoutout to Mary Beth Sanford!

Shoutout to Mary Beth Sanford!

Hiya Lovelies,

Another awesome shoutout, today for Mary Beth Sanford’s story Diapers and Little Girls! I hope you all enjoy it.

Princess Aurora Xx

Diapers and Little Girls


Jeff has found a forum covering his and Bobby’s favorite gaming guru who has promised an on line session to answer questions and suggestions. Trouble is it’s during the week and in the middle of school. Jeff in a devious plan to stay home wet’s his bed. It’s successful and talks Bobby into doing the same. Unfortunately Bobby’s mother finds out and shares her discovery with Jeff’s mother Rose. It’s going to be the worse few days of their loves.

Helen and Rose.
Bobby (Helen’s son) and Jeff (Rose’s son);
Jennifer, Bobby and Jeff’s neighbor.

Helen was beside herself. It was guilt mostly. Guilt that she would have to leave her son alone at home, sick. More importantly she felt bad for his embarrassment over wetting his bed the night before. Poor thing, she thought. He hadn’t wet his bed since he was a toddler. He didn’t have a fever, but he said his stomach was upset. Could be a virus that was going around she mused. Then she realized there was always a virus going around.

Helen worried over that virus, if it was a virus, as she picked up the phone. She was running late already and wanted to give her secretary a heads up that she’d be in soon. Helen paused for that second it always took to get a dial tone. She waited those seconds before punching in the two digit code to speed dial the number for her office.

Helen’s finger hovered over the numbers just as she heard her son’s voice.

Odd she thought hearing Bobby’s voice and more odd he was in a much chipper tone than he’d used on her not ten minutes ago as he said, “hey!”

Helen listened intently, silently, curiously when she suddenly heard Jeff’s voice as he asked, “so, did it work?”

“Like a charm! Oh man you would have thought I’d spilled my guts on my bed. Mom was shocked and then she got all motherly like she didn’t want me to feel bad that I’d wet. It was so amazing. Dude, you were right,” Bobby said.

“Told you it would work! My mom made me stay home again today. Listen, I figure we can maybe even stretch this to the weekend. Anyway, is your mom gone yet? I’ve got the web address for that game chat room and, get this, the guy that wrote Tombs is going to be answering questions real time at nine this morning! Did you get my email” Jeff asked excitedly.

“Got it. This is so cool! My mom’s making her lunch right now. I figure she’ll be gone in another five, maybe ten minutes. Soon as she leaves I’ll log on. Man is this wild or what,” Bobby asked.

“Best day of my life. OK, I’m going on-line right after I hang up. My moms already gone. You got the chat room address, so I’ll meet you in there with the Tombs author,” Jeff said and then laughed as he added, “I’m logging on as homealone1 you come on as homealone2.”

“Right on,” Bobby said hanging up the phone happily.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen…..

Helen’s heart was racing! She was furious! Helen, in her fury paused a second more before hanging up the phone she held so she didn’t risk bobby hearing the click. A moment later she picked up her cell phone punching in her two digit code for the office. The phone began ringing at the other end.

Helen told Susan, her secretary she’d be in later that day. A family emergency was going to keep her home for the morning. Nothing serious she noted, but she wouldn’t be in till much later. She thanked Susan for her concern, hung up and walked to the bottom of the steps and looked up.

Helen took a breath to calm herself just before she hollered, “Bobby, honey, I’m leaving now. I’ll call you in a couple of hours. Are you sure you’re going to be OK by yourself?”

“It’s OK mom. Really. I’m just going to stay in bed,” Bobby said letting his voice sound strained again. He smiled.

Helen smiled as well but her smile would have given Bobby goose bumps had he seen it. Luckily Bobby didn’t see his mother’s smile as she said, “I’ll call you from the office. If you need me before then use my cell number.”

“OK mom, “Bobby said as stood looking out the window.

Helen had a plan. All Helen needed to do now was get a hold of Jeff’s mother Rose. She drove to the end of the block, turned out of sight of the house and parked the car, but leaving the engine running before reaching for her cell phone once more. She dialed Rose’s number.

“Hello,” Rose answered.

“Rose! Hi, it’s me, Helen,” Helen said.

“Hi Helen! How are you,” Rose asked.

“I’m fine! Listen, We’ve got to meet for a bit. It’s about our boys,” Helen noted.

“Jeff is sick,” Rose said.

“Actually, I know that. As it happens Helen, so is Bobby. Listen, I don’t mean to pry, but did Jeff wet his bed last night,” Helen asked.

“Why yes, yes he did,” Rose said and asked in a slightly cautious tone, “but how did you know that?”

“I’ll explain in a minute. Did he by chance wet his bed the night before,” Helen asked.

“Yes? Yes he did. Now how can you know that,” Rose asked.

“Well, it might interest you to know that Bobby also wet his bed last night,” Helen said.

“What? You’re kidding? That’s odd. Good heavens, do you think it’s something infectious,” Rose asked.

“Actually no. In fact, Rose, I’ve just discovered accidentally that we’re being had,” Helen said feeling her anger well up again.

“What,” Rose said in a shocked voice and added, “had? How can that be? Why?”

“I’ll explain how I know this over coffee if you’ve got time,” Helen said.

“OK. Tell you what, I’ll meet you at Cindy’s, love her Coffee Cake,” Rose said and added, “and don’t worry, I’ll make the time.”

“Cindy’s works for me and you’re right about her coffee cake. I’m getting on the Parkway right now. I should be there in five minutes, if you want grab a table and put two sugars in my coffee. Oh, and lets split that coffee cake. I don’t dare eat a whole one,” Helen said

“See you in a bit,” Rose said.

“You bet,” Helen said closing her cell phone before easing back into traffic.

Helen met Rose at the coffee shop as planned and took the extra plate with half the coffee cake Rose had picked up along with the two cups of coffee. Rose was curious on how she knew that Jeff wet his bed night before last and last night.

“What do I owe you,” Helen asked.

“You get the next one,” Rose said as they settled by the window.

Helen leaned in so she could whisper and said, “Rose, your son Jeff wet his bed on purpose. My son Bobby wet his bed this morning, also on purpose. Believe it or not, they did it to stay home from school today. Evidently they are both home to attend some sort of on-line Internet conference along with some guy that wrote some kind of game.”

“This is insane,” Rose said.

“Tell me about it,” Helen added as she blew over her coffee cup.

There was a look of shock on Rose’s face not too unlike the one that had been on Helen’s when she’d hung up that phone. Same angry response after that as she sat there for a few moments before she said, “well, he’s going to wish he really was sick when I’m through with him!”

Rose was going home as soon as she left there and Jeff, she promised through clinched teeth, would be going to school. He may not be able to sit but he was going to school nonetheless. Grounding was going to be the least of his punishment. That, Rose said between an angry set of her teeth, was a given!

“Or, if we plan this right, we can teach them both a very valuable lesson,” Helen said.

“A lesson? OK, I’m all ears,” Rose said. It was that mischievous look on Helen’s face that made her pause.

“Concerned mothers! That’s what we need to be at the moment. Not angry, but very worried and very concerned mothers,” Helen said and added, “in fact, we’ve got to be extremely concerned mothers and be that way while teaching our sons an object lesson they are not soon going to forget!”

“Helen, they’ve lied to us! My son lied to me. I’m shocked. I mean think about it he actually laid in that damn bed of his and wet it just so he could stay home today. Last thing he’s going to see is my concerned mother side,” Rose said.

“I know. Bobby did the same thing to me, so trust me when I say I understand! But you didn’t let me finish! I said we must become concerned mothers. In fact Rose, we are so concerned over their little problem that I was going to add diapers to this plan I’m proposing,” Helen said.

The word diapers caught Rose completely off guard.

“What?” Rose asked and added, “you did just say diapers?”

“I did say diapers Rose! OK, now think about this for a second! So our son’s have wet their beds. They also knew it would be so remarkably unique and so surprising that we’d be concerned right,” Helen asked.

“Right. Trouble is I was,” Rose noted.

“Me too. It’s been years since Bobby has had that sort of accident. So they played us. They knew we would be so surprised that we’d easily believe whatever came next. OK, so what if we really do believe them, or at least make them think that we believe them. What if we’re very concerned,” Helen asked.

“OK, so we’re very concerned. So how does concern translate to diapers,” Rose asked curiously.

“It goes something like: I was so concerned that I called you and then we both got even more worried since both of our boys seem to have the same symptoms. OK so far,” Helen asked.

“Very OK so far,” Rose noted.

“We are so concerned that we actually called and talked with a doctor together – this very morning. We talked with a doctor and low and behold, that doctor told us about this odd kind of virus that’s running around at the moment. A virus that has the same symptoms our boys have,” Helen said.

“What kind of virus,” Rose asked.

“I’m not sure but I’m guessing it’s some kind of intestinal virus that may very well lead to a bladder infection or something like that. Whatever that virus is, one of the symptoms is bed wetting. Anyway, that virus is most likely what made them wet their beds and since they both hang together, it’s also more than likely why both got sick at nearly the same time,” Helen said.

“Go on, I’m beginning to like this,” Rose said.

“Me too. Anyway, so they’ve most likely have got this virus. According to the doctor, it’s nothing too serious, this virus, but it’s definitely going to last for a few days. Let’s say till Sunday or even till Monday morning perhaps but at least till Sunday. Today is Thursday! That leaves us most of today, Friday, Saturday and then, if we want, even Sunday. Now imagine our sons wearing diapers that whole time. Then imagine them discovering at the end of this weekend that they’ve been had. Think that might make them regret lying to us,” Helen asked.

“But if their diapers stay dry, how are we going to push them all the way to Sunday,” Rose asked and added, “what’s to stop them from saying they feel better all of a sudden?”

“That’s the beauty of this honey. Don’t you see? They’ve got to wet their diapers. They have to keep up this act of theirs because it’s going to be too risky not to,” Helen noted with satisfaction and added, “Get it?”

“I get it,” Rose said.

“so what do you think,” Helen asked.

“Are you kidding? I love it! I know for sure that Jeff will be beside himself over the prospect of wearing a diaper,” Rose said.

“Even better, a baby’s diaper,” Helen noted with a widening grin.

“A baby’s diaper,” Rose asked looking curiously at Helen.

“Honey, those two are as skinny as bean poles. They can easily fit into the toddler diapers,” Helen noted and added, “I was on line just after I pulled into the parking lot, and believe it or not, a pampers size seven will fit a waist size two inches larger than Bobby’s and Bobby is an inch bigger than Jeff.”

“You’re right. Not to mention those cute little designs as well and single tapes. I’d love to see him running around the house with a diaper on,” Rose said.

“Exactly. I want so badly to see my little man looking just like that toddler in that Pampers Cruisers commercial,” Helen added with almost a sigh.

“You know, I’m trying to imagine Jeff’s face when he gets to see what he’s going to be wearing,” Rose noted laughing and relaxing for the first time since Helen revealed what had happened.

“Can you break away from work for a little shopping,” Helen asked.

“Definitely,” Rose said.

“Good! So in about an hour, or so, we can be back home and five minutes after that we can have our boys tapped into a nice thick disposable diaper,” Helen said before adding, “with enough diapers to keep them diapered for the entire weekend.”

“Actually, I like it all, but what if we take it a step further,” Rose said.

“How’s that,” Helen asked.

“I’m thinking it might even be better if we expanded this to a kind of maximum diapering,” Rose said and added, “especially given their sizes.”

“Maximum diapering? Yes, I’m interested,” Helen said.

“Why just disposables? I mean why not cloth diapers. I’m talking about real diapers. Diapers that pin closed with actual diaper pins. Imagine their face when they have to put their bottoms down on a nice thick cloth diaper. You know, soft sweet cotton diapers, diaper pins with plastic heads? Maybe even double them with soakers… Rose said.

“I get it. Not to mention covering those diapers with a cute pair of those plastic panties. Noisy plastic panties. In fact, why not baby them to the extreme,” Helen said with a snicker and added, “I mean if we’re getting them baby pants we might as well get something cute as well.”

“Exactly,” Rose said and added, “the store could have run out of white and all they’ve got is baby-ish baby pants.”

“Cloth diapers! Baby pants! Oh Rose, I like the way your mind works. So lets do that, but why not also add those disposables back in as well,” Helen said.

“Tell me what you are thinking,” Rose asked smiling at the notion.

“Well, let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that this virus is going to last three to four days or so the doctor says. The weekend takes care of the cloth diapers and those baby pants. However, let’s also say that he’s cautioned us that it could even go on for another three or four days after that. Now, what if they are diapered this weekend in the cloth diapers and plastic pants, but we add a couple more days, say Monday and Tuesday, so they end up going to school wearing those disposables under their clothes,” Helen noted.

“And we could even send them to school with a couple of extra diapers in their backpacks, along with a note to the nurse,” Rose added laughing.

“I’m loving this. We could write them notes excusing them from gym and that would eliminate the risk of them getting caught but they’d still be wearing diapers. It’s going to strengthen the lesson even more,” Helen said.

“Are you kidding? This is a major lesson. You are a woman after my own heart,” Rose said laughing.

“What’s a package of disposables run? Can’t be that much. And we can maybe rent the cloth diapers through a diaper service. I know that Bed, Bath And Babies carries more than enough stuff to pull this off,” Helen noted.

“You’re right, they are perfect,” Rose added.

So now we can imagine our boys spending say today, Friday, Saturday and the better part of Sunday wearing cute thick cloth diapers and those adorable plastic baby pants. Then perhaps Monday they get tapped into a cute crinkly disposable with an adorable baby motif before we send them off to school. Think they will ever do this again,” Helen asked smiling.

“Definitely not! But I just had a thought,” Rose said.

“What,” Helen asked.

“Just for the sake of argument, what if this treatment scares them into confessing,” Rose asked.

“Even better! We simple do the same exact thing we were going to do, but then we do it as their punishment instead. Directly instead of covertly,” Helen said.

“Not sure if Jeff would do this very willingly!” Rose cautioned.

“Mine neither! However, I’m going to give him an ultimatum! If he does confess and refuses, I’m going to tell him he either wears those diapers and plastic pants, or I hang them on the clothes line and tell whoever might ask that it’s because he’s wetting his bed. I’m guessing Bobby is not going to want that kind of advertising,” Helen said.

“Perfect,” Rose said and added, “neither would Jeff.”

Rose held a serious face for a bit then suddenly began laughing. It was so elegant! So wonderfully poetic. The perfect form of justice. So perfect in fact she had her cell phone open in another instant and told her office she’d be home for the remainder of the day. A sudden emergency. Her son was just too ill to be left alone.

“Cloth diapers! Baby Pants! What an excellent idea,” Rose said closing her cell. She picked up her coffee to take the last of it before patting her lips dry except she paused doing that and then shaking her head she laughed.

“Babies again,” Helen said in her own amusing tone as she sipped at the remainder of her coffee.

“Oh, and let’s not forget very large amounts of baby powder, some baby ointment, or baby oil even. Yes, make that baby oil! No, make that baby lotion? The pink baby lotion – no, let’s get all of it. Oh I can’t wait to have him laying there on top of a cloth diaper with his legs spread as I slowly lather him like I did when he was a baby. He’s going to go ape over this! Yes, this is definitely a good plan,” Rose said.

“A woman after my own heart! Come on, Bed, Bath And Babies is just a few blocks away,” Helen said as she took the last bite of her coffee cake.

Meanwhile, across town….

“You on-line, homealone2,” Jeff typed after seeing Bobby’s nickname appear on the board.

“Hey, homealone1, I’m here. This is absolutely the best day of my life,” Bobby typed back.

“Tell me about it,” Jeff typed happily.

In the meantime Helen and Rose, each with carts, are cruising the baby isles in Bed, Bath And Babies ….

“These!” Helen said holding two different pair of plastic panties to compare one to the other. One pair had baby animals on it, the other was covered in little babies sitting just in diapers.

“Which?” Rose asked putting the package of cloth diapers in her cart. Helen’s package of twelve sat next to hers. The price wasn’t bad for buying diapers, and they could use those diapers as cleaning cloths when this was over as Rose moved closer to Helen to fondled the cute plastic panties.

“Soft and these are just like Gerber Baby Pants the package says. Wide crouch, forward facing leg openings so they don’t pull down at the back when the baby sits, and they’ve made extra roomy for diapers plus soakers,” Helen said showing Rose the package with a baby sitting on the front of it.

“What about size,” Rose asked looking for that notation on the box.

“It says toddler, Cubby, size six! Says it will comfortably fit a twenty inch waist. That’s almost three inches more than Bobby’s waist. Jeff is what, 19 inches,” Helen asked.

“He’s not! Actually, he really is about an inch smaller than Bobby’s. Anyway, grab two of those boxes each for me as well,” Rose said smiling.

“OK, now we need the baby notions like baby powder, baby oil and diaper pins,” Helen said pushing the cart ahead of her.

“Baby shampoo and baby wipes. Don’t forget the baby wipes and we’ve got to make sure they are baby powder scented,” Rose added.

“Right! Baby wipes? Forgot about those. Been so damn long since I’ve done this,” Helen said snickering happily.

“Can’t wait!” Rose added as they moved to the disposables.

“Oh no,” Helen said suddenly. She was reaching for a package of disposables.

“What,” Rose asked.

“Look, there,” Helen said excitedly and added, “Pampers Cruisers for our babies.”

“They are adorable,” Rose said looking at the pictures on the diapers.”

“Very cute,” Helen added.

“Size 7? Those are going to be big enough – right,” Rose asked.

“Sure are,” Helen added as she tossed the package of disposables in the cart. On the front of the package was a mom with a toddler clad only in his thick white Cruisers. Seaseme Street characters decorated the front. It gave her goose bumps

“Grab another package of those for me then,” Rose said happily as she added, “I’m not sure which I want to put him into first: Those adorable Pampers or his cute and cuddly diaper?”

“Two diapers when they are wearing diapers,” Helen noted.

“Two,” Rose asked.

“Remember the old days? There is his regular fluffy diaper first, then another folded into thirds to lay down the middle as a soaker,” Helen noted and added, “waddlers.”

“Waddlers? Oh, I get it. Definitely soakers,” Rose said.

“Just two diapers thick,” Helen asked.

“Decisions, Decisions,” Rose added.

“Thankfully they will be in diapers long enough to learn to walk in them,” Helen noted.

“They will be,” Rose said with a set to her jaw.

“Now let’s get our stories straight. Obviously it’s a virus, can’t remember the name of it because it’s too long to pronounce, but it’s most likely intestinal since they don’t have fevers. Something to also do with the urinary track and bladder according to Doctor Clark,” Helen said.

“Who’s Doctor Clark,” Rose asked as she pushed their loaded carts towards their cars.

“Damned if I know, but he’s an expert in these viruses. Don’t you remember, he’s the one we talked to,” Helen said laughing.

“Oh! Right! OK, now I remember who Dr. Clark it is,” Rose said smiling and then laughed.

“What,” Helen asked.

“Dick Clark,” Rose said laughing again as Helen joined in.

“So, we get home, explain what we now know about this ‘virus’ and get them into their diapers and plastic panties before it’s too late,” Helen said.

“One minor problem,” Rose said.

“What’s that,” Helen asked.

“They are most likely going to say that their bed wetting is only at night since they’ve only wet their beds,” Rose said.

“You’re right? What would make it logical that they have to wear diapers during the day,” Helen asked.

“Let me think? Got it! I mean I know this will work for Jeff,” Rose said.

“What,” Helen asked.

“Well, why not give them just a little more rope first,” Rose said.

“How so,” Helen asked.

“Before we show them the diapers or say anything about what we’ve got planned for them, what if we ask first if they’ve had any problems with, you know, leakage. Lets say sudden and uncontrollable leakage. We ask them after we tell them about the virus. In fact, it’s one of the symptoms that this Doctor Clark warned us about,” Rose said.

“And they are going to obviously say yes since this actually helps them perpetuate their fraud,” Helen said smiling.

“Exactly,” Rose noted and added, “They will be so eager for us to continue believing this that they can’t help but say yes. Once they say yes to the leaking we’ve got them in diapers day and night,” Rose said.

“It’s an elegant entrapment,” Helen noted.

“It’s justice,” Rose added.

“Love it,” Helen noted and then, laughing a little added, “only lets take this a step further than that.” Helen said.

“Talk to me,” Rose said enjoying this beyond reason.

“What if we also get them together after we’ve diapered them. Imagine how embarrassed they are going to be sitting together in their diapers and plastic pants for the whole day,” Helen said.

“How,” Rose asked.

“Concerned mothers again! Look, we’ve got two very sick boys and we’re very worried about them, but we’ve also got to work sometime today and for the rest of the week, which is true enough. However, we are simply too worried to leave them alone. So, since we both have sons that are already sick and it’s the same symptoms, it’s going to be perfectly logical for us to want to stay home with them. We can argue that we’ll simply be taking shifts watching them. Besides, they might need to be changed and who’s going to change them besides us,” Helen said laughing.

“This is going to be hilarious,” Rose said and added, “but lets actually use the term baby sitting them and then apologize for using it.”

“I’m getting very comfortable with this as well. So we are simply going to share the ‘baby sitting’ chores,” Rose noted and added, “gosh, don’t you just love that term ‘baby sitting’.”

“More than anything right now! So it’s settled then. You diaper Jeff then walk him over to sit with Bobby and I. Then later on, say around two you come home and I walk them both back to your place so I can go back to work till five,” Helen said.

In their diapers,” Rose added.

“In their diapers,” Helen noted.

“Helen! You are a treasure,” Rose said.

“It’s going to be really rough on them,” Helen said.

“Very! And they deserve every minute of this,” Rose added as they started splitting up their purchases between their cars. Both women were still laughing out loud as they stood by their cars. Each was about to call their sons. Helen dialed Rose’s number first to conference with her call to Bobby as Rose stood quietly listening. They would do the same thing with Jeff.

“Hello,” Bobby said sounding terrible after recognizing his mother’s cell phone number.

“Bobby, honey, it’s me,” Helen said on her cell phone as Rose stood standing with her own cell.

“Hi mom!” Bobby said sounding decidedly weak on the phone. Obviously his mother was calling to check up on him as Bobby clicked on the sound icon of his computer to turn sound off.

Bobby had seen the “incoming call” on his computer screen and instantly typed in the message to Jeff that he had a phone call. Most likely his mother checking in he typed. He’d be right back on-line when he got off the phone.

“Honey, how are you feeling,” Helen asked.

“About the same mom,” Bobby said.

“Honey, listen! I’ve just gotten off the phone with a Doctor Clark. Doctor Clark specializes in viruses or something like that. The clinic gave me his number. I was worried and called our doctor who had me call him. Honey,” Helen said.

“You did,” Bobby said in a slight panic.

I did. Anyway, I’ve explained your symptoms to this doctor, guess what? Honey, it’s most likely that you’ve got an intestinal virus of some kind. Also, believe it or not, you most likely got it from Jeff or he may have gotten it from you. We’re not sure about that. Did you know that Jeff was sick the same as you,” Helen asked fighting back the snicker.

“Really? Jeff too? No mom, I didn’t know that,” Bobby said with his own grin.

“Well he’s sick as well! Called Rose to ask her for some advise and she told me. Same exact symptoms as yours as a matter of fact, and believe it or not he even wet his bed as well,” Helen said.

“He did,” Bobby said almost snickering.

“He did. The fact that you both have the same symptoms really worried Rose and I. Anyway, that’s why this Doctor Clark thinks it’s this virus going around. Nothing serious, at least not yet, but you’ve got to stay home and get lots of rest for the next few days. Could get very serious very fast if we don’t take care of it,” Helen said fighting to keep the laughter out of her voice.

Bobby was beside himself. It not only meant that his mother had bought into the whole thing, but she was actually telling him to stay home for a few more days. This was too good to be true and better still because it also meant that Jeff was most likely in the same boat as him. He couldn’t believe his luck.

“OK mom. I’m going right back to bed right now,” Bobby said.

“Honey, don’t go to sleep yet. I’m on my way home. I’ll picked up some fruit juice. I want you to get some liquids into you. Doctor Clark says that you risk dehydration with this sort of virus. Oh, and the doctor told me to ask if you have had any sort of bladder problems? It’s another symptom. You know, any more accidents or leakage while awake? Be honest with me honey,” Helen asked and added, “don’t be embarrassed about telling me precious, it’s not your fault.”

Bobby, smiling, was quick on his feet as he said, “Yes mom I did. Gosh mom I almost wet myself a couple of times. That’s why I’m sitting up right now. I was lucky though that I woke just before it happened. Made it to the bathroom just in time!”

“Thought so. That’s another thing that this virus is known for. Anyway, that’s good that you are ok and don’t worry if you wet yourself or your bed. It’s not like you can help it! Anyway, I’m going to be home in a few minutes after I get that juice and a few other things. I’ll fix you some soup when I get there as well,” Helen said.

“OK mom,” Bobby said cursing his luck. He would have to log off before his mother got there. Although it was great about that virus thing. His good fortune, he mused, as he sat the phone down. Bobby was back on the computer the instant his mother hung up.

Helen and Rose did the same thing with Jeff.

“Jeff!!! Mom’s coming home! Says she talked with a doctor that says we’ve got a virus. My mom knows that you are sick as well. Same thing that I’ve got. Listen, your mother and mine talked to some doctor and he says that we might also have bladder control problems with this virus. If your mother calls, and should ask, tell her you’ve almost had or had at least one accident. Anyway, I’ve got to be in bed when she gets here,” Bobby typed.

Jeff, reading the words as they appeared, nodded to himself and when Bobby stopped typing Jeff started.

“Just did that. My mom just called me as well. She’s coming home too. Says she talked with your mom and knows that you wet the bed this morning like I did. She really sounded worried and upset. Damn! Means we don’t get to talk to that programmer just yet,” Jeff typed.

“But we’re home and it’s not going to be too long before we’re alone again,” Bobby typed.

“There is that,” Jeff typed.

“Better get our stories straight about these symptoms,” Bobby typed.

“Like what,” Jeff typed back.

“If your mom should ask, like I said, make sure you’ve nearly had an accident and perhaps you leak a little as well. My mom asked if that was happening,” Bobby typed and added, “going to wet a pair of underwear and toss them in the dirty clothes for just in case. Not much but I think it will make it sound more credible if she sees them in the laundry.”

“Roger that. It’s a good idea. OK, so I’m leaking. Oh, Oh! She’s home. OK, got to go,” Jeff typed. Bobby heard a car as well. It hadn’t been a full half hour yet.

Both boys were peeking out the windows as their moms turned into their respective driveways and each heard the doors closing. They were in their beds at the same time before their mom reached the steps. Bobby listened for the key and other sounds hinting at where his mother was in the house and what she was doing.

“Honey! You awake,” Helen called out.

“Yes mom,” Bobby said sounding as sick as he hoped he needed to be.

“Be right up!” Helen said smiling.

“OK mom,” Bobby said listening to the sounds. He heard the sounds of a grocery bag, then the clunk of something on the kitchen table, her keys or purse most likely. Finally her foot steps out of the kitchen, silent on the rug, then clicking again coming up on the steps. Bobby adjusted his face to reflect his agony at the moment.

“Hello honey. How are you feeling,” Helen asked with a very concerned look on her face as she automatically put her hand on his forehead. That bag she held with her other hand was curious but whatever was in it was beyond Bobby’s view.

“Hi mom, I’m OK. A little tired I guess, but fine otherwise,” Bobby said sounding weak, but looking intently at the large bag his mother held when she came in. The bag went on the floor at the foot of his bed as she sat on the bed’s edge again putting her palm on his forehead.

“I am so worried about you. Really, how are you feeling?” Helen asked running her hand down his cheek.

“I’m a little dizzy.” Bobby said deciding to push it a little.

“No fever still! That’s good. OK, so here is the good news and bad news. You’re sick for sure, but it’s not too serious the doctor says. It could be though, so we’ve really got to watch this for a few days. It’s definitely intestinal and the only thing we’ve got to worry about is making sure you get enough liquids so you don’t get dehydrated. You should be over the worse of this by Monday. If not we’ve got to take you in and get you an antibiotic,” Helen said.

“Till Monday,” Bobby asked sounding sad, but wanting to shout for joy.

“Could be worse honey. The bad news is that it’s having a field day with your kidneys and bladder. Something to do with the nerve endings. Honestly, I’m not sure what that all meant when the doctor told me that, other than it’s why you wet your bed last night. Same with Jeff as a matter of fact. It’s mostly going to happen when you sleep but as this thing takes hold, it could happen at any minute as well. You said you nearly had another accident right,” Helen asked drawing Bobby deeper into what was coming next.

“Yes, almost didn’t make it to the bathroom.” Bobby said looking concerned. He was happy that there was something out there that actually matched his symptoms. It definitely made his symptoms sound legitimate. He was thrilled but looking very sad as he added, “sort of wet a pair of shorts a little. I’m sorry.”

“That’s what I mean, it’s worrisome,” Helen said and added, “and don’t you dare apologize for being sick. You can’t help it.”

“I know and thanks mom,” Bobby said and added, “kind of embarrassing that I might have wet myself is all.”

“Don’t worry about that, OK? Anyway, Doctor Clark says that you are most likely going to have that happen a lot in the next couple of days. Going to get a little worse because of the liquids. Can’t be helped and remember, it’s not your fault! I mean that, so I don’t want you feeling guilty about it. You’re sick and that’s what we need to concern ourselves over. OK,” Helen said stroking her son’s forehead.

“OK mom, ” Bobby said sounding even sicker than he had when she came in. He was going to be home tomorrow for sure!

“Anyway, that’s the other part that I’m concerned about,” Helen said.

“What’s that,” Bobby asked.

“You’re wetting accidentally,” Helen said.

“I’m sorry but I can’t help it,” Bobby said.

“I know honey, I know. In fact, it’s to be expected. So, I don’t want you to think that you’re being punished when I put you into those things. Like I said, it’s not your fault and it’s only going to be for a couple of days,” Helen said trying desperately to keep her face serious.

“What things,” Bobby asked remembering the bag his mother had walked in with. She had sat them down at the foot of his bed so he couldn’t see what it was. He was curious before this, now he was very curious.

“Honey, I know you’re not going to like this but again, it can’t be helped. Anyway, I’m going to have to put you back into diapers and plastic pants for a couple of days. This way you don’t risk wetting yourself or your bed. Frankly, if you think about it, it’s a lot easier on me as well.” Helen said bending back to grab the bag she had sat down.

“Diapers,” Bobby said in a sudden panic. He almost bolted up at the mention of diapers, but caught himself as he added, “diapers?”

“Diapers and plastic pants,” Helen said savoring the words as she added, “cloth diapers.”

“Cloth diapers,” Bobby asked again trying to grasp what was happening.

“It’s for your own good honey. Just till the worse part of this passes. This Doctor Clark says it never goes past four or five days and, like I said, you’ll most likely be out of them by Sunday. Monday worse case. I know it’s very embarrassing for you, but it’s a whole lot better than waking to a wet bed again. Right? Even worse if you had an accident while you are awake,” Helen said.

Bobby had dug the hole he was now in. He’d even told her he’d almost had another accident already and even wet his shorts once. The only way out of this was to tell her the truth and that definitely wasn’t an option. She was missing work and worse, he’d lied. No telling what would happen if it got out he was fibbing!

“Mom,” Bobby started to say.

“What honey,” Helen asked.

“I guess you’re right about the diapers, but did you know they sell pull-ups that almost look like underwear? You know, the kind of disposables that look like under pants,” Bobby said meekly.

“I know honey, but the woman at the health store suggested diapers only because you’re a little older and being older you wet a little more than someone young enough for pull-ups even if they fit you. Plus cloth diapers with soakers are more absorbent and that will make them a little more comfortable. And don’t forget, you’ll be taking in a lot of liquids,” Helen said.

“Soakers,” Bobby asked.

“I’m going to double the diapers and added a another diaper folded down the middle. We call that diaper a soaker,” Helen said.

“Oh, right,” Bobby said softly suddenly cursing his circumstance.

“Come on, it’s only going to help and I’m feeling bad enough already that you’re sick. Will you do this for me,” Helen asked.

“Yes ma’am!” Bobby said feeling his shoulders slump. He was trapped as he watched the bag his mother now held.

“Good! Now do me a favor and go toss your robe in the wash. It needs washing anyway and most likely that’s the only thing you’ll be wearing with these things on. These diapers are too bulky for shorts, pants or pajamas bottoms. Go ahead with the robe and then take yourself a nice hot shower while I get your baby things ready,” Helen said.

“Baby things,” Bobby repeated.

“Didn’t mean that. I meant your incontinent things,” Helen said.

“OK,” Bobby said.

“If you get dizzy again, sit down immediately in the tub and yell for me, OK,” Helen said.

“OK,” Bobby said.

“Oh and take this in with you,” Helen said.

“Baby shampoo,” Bobby said.

“It will help with the urine smell,” Helen noted.

That little thing with the robe was Rose’s idea. Cleaver little ploy that would leave both boys without anything to cover what they were about to wear. Those robes would be washed and dried and that meant unavailable for at least an hour, maybe two. The women decided they wanted at least that hour while they brought the boys together.

Bobby did as he was told walking slowly to the chair in front of his computer to grab the robe. His computer screen saver was on. His time on that chat board now only a vanishing dream. His diapers, he thought, as he passed out of the room watching in utter dismay his mother opening one of the packages. A puffy package of white was lifted from the bag.

“Six ply,” Bobby’s mother Helen noted as she caught Bobby looking.

“What,” Bobby stopped and asked.

“Sorry, I was reading from this package of diapers. Says they are six ply down the middle, you know, an absorbent center, but I think I’ll double them anyway,” Helen said and added, “and fold in a soaker.”

“Whatever,” Bobby said moving a little quicker out of the room. He did not want to know how thick his diapers were or anything else about them.

Jeff was in the exact same boat only he was in the shower when his mother tossed his robe in the machine. Both boys had almost the same thing facing them when they returned to their bedrooms. On Bobby’s bed, as it was with Jeff’s, were two cloth diapers neatly laid out flat one laying on top of the other.

Both moms folded another top diaper lengthwise down the middle of the first. Next to those already open were two diaper pins. Next to those diaper pins was baby powder and baby lotion, the pink one, and laying flat nearby a pair of plastic vinyl baby pants. Both had chosen the baby prints for their boy’s first pair.

That baby lotion, instead of the baby oil, was another idea of Roses. It was pink and read Baby Lotion on the front. The picture of the Baby was what had attracted Rose to using it. It was also nicely scented which she thought would be a bonus. Helen had agreed and that’s what was on Bobby’s nightstand as well when he came back in. With the baby powder added to their shampoo, they would definitely smell like babies.

The two diapers and a soaker made a very thick pile that would make a very thick diaper under those adorably baby print style baby pants. Too thick for pants and very “baby” looking when the boys would meet. With their robes in the wash they would be wearing only tee-shirts, their diapers, plastic panties and slippers. A fitting look for the two boys when the mothers would bring them together.


“Just sit right on top of your diaper honey and then lay back before you spread your legs. Oh, and when you spread your legs spread them as far as you can,” Helen said to Bobby who cringed first at the words and then at the plastic panties laying at the far side of his bed. He almost confessed right then, but bit his tongue.

“There we go. Now spread your legs nice and wide. Right to the edge of the bed. Gosh, I can hardly remember when the last time I did this? You had to be… What? Two or three… Must have been two. Yes, it was just after your second birthday. OK, now if I remember this right, it’s baby lotion first, baby powder next then pin your diapers on you,” Helen said making sure she kept up a nice dialog. Bobby had closed his eyes as she added, “although I guess you don’t want me blowing on your tummy like I use to do, do you.

“Not likely,” Bobby said in just a whisper. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt this humiliated or embarrassed. He was laying over three diapers and his mother, smiling, was twisting open a bottle of pink baby lotion.

Bobby forced his eyes closed tighter when his mother began adding that baby lotion. At first if was cold then warmed. He was also slippery. He fought what was happening, but had little control over it and his face, already red and warming, grew hotter still from his reaction. He was sure his mother would think he liked it. He kept trying to remember that he would get an erection from anyone doing that but even so, it was his mother and that made it worse. His mother also was spending way too much time applying the lotion and he almost reached a climax.

“Honey, it’s OK. Don’t be embarrassed. You use to do that when you were a baby. Don’t give it another thought. Baby’s, like young boys, like being caressed before they get diapered. It’s part of the bonding process,” His mother said as she finished with the baby lotion and began with the baby powder. It was way too much again as she kept shaking it over him. If she could have, she would have emptied it on him. A moment later Bobby felt the diaper move and grow snug. It was snug and taught between his legs as his mother forced the two diaper pins into his diapers wings and clipped them closed.


“Front flap hugging the sides, back flap over that! Hey, I haven’t lost my touch. That’s not bad considering how long it’s been,” Jeff’s mother Rose said as she pinned the second of the two sides together before adding, “now will you look at that! Perfect diapering! I’ve still got it!”

Jeff opened his eyes, looked and nodded for no other reason than to at least appear casual. He wasn’t casual at all, but he also knew there was nothing he could do about it.

“Great mom!” He said sarcastically. He was looking at a triangle of white starting from his waist to gather in a puffy pointy triangle that collected between his legs and puffed out at the front. The two diaper pins were holding it on him but it was thick. It wasn’t a pretty site Jeff thought which was exactly the opposite of his mom’s opinion.

“Oh stop! It’s not like your being punished and it’s for your own good. Now bend your legs and hold your feet up for your baby… I mean your plastic panties,” Rose said as she gathered the baby pants in her hands.

Bobby, meanwhile, watched the baby pants go over his feet then slid down his legs stretching the leg elastic some as they reached his thighs where the elastic caught. He could have stood then, but his mother said that the lady suggested putting the baby pants on with the baby… with the boy laying down which kept the diaper material flat between the legs. Bobby’s mother apologized for using the word baby again.

Both boys were in their triple diapers and adorable printed white plastic vinyl panties at almost the same time. The plastic bloused nicely and shimmered cutely reflecting the light coming into their rooms. It was like some kind of soft white liquid glass as the folds of their baby pants moved when they did, even slightly. The baby panties also crinkled a bit which added a nice touch to the bulky look that the boys took on with no other clothing.

“Go ahead and get into a tee-shirt,” Rose said and added, “and your socks as well. I’m going to call Helen.”

“Socks? For what,” Jeff asked. There was still the risk that Bobby might have confessed which was something Jeff thought of as well.

“For your slippers or shoes. Honey, Helen and I have talked this over. While you’re not terribly sick, you could be. We just think it’s going to be better that someone is with you at all times, but Helen and I still have to work. Anyway, we’re going to share baby sitting chores for the day. Sorry about that! I didn’t mean it like you are a baby. Just a term. Bobby is coming over here when he’s ready. You two can do homework in the family room together, after lunch. Remember, it’s still a school day.

“Bobby is coming here,” Jeff asked in a panic.

“Yes. At least for some part of the day. Helen’s going to go into work then she’ll come back and relieve me so I can go in and do the closing,” Rose said as she stood and added, “come on and I’ll start lunch for you two.”

“Bobby is coming here,” Jeff asked again in a panic and added, “mom, he’s going to see me like this?”

“Obviously. Honey, Bobby is coming here wearing the same exact things you’re wearing! Helen and I got the same exact things when we shopped! Look, we did that on purpose so you both would be wearing the same stuff. You’re both wearing diapers and baby… I mean plastic panties. No advantage or disadvantage. That way neither of you can tease the other,” Rose said.

“Where’s my robe,” Jeff asked in a renewed panic as he went to the back of his door.

“It’s in the laundry being washed. You’ll be needing it for the next few days and it hasn’t been washed since heaven knows when,” Rose said.

“MOM! Bobby is going to see me like this!” Jeff said almost in tears.

“And you are going to see Bobby in the same exact things so stop your whining. Maybe I should stop on the way home work tonight and pick up a pacifier,” Rose said sounding suddenly angry.

Jeff closed his mouth. There was no sense in pushing this any further than he had. He was trapped and he knew it. Rose picked up her cell phone after walking into the living room. Jeff was in his room putting a tee-shirt and pair of socks on. He was going to wear his tennis shoes and that was it for clothing.

“Helen! It’s me! We’re all set here!” Rose said.

“How did it go,” Helen asked.

“Are you kidding? I nearly fainted when I pinned him into his diapers. He looks so adorable! How about Bobby,” Rose asked.

“Same here. Soaked him in baby lotion and I must have used a third of the baby powder already,” Helen said happily.

“Excellent, me too on that baby powder. He smells like a baby even from several feet away. OK then, I’ll see you in a couple of minutes. Oh, does Bobby like Vegetable Beef or chicken noodle soup,” Rose asked.

“Both, either,” Helen said.

“Great. I’m starting the soup now,” Rose said changing her tone on the phone when Jeff came in and sat at the kitchen table.

Bobby too was looking for his robe.

“Oh hell! That’s right! I forgot about the robe,” Helen said when Bobby became alarmed that his robe was still in the wash. She thought for a second and added, “well, for now grab that throw your grandmother knitted and put it around your shoulders. It’s big enough to cover your diapers and plastic pants! You’re only going next door!”

Bobby gripped the blanket around himself for all of his worth as his mother opened the front door. She had her pink gym bag now filled as Bobby’s temporary diaper bag and had chosen that one on purpose. There were the extra diapers, another pair of his baby pants, the powder, lotion and wipes. She’d said each of them out loud as she put them into the pink bag.

“Ready,” Helen asked.

“No!” Bobby said standing at the door. He felt like some kind of weird baby going off to the sitters with his mother holding a diaper bag of all things. That damn PINK diaper bag he cursed under his breath and again when he felt the blanket move over the mound of baby pants and diaper he wore. Every move he made, every step taken, there was that faint rustling whispering, “you’re wearing baby pants little baby”.

“Come on honey, and lets get this over with. I should be back by three and then Jeff and you can come over here to play, if you’re done with your studies that is,” Helen said fighting the smile that was creeping up on her face. She hadn’t known how hard it would be to keep that smile off her face.

Bobby stepped out into the bright sun with the blanket almost down to his knees. He was holding the blanket closed with one hand, his books in the other. The blanket wrapped around him was like a skirt and every once in a while it moved. He kept hoping that the breeze didn’t raise the blanket past the edge of his plastic pants. That would be a disaster if the neighbors were watching and he was sure everyone of them was.

It was bad enough that the blanket poked out nearly as far as Jennifer’s butt did when he stood at the door looking at the hallway mirror. Jennifer, like her mother had an ample bottom and now so did Bobby. Bobby moved faster than his mother toward Jeff’s house, but slowed fearing he’d get there and the door wouldn’t open. He also didn’t want to appear too healthy or happy.

Jeff, near the kitchen nodded at Bobby solemnly who nodded back silently, when Rose let him in. Helen took the blanket Bobby had just after coming in so Bobby couldn’t hide what he was wearing. Jeff’s bottom looked even bigger than Bobby’s did.

Bobby waited for his mother Helen. Both boys flushed nearly crimson seeing each other, and knowing that they both had on the same things. Last thing Bobby wanted to do was take that blanket off but Jeff was already standing in just his diaper, baby pants and tee shirt.

“Bobby honey, here, take the blanket from your mom and put it on the chair in the family room, and come have some lunch,” Rose said.

Bobby did so, reluctantly, as Jeff stood there. They both were wearing just their tee-shirts and their diapers under those bellowing plastic vinyl panties. Those diapers were too thick for the shirts to hang loose and cover them.

“I’ve put together a DIAPER BAG for Bobby, and I’ve added the scale and note pad, Helen noted.

“Excellent. Going to empty my gym bag for Jeff’s DIAPER BAG as well. I’ll get to it so he has a DIAPER BAG when he goes over to your place.

“So, I’ll see you at three then?” Helen said giving Rose a quick friendly kiss on her cheek. She bent and kissed Bobby as well, telling him to be good and not to hesitate to tell Rose if he needed to have his DIAPER CHANGED, because she didn’t want him getting a DIAPER RASH. Bobby dropped his eyes, blushed and nodded. Jeff didn’t even look over at the bag, but he knew it was there.

Helen had almost told Bobby to be a good baby for Rose but caught herself, now as she headed for the door she was regretting she hadn’t made it come out as another mistake she could apologized over. She was positive she was reinforcing his regret and wanted to do more.

Bobby had asked about going to the bathroom when the urge hit since he could at least do that when he was awake. Only his mother vetoed that idea by grabbing up a pad, pencil and the scale she used for packages. She had said that the doctor suggested keeping track of what Bobby took in and what came out. She wanted to make sure he was getting enough liquids she’d said.

It was crucial, she had said, that more stayed in so he didn’t risk getting dehydrated. Helen told Bobby that she had weighed his diaper dry along with his baby pants to be used as the base weight. Bobby was going to have to use those diapers from now until three in the afternoon at least. Bobby had almost cried over the thought of wetting into a diaper or being wiped and changed from a wet diaper.

“See you!” Rose said at the stove.

“Oh, that’s another thing Rose, I’ve added the weight of his diaper dry and he’s already had eight ounces of juice. Make sure he takes another bottle… Shoot! I mean another make sure he gets another glass of juice now and eight ounces on the hour, every hour” Helen said as she headed for the door. She was luckier than Rose because in a moment she could let loose the laughter she’d been fighting back all morning.

“Got it,” Rose said not daring to turn from the stove or else the boys would see her face as well. When the soup was ready she called the boys in.

The boys ate their soup in silence. Both boys saw what the other was wearing and each wondering if he looked as babyish as the other did. They actually looked like boys trying to look like babies.

“Hello,” Rose asked picking up the phone and heading for the patio door and out before closing it. Rose knew it was Helen even before she saw the caller ID.

“Hey, how’s it going,” Helen asked.

“Are you serious? Helen, this has got to be their worse day ever and my best! Believe it or not I’ve got them both laying on a large pink satin spread in the family room reading their History assignments. Called the school and got their homework assignments over the phone. I wish I had a camera but didn’t dare,” Rose said as she laughed and added, “I told them that I put them on the floor because I was worried about having accidents so I put a plastic paint tarp down under the spread first. It crinkles a lot when they move.”

“They laying down or sitting,” Helen asked.

“Laying down. Both are on their stomachs. Honestly, I wish you could see this. They’ve got these two cute puffy white butts sticking up like little babies, but I think they thought it was better than me seeing the front,” Rose said.

“You’re kidding? That’s great! Gosh I really do wish I was there to see that,” Helen said and added, “got to figure out how to get pictures? It would be wonderful to get a couple of pictures of those puffy bottoms. Just had an idea! Tell you what, before I call them over here, you know, when it’s my turn, I’ll set up the digital camera somewhere and just have it record continuously. At least we’d have that DVD for some future use. It’s small enough to hide.”

“Oh that would be perfect. OK, so I’ll see you at three then. Just call when you are ready and I’ll walk them both over,” Rose said.

“Will do,” Helen said hanging up the phone.

It was five minutes to three when Helen pulled into the driveway of her house. Bobby and Jeff had been in their diapers and plastic pants since eleven. Rose changed each boy individually on the living room floor giving each the opportunity to see the other getting his diaper changed. She didn’t use the lotion, but she did use the wipes and added lots of baby powder before putting them back into their fresh diapers and plastic panties. She was very slow and very methodical.

Rose dutifully noted the weight of their diapers after putting each into a plastic bag first. She did that little chore after she’d changed them and on the coffee table so both boys could see their wet diapers.

Rose had also decided to forget to put Jeff’s robe in the dryer and would apologize for that when the time came. He hadn’t asked about it after a while. Both boys were going to have to walk to Bobby’s house with just their blankets again.

Meanwhile, Helen was putting the Digital camera on the shelf near the television. She taped over the small red light showing it was recording so it wouldn’t show. She had two hours of memory and two more disk as she pressed the button and moved the books and plant back in place. It was the clutter and small lens that would keep it hidden as she punched in Rose’s number.

“All set,” Helen said after Rose answered.

Jeff was angry that his mother had forgotten to put his robe in the dryer, but there wasn’t anything else to be done about it as he wrapped his own throw blanket around his shoulders. He had suffered the indignity of being changed before watching his best friend get his diaper changed. They had avoided eye contact with each other and went back to their homework in silence.

Rose justified another change by telling him that she knew he was dry, but that it still gets warm with those plastic panties on and that he’d feel better in a nice fresh diaper with more sprinkles of baby powder. He didn’t. Bobby and Jeff would get their diapers changed one more time. Helen had promised Rose that.

“OK, I’m going to work!” Rose said after both boys were again sitting on the large satin spread over that same thin plastic tarp that Rose carried in with her. They were directly in front of the digital camera running silently a few feet away. There was a speaker not too far away and Helen had put on what she called her background music tapes she enjoyed while reading. It would mask what faint little noises the digital cam made and it would add music to the tape background that was recording the boys still doing their homework.

An Hour passed before Bobby was led to his room, then Jeff followed a few short minutes later. Both boys had their diapers changed by both moms before they returned to the spread. Helen was going to do this at least two more times before she diapered him for bed. She had twelve diapers and four pair of plastic pants. She would use ten diapers leaving her a set of two for tomorrow morning while she washed the ones he’d been in already.

This time Bobby’s mother, as Bobby had feared, used a baby wipe having Bobby hold his legs up with his hands while she wiped him. She had him stay that way when she began using the baby lotion and finally after that she sprinkled his diaper liberally with baby powder before he rested his legs on the bed again before spreading them. It was about the worse thing he’d ever had happen to him when he spread his legs wide once more. It was second only to wetting his diaper and having to ask to be changed.

It was agreed between Helen and Rose that they would do the same sort of thing tomorrow with Helen watching them till noon then Rose till four. Saturday they’d watch the boys at home, individually, since both women were off. It was then that they would spring the disposable Pampers on them. Bobby was walked back into the family room after he’d been changed. He was sullen as he sat back down on the satin spread and picked up his history book.

It was a fresh embarrassment on Bobby’s face since his mother had used that baby wipe on him before the lotion and powder again… Way too much powder Bobby thought. Jeff knew why Bobby’s face was so red. His had been that same color for the same reason. Helen sat on the chair next to the couch with a book as Bobby went back down on the satin spread.

It was hard not laughing as Helen moved the book to cover her face. The too boys were facing the television doing homework with their large padded bottoms facing Helen. Like two babies minus the baby toys. It had been years since she’d had to sit for babies and she smiled again. She smiled this time over the memories of Bobby, a bit smaller, but in that same spot almost looking identical to those times.

It was five after five when Rose walked over with Jeff’s robe to bring him home. Jeff, with a great deal of relief, slipped his robe on. His relief didn’t last given the size of his bottom as the robe flowed out and over the large mound under it. It was the reason he hurried as they walked towards the house. Jeff had suddenly seen Jennifer walking down towards them from the bus stop.

Bobby was changed right after his shower which he took just after Jeff left. His double diapers were waiting for him on his bed when he walked into his room. His robe, also now dry, hung over the back of his chair at his computer desk. He flushed crimson once more as his mother poured baby lotion onto her hands.

“Bobby, I’m going to put you into double diapers for bed tonight but in the mean time I’ve purchased a package of Pamper’s – Cruisers actually. They are size 7 and should fit but I’d like to make sure,” Helen said.

“Pampers? Why. I mean how come? I’m already wearing diapers for heaven’s sakes,” Bobby said in utter frustration. Pampers of all things and Cruisers no less.

“You may have to wear diapers to school. I’m not sure yet and if you do then wearing the disposables will at least get you though to the next changes without having to pull your pants off,” Helen said and added, “I thought you’d even prefer them over diapers and those baby pants.”

Jeff too was changed on the family room floor after his mother spread the blanket out once again. He felt like a baby in those moments as his mother teased the diaper left and right before laying it over him. She took way too long, or it seemed like she did, in pinning it closed and just as agonizing long for his baby pants again. Jeff also didn’t like that pat he got either and his mother apologized. It was a habit she had from years ago she said, from when he was a baby, she added.

Of that package of twelve diapers that both mom’s brought home only two remained by the time the boys made it the safety of their rooms that night. Each was on their computers almost instantly…

“This is too weird!” Jeff typed.

“Bizarre!” Bobby typed back.

“It’s like I’m suddenly a baby! I mean mom is beside herself over this. Believe it or not, I think she is really enjoying this. She keeps telling me how wonderful it is to sort of have those baby days back again,” Jeff typed.

“That’s nothing! My mom used a big powder puff for the baby powder after my shower! She was actually humming some kind of lullaby and she powdered me almost to my neck. I don’t think she was even aware she was doing it,” Bobby typed.

“I know! I smell like a baby. I mean I really smell like a baby. Mom must have used half the baby powder on me when she diapered me for bed,” Jeff answered.

“Really. Well, try this then… Mom even sprinkled powder over my damn sheets! Said it made my room smell… get this… ‘baby fresh’,” Bobby noted.

“What are we going to do,” Jeff wrote across Bobby’s screen and added, “we’ve got a whole day of this again tomorrow and worse, this weekend besides!”

“Damned if I know? I know we can’t confess now. They’ve spent a fortune on that stuff. And there is one other thing I just thought about…,” Bobby typed back.

“We can’t wake up dry either,” Jeff typed in before Bobby could finish his sentence.

“Exactly,” Bobby wrote.

“I’d already thought about that. Would look too odd both of us suddenly dry after all of this,” Jeff noted.

“No choice… we wet into our diapers tonight,” Bobby said.

“That or try and explain how we got better so fast. Besides, I guess it beats wetting the bed that’s for sure,” Jeff wrote.

“Remind me again why we did this,” Bobby asked on Jeff’s screen.

“It was suppose to be a day’s worth of play,” Jeff typed back.

“Some day off,” Bobby noted.

“Major downer,” Jeff wrote.

There was no response from Bobby.

“You there,” Jeff finally typed.

“Yes,” Bobby typed back.

“What’s up,” Jeff asked.

“Nothing,” Bobby wrote.

“Come on man! It’s me! Tell me! What’s wrong,” Jeff typed.

“OK, so laugh if you want but tonight… I mean after mom powdered me and diapered me I felt… I felt so damn relaxed. Can’t explain it, but it really felt sort of nice,” Bobby typed almost regretting what he’d just wrote as he added, “I guess it was when she hugged me. Very weird.”

“Hey! YOU LIKE WHAT IS HAPPENING,” Jeff typed in capitals.

“Heck no! What are you NUTS,” Bobby typed back. There was a pause before letters began to start across Jeff’s screen as Bobby wrote, “it’s just… Oh hell man never mind.”

“OK, just remember, we’re not suppose to like these things or what’s happening right,” Jeff typed mostly to calm himself or perhaps convince himself. He was afraid Bobby was right or that he’d have to confess to the same thing. He kept saying he didn’t like it.

“Right,” Bobby typed back.

“Anyway, I’ve got to log off. Mom wants me in bed by eight,” Jeff wrote.

“Me too,” Bobby responded and added, “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”

Jeff hit the exit as Bobby’s “bye” came across his screen. He moved to his bed passing his mirror and stopped. He put his hands on the back of his diapers and baby pants lightly pressing the mass against his bottom. That mass didn’t compress much because the diapers were really that thick. The baby pants were also warm to the touch and softer because of it.

Jeff twisted right, left, then shrugged. It did feel kind of cool Jeff thought as he climbed into bed. Looked sort of cool he mused as yanked the covers to his neck. Felt odd, but not so odd as he thought about it. Jeff had been afraid to admit to Bobby how he felt as his hand slid over the soft baby pants and a very powerful erection that suddenly formed. Jeff began moving his palm over the panties and diaper as his eyes closed.

Bobby spent a long time in front of his own mirror. It was terribly exciting, for him at least, and in spite of Jeff’s protest. He wasn’t sure why that was but it was. He felt so babyish. So innocent or something. He also felt bad about that lie he was living. That was his last thought before he climbed into bed. Although it wasn’t his last thought for that night as his hands also moved over the soft plastic panties and diapers.

Jeff woke wet! Actually he woke, then wet. There was something about doing that in his diapers that left him feeling odd. Kind of a good odd if that was possible. It hadn’t been easy the night before and just as hard now as Jeff tried to relax. The diaper grew warm on the front suddenly before the warmth spread along the sides then across the bottom. It was a very good odd, Jeff realized.

Bobby woke wet but remembered how that had happened. He was having a kind of dream that he was in his crib. His mother was above him, leaning on the rail and smiling down. She was holding a diaper, baby pants and baby powder. In his dream, she said, “come on precious and wet your diaper! Mommy can’t change you if you’re not wet.”

In Bobby’s dream, he wet and his dream merged slowly with reality as his mother real voice settled over the one in his dream.

“You up,” Bobby’s mother asked peeking in the door after knocking once.

“Yes,” Bobby said quietly.

“How are you feeling,” Helen asked.

“Better today,” Bobby said but feeling his face flush.

“Are you wet honey,” Bobby’s mother said.

“No,” Bobby said. Something about confessing that he’d actually wet a diaper was unnerving.

“Listen, it’s OK if you’re wet honey,” Helen said.

“OK, I’m wet! There, are you happy,” Bobby said in frustration.

“Honey, it’s really OK,” Helen said smiling sympathetically.

Bobby sat there in silence but looking eager to talk.

“What is it honey. Please precious, it really is OK,” Helen said feeling slightly guilty.

“No! No it’s not! Mom, look, I need to tell you something,” Bobby said feeling his mouth go dry.

“What honey?” His mother said coming to his bed and sitting next to him. She put her hand on his forehead then clasped both hands in her lap.

“This is really hard,” Bobby said.

“What is sweetheart,” Helen asked.

“Mom, listen, I lied! OK! I lied. This…. all of this is a lie! Mom, I’m not sick! I never was. I faked it! I faked it so I could have the day off yesterday. Jeff and I came up with it. It’s not his fault. It’s mine and it was stupid! I just wanted to be off for a chat board. Mom, I’m so sorry,” Bobby said blurting it all out quickly and inside of a couple of minutes as he added, “and I’ll pay you back for this stuff.”

His mother was looking at him but she was smiling slightly.

“Did you hear what I said,” Bobby asked.

“Yes Sweets I did. And, just so you know, I know,” Bobby’s mother said.

“You know what,” Bobby asked slightly confused.

“Honey I knew you were doing this on purpose! As it happens, I overheard you talking with Jeff yesterday morning just before I was going to leave for work. I called Rose after that, then met with her and we cooked up this little scheme to punish you guys!” Helen said stroking Bobby’s cheek. As always her son never ceased to amaze her at times. He didn’t have to confess this, but did.

“You knew?” Bobby said thinking back at all that he’d been through as he added, “you knew from the very start of this?”

“Yep! When I heard what you were planning I decided to trap you into these things. More as a Be Careful What You Wish For.”

“You knew,” Bobby said shocked. He was thinking of every diaper change he’d gone through.

“I did. So, the big question for you is did you learn your lesson,” Helen asked.

“Did I? Are you kidding? Mom, I never want to go through this again,” Bobby said with conviction but he was not sure if he actually meant that or not.

“Well, between you and me, I’ve had about the most fun I’ve had in a long time. It’s really been great having my baby boy back,” Helen said wistfully.

“Right! As in punishment,” Bobby said.

“No, not at all. I mean it. It felt great as in having my baby boy back,” Helen said.

“You want another baby,” Bobby asked.

“Heavens no but it’s nice having the reminders of those times when I did,” Helen said.

“It has?” Bobby asked thinking he’d heard her wrong.

“Of course! Once you guys grow up and get all macho it’s all a mother can do just to get a hug now and then. To actually be a mom again, like I was when you were a toddler, was really wonderful. So yes, it was very nice,” Helen said.

Bobby was stunned silent watching his mother drift away to wherever it was at that moment. His mind was in overtime suddenly. That wasn’t all he wanted to confess. Bobby swallowed.

“Mom,” Bobby asked almost in a whisper.

“What honey,” Helen asked.

“Never mind,” Bobby said.

“What,” Helen asked reassuringly.

“It’s OK, not important. Too weird,” Bobby said.

“Honey, you’re laying here in a diaper and plastic pants and I’m guessing you’ve wet it as well. So let’s not worry too much about weird for now,” Helen said.

“Mom, but this is going to sound really weird,” Bobby said.

“OK, I’m listening,” Helen said.

“Mom I sort of liked it,” Bobby said almost cringing over what he thought might come from his mother with a claim like that as he quickly added, “not at first but later after I sort of got use to it. I can’t explain it.”

“I know that too precious,” Helen said taking hold of Bobby’s chin as she smiled down at him.

“You do? How?” Bobby asked. That, he decided, was actually impossible unless his mother could read minds.

“Honey, I used the digital camera and caught you two yesterday while you were on the blanket doing your homework. Rose and I were going to use it somehow or just keep it for memories sake. Not sure? Anyway, I spent a delightful two hours watching you both on that DVD after you went off to bed. Got to watch you without you knowing you were being watched,” Helen said.

“You filmed us,” Bobby asked.

“I did. Sweetheart, it was those hands of yours sneaking around your baby pants that hinted at it,” Helen noted.

“You’ve got us on DVD,” Bobby asked shocked.

“Sorry about that but, like I said, Rose and I wanted pictures,” Helen said.

“Mom, this really is weird isn’t it,” Bobby said.

“Yes and no! I mean not really! You were simply regressing. All of your senses were telling your brain about things that you hadn’t remembered till now. Nice things. Very pleasant things so your brain was gathering in some hints and then finding what you remember of this. A baby having his diaper changed is a very pleasant thing for a baby. Your brain was telling your hands to touch those things to see if it was what you remembered.” Helen said.

“Like the smell of that baby powder. I mean I was remembering that baby powder smell,” Bobby said. It was still in the air in his room, on him as well.

“It’s a wonderful smell isn’t it,” Helen asked.

“Yes,” Bobby said blushing as he added, “and the plastic pants as well.”

“I know,” Helen added.

Helen looked at her son and for a moment pondering this change. She was thankful that her son had confessed, but that changed things. Only she wasn’t sure if she really wanted things to change that quickly. She was wondering if she should continue this as punishment and decided there was no need. She was also wondering what she could do to keep this alive a bit longer.

“Is Jeff telling his mom,” Helen asked.

“No. I mean I don’t think so. I don’t actually know. He said he was going to wet into his diapers this morning and let things go on as before,” Bobby said flushing at the thought of what he’d just confessed.

Helen nodded. She wasn’t sure why she was feeling so relieved but she was as she said, “tell you what? If Jeff hasn’t told Rose then Rose is expecting more of the same today. That was our plan from the beginning. We were going to do this today again, tomorrow and Sunday. So, until Jeff decides to confess, if ever, what if you and I keep this between us for now and just do what we were already going to do.”

“You mean I’d have to stay in these things! All day… again,” Bobby said trying not to sound as excited as he was.

“Afraid so! Only this time you wouldn’t have to sneak a feel for your baby things. Besides, I think it would be better if Jeff deals with this till he comes to his senses like you did. Of course, in order for that to happen you’ll have to pretend that this conversation of ours never happened,” Helen said.

“OK,” Bobby said almost too quickly. His reaction wasn’t lost on Helen and as odd as it seemed she was as thrilled as he was as he added, “am I being too weird?”

“Honey, how does a nice baby bath sound,” Helen asked.

“A baby bath,” Bobby asked.

“A baby bath and then get you changed,” Helen said.

“I had a shower last night, ” Bobby said nervously.

“I know!” Helen said smiling, but added, “the thing is I also bought a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Bath and was going to use it this morning. At the time it was another form of punishment. I’d still like to use it this morning, but not as punishment.”

“Oh! Right! OK,” Bobby said suddenly getting it.

Meanwhile, Jeff was taking his baby bath almost at the same time as Bobby. The difference was the two mothers methods. Rose was waiting for Jeff to finish his bath to diaper him, while Helen was now giving Bobby his bath. Helen was humming lullabies and as gentle as she had once been when she did this to Bobby in the kitchen sink.

Jeff dried briskly while Bobby was patted dry before his mother dusted him head to toe with baby powder. This time she started well up on his chest and back. He was almost dusty white head to toe by the time he moved to his bed to lay over his diapers. This time he voluntarily spread his legs, then closed his eyes, but to the pleasure of it. Bobby enjoyed every second of this diapering. Helen did as well.

With more care and even slower Helen tugged the diaper towards her pulling the soft wrinkles out of the cotton layers. With the edge of Bobby’s diaper between her fingers she lifted it straight, then tugged left then right to set the edge between his testicles and thigh. She paused there and sprinkled more baby powder so it fell down along the diaper to his bottom.

Helen pulled Bobby’s diaper snug and over to his belly button joining the left side first. Holding the diaper together she took up the open diaper pin and pushed it into the fabric. A click and it held before she did the same with the right side. With the diaper on and pinned she slid her fingers along the inside edges to set the gathers in place. It was very fluffy and soft and smelled of baby as she took up the baby pants.

There was little reluctance and only a hint of embarrassment as Bobby slipped a foot into the baby pants leg openings. With both legs in and the baby pants around his ankles Bobby brought his legs together evenly. Helen tugged the panties up to his knees before Bobby brought his legs straight so his mother could tug the panties to his diapers. Bobby planted his feet and lifted his bottom so his mother could set the panties in place. The only thing missing Bobby mused was maybe a pacifier or baby’s bottle and went crimson at the notion.

When Bobby’s baby pants were in place he stood and when he stood his mother fused with the waist band then took him into her arms. One arm circling his back, the other went across his bottom and those baby pants. Bobby sort of melted onto his mom’s breast and for a time she rocked him humming nothing in particular. Bobby felt like he’d been whisked back in time.

Rose had called back hesitating a bit about the day. Rose wanted to tell the boys that they knew, she told Helen. She wanted to tell the boys that they had planned this whole thing because of what they did. Helen listened but suggested they stay the course at least for the day then perhaps tell them that evening. They agreed to tell the boys at dinner time.

However, it was Rose telling Helen that she intended to make Jeff sleep in his diapers and baby pants for at least a month. A fitting punishment and that would get some use out of the things they had purchased. Helen thought a month would be ok as well, but she knew that Bobby wouldn’t be nearly as sad as Jeff would be.

The day had gone about the same as before. Jeff was changed by his mother Rose when Helen and Bobby showed up and Helen changed Bobby after they arrived. Rose returned at five with both boys still sitting once again on the blanket. They were both stunned when Rose and Helen told them that they knew what the boys had done. Bobby wasn’t surprised, because he knew. Jeff was flabbergasted.

Both boys, reluctantly agreed to the month of nightly diapers. One regretting what he had done, the other fighting back the smile that kept sneaking up on his face. Bobby would be in diapers and plastic pants for a month. Helen had talked with him about it and Bobby was thrilled. Jeff thought it was fair but, of course, still didn’t like the thought of being diapered every night.

That surprised Bobby a little as did his mother’s mentioning that she was going to do just a bit more. Jeff was shocked when Bobby and he compared notes. Sleeping in diapers was bad enough Jeff said but Bobby had to wear his right after he got home from school. Jeff was thankful that he only was diapered at night after that. Of course Jeff didn’t know it was something Bobby and his mother had agreed to.

Bobby couldn’t wait to get home from school that Monday nor could Helen after leaving work early. Helen was feeling guilty over her feelings but rationalized it. It was nothing more than coincidental since this part really was intended to be punishment. She knew this was odd but she couldn’t help herself.

There was another package that evening as well. A package hidden until now.

“What’s that,” Bobby asked.

“Disposable diapers. Pampers actually and in a size seven. I mentioned them earlier and thought we might as well use them,” Helen said and added, “I was thinking that I put you into the Pampers when you get home from school and then the double cloth diapers for bed. Is that OK?”

“They’ve got baby designs on them,” Bobby noted.

“I know. It’s very hard to get any without designs unless we get the cheap ones”, Helen said.

“I guess it’s OK,” Bobby answered.

“I went by that same store and got some baby style tee shirts. Actually they are not actual baby tees but boy tee-shirts I had hem. They are a little shorter than your regular tee shirts,” Helen said as she readied the tee shirt to go with Bobby’s diaper. Bobby was diapered before his tee-shirt went on and then settled nervously into his homework at the kitchen table. His new tee stopped a few inches above the waist of his diaper.

He had casually gone to his room to fetch a pen for his homework but what he really wanted to do was look at his new Pampers diaper and the design. It was a radically different look and feel but it was more babyish if that was possible because of the style and pattern. Cloth diapers under plastic panties sort of ballooned out while the Pampers went smoothly to his thighs in a tighter V. He rubbed the diapers front and back and decided he could do both.

Jeff, reluctantly confessed and his mother pretty much reacted the way he thought she might. She’d paid a pretty penny for those diapers and she was going to get her money’s worth out of them and Jeff deserved the punishment. He agreed, more or less, and would be wearing his diapers and plastic pants to bed at night and one disposable per day when he got home from school. At least till the disposables were gone.

Jeff didn’t talk much on-line that night, other than most of the usual stuff that he and Bobby often talked about. Nor did Bobby type in that he was now wearing a baby’s tee-shirt his mother had actually found from the chubby baby section. It was way too short but it snapped at his shoulder like a baby tee does. He liked it.

Their mothers, between themselves, had decided not to send them to school in the disposables since the punishment for both had been worked out.

Both boys did admit, on-line, they were wearing their diapers and plastic pants. The conversation on-line was short that night as Bobby logged off messenger and logged into his email as his one last step before going to bed.

“You’ve Got New Mail!” Bobby’s screen flashed. It was from Jennifer. Bobby clicked on the icon.

From: Jennifer (Jen)
To: Baby Bobby
Subject: It’s about your diapers and baby pants!

Bobby looked at the words “Baby Bobby” from that subject line and almost had a heart attack. He clicked on the “open mail” button and waited with his heart pounding in his ears as the message displayed.

The message read: “Hey Baby Bobby.

Wanted to ask you why you and Jeff are wearing diapers now? I know you’ve been home sick, so what’s up? If you’re wondering how I know, it’s because my mom was behind your mom and Jeff’s mom when they bought all of your baby things? Took me awhile but two and two always adds up to four. Anyway, I’ve been dying to ask right after she told me what she’d seen but you’ve been home. So, you guys can meet me Monday morning and bring me up on the latest.


Bobby slumped back in his chair. Bobby was in a panic as he read the email several more times before deleting it. He thought about calling Jeff but decided to wait. He definitely and desperately needed to talk with his mother. Bobby didn’t sleep much that night.

Monday morning came and Bobby, as usual met Jeff coming out of his house. He’d decided that talking to his mother before finding out what Jennifer might want would be better. Bobby, fearing his own panic also didn’t tell Jeff about the email, but he did say Jennifer wanted to meet them on the way to school. Bobby had decided his mother didn’t need to know about Jennifer’s email.

“So why are we waiting for Jennifer,” Jeff asked.

“She just said that she wanted to talk with us about something,” Bobby said.

“She didn’t say what,” Jeff asked.

“Nope, just that she wants to talk,” Bobby said nervously.

“Here she comes,” Jeff said casually.

“Hey guys,” Jennifer said coming up to the two boys.

“Hi Jen,” Bobby said using the nickname he’d been using for years. His face went red.

“Hey Chub,” Jeff said also using the nickname he’d also been using for years. Bobby cringed at the word, but this time because Jeff didn’t know what Jennifer knew. It was like teasing a mean dog at the end of it’s rope. A rope that you thought was tied but wasn’t.

“Chub? Oh you mean Chubby! Always hated the word. Did you know that Jeff? I mean until till now that is,” Jennifer said smiling.

“Really? So what’s changed,” Jeff asked sarcastically and added, “so what did you want to talk about?”

“First, let’s talk about what’s changed? Sort of glad you asked that Jeff. Gee, let me see, I suppose it’s because I was so big when we started school together. Remember those days,” Jennifer asked.

“I remember! You were really chubby and huge back then!” Jeff said teasing.

“Give it a rest Jeff,” Bobby said to Jeff. He knew that Jennifer was baiting his friend and he suddenly thought he knew why. Trouble was Bobby would suffer as well, or so he worried.

“But she really was chubby back then,” Jeff said looking at his friend and smiling.

“He’s right Bobby! I was so very chubby,” Jennifer noted before giving them a wicked sneering look as she added, “almost everything I wore back then was bigger because I was so chubby.

“So what is it you wanted to talk about,” Jeff asked looking back at Jennifer.

“Did you know I wore diapers back then? Jeff! It’s true. I was slightly incontinent because of my weight and to keep from getting too embarrassed mom would put me into diapers. Of course I wore dresses back then so they hid my diapers pretty well. I was so glad you guys didn’t know about that,” Jennifer said.

“Really,” Jeff asked suddenly blushing.

“Really,” Jennifer said and then added, “mom even made me ruffled panties so I had something girlish to wear over my diapers. Mom sewed panties over plastic pants then added the ruffles. It actually did make me feel girlish. I’m guessing those kind of panties over diapers would even make boys feel girlish”

Bobby was still mostly silent, but the fact that Jennifer had once worn diapers well past being a baby intrigued him. It made him wonder if there was something else driving Jennifer’s reasons for this contact.

“So what do I want to talk about? Good question Jeff. Well, first of all it’s about me being so big back then. Chubby as you put it Jeff! Anyway, I got to thinking the other night that a lot of what I wore back then might actually fit you guys, even now,” Jennifer said.


“No doubt,” Jeff said sarcastically and with a snicker, and missing the point of what Jennifer had just said added, “so, come on, what’s your point Chub!”

“My point Jeffrey, is that I’d like to see you in some of those things,” Jennifer said and added, “Actually, I was thinking how fun it would be to play dress up with you guys. Of course, I’d be the mommy and you guys could be my babies. Obviously one of you has to be a baby girl, the other can be a baby boy. Jeff, I’m thinking that you can be the baby girl. I mean I’m sure I’ve got a whole lot of cute stuff you can wear and since you guys already got your own baby stuff this is going to work out really great.”

Jeff froze then. Jeff was going to say something but decided not to and already regretting what he’d said earlier as he said, “I guess I’m sorry about what I said to you.”

“Too late precious. Oh, Jeff, did that catch you off guard? I’m sorry! I didn’t mention that part about me knowing you guys are wearing diapers now did I? I was going to send you an email as well, but didn’t. Anyway, mom told me the oddest thing the other day. She said that she was in line at the pharmacy and she saw both of your moms buying you baby diapers and baby panties. She didn’t know why but she knew they were big enough for you guys, and she did want to ask but didn’t dare. So I guess I should ask? Say guys, why are you two wearing diapers and baby pants all of a sudden?” Jennifer asked.

Jeff couldn’t talk. Jennifer waited then looked at Bobby. Jennifer’s smile was softer when she looked from Jeff to Bobby.

“We got caught scheming together to stay out of school. We both pretended we were sick and wet our beds. The diapers are punishment,” Bobby said. There was no reason not to tell Jen what she mostly already knew.

“Really! Now what a great way to punish a boy! Not perfect obviously because it’s just diapers and baby pants, but not bad either.” Jennifer said and added, “I would have gone with the baby girl look right up front, but, hey, that’s me. Anyway, it’s never too late.”

“I’m not going to play dress up,” Jeff said.

“Might want to reconsider that. I mean so far it’s still just our little secret,” Jennifer said.

“And if we don’t play along with this you’re going to blab this all over the school aren’t you,” Jeff asked in agony.

“Now why would I do that. OK, if push comes to shove and you leave me no choice? Yes, I’ll blab,” Jennifer said and added, “unfortunately that would spoil all of this- for both of us! You know, no leverage then. That’s why I was thinking it would be better to cooperate, because it’s going to be more fun with me the only one knowing and you looking really cute!”

“So if we say yes, you’re not going to tell,” Bobby asked a little surprised.

“Of course not! I mean like I said, that would ruin everything. At least I’m going to try and avoid it” Jennifer said and added: “Besides, Bobby, you’ve always been nice to me. That’s why you can be the baby boy. On the other hand Jeff here hasn’t been very nice very often. Like I said, I never did like that name Chub or Chubby!”

“OK, I’m sorry about that. So what if I stop calling you that,” Jeff said in a renewed panic.

“That would be nice! Really nice! Although it doesn’t take back all of those years, or just now, when you called me Chub again. Honestly Jeff, if you think about it, you really do need to be punished for that,” Jennifer said.

“So now what,” Jeff asked.

“Now what? Well, we’re going to need some time to play. I’m thinking about this coming Saturday! Mom’s working overtime and I’m going to be home working on that book report we’ve all got due. Thought I’d invite you both over to play and then help me with my report,” Jennifer said and added, “you can tell your mommies that we’re doing the book report and that it’s not about playing dress up.”

“Play how,” Jeff asked but already knowing the answer.

“Oh Jeff, deep down you already know that part. Remember, I’m Chubby! Remember, I was so very chubby back when I was little. The thing is I’m not sure how far back we can go. I mean as far as my things fitting you that is, so we should spend a little of our time together trying things on. Of course that’s the fun part about playing dress-up anyway. Right? Right,” Jennifer said and added, “and don’t worry about getting all excited or me seeing your thing, because you’ll be diapered while you’re trying on my dresses and your diapers will hide everything from me.”

“And if I… I mean if we say no what then? You tell right,” Jeff said.

“I’m afraid so,” Jennifer said.

“But you said you wouldn’t,” Jeff yelled.

“No, I said I didn’t want to. Look Jeff, me wanting you in a dress is a girl thing. What I’m hoping is you turn out to like pretending your a girl and pick up on some of this You know, you might learn that as a girl. Who knows,” Jennifer said looking at Jeff.

Jeff went silent and folded his arms.

“What time,” Bobby asked already resigned to do this since they really didn’t have much choice.

“About nine! Like I said, you both can tell your moms that we are working on our book reports together. Just put a couple of diapers and a pair of your baby pants in your backpacks with your books before you come over. As for you Jeff, I’ll start pulling things out for you to try on,” Jennifer said.

“You’re not dressing me are you,” Bobby asked nervously and added, “I never called you any names?”

“I didn’t mean you Bobby! Unfortunately I would like to see you in a diaper though so you’re going to still have to be my baby boy. Jeff here is going to be your baby sister and my little baby girl,” Jennifer said and added, “aren’t you sweetheart?”

“Like hell,” Jeff said.

“I know it’s hard to imagine honey so I’ll leave that up to you! You show up and take your punishment and my lips are sealed. You don’t and I go on-line and drop the story for the school paper that same day. Of course they won’t print it, but I’ll bet the rumors are out by the time you get to school next Monday. Then again, it might actually show up in the newspaper since my best friend, Susan, is sure to post something about this,” Jennifer said.

“Blackmail,” Jeff said in disgust.

“Big time,” Jennifer said.

“I’ll be there,” Bobby said.

“Doesn’t seem like we have much choice,” Jeff said.

“Nope! Although look at this on the bright side! You sort of get to be babies again and you Jeff get to wear some very pretty things over your diapers. Seriously, how many boys ever get to say they’ve done that,” Jennifer asked.

Jeff went silent. Both boys and Jennifer were silent as the bus pulled up.

Jeff and Bobby talked that night on-line using messenger. Obviously they had to do it, Bobby rationalized, but to calm Jeff, Bobby promised to ask Jennifer to back off on the baby girl thing. Both boys avoided Jennifer for the remainder of that day. Both boys continued wearing the diapers to bed but Bobby, of course, was happily changed right after school and adored his new Pampers. So to his mother wondering how long to push it till deciding at least till the Pampers were gone.

It was Saturday morning with five minutes before the hour when Bobby knocked on Jennifer’s door. Jeff was standing slightly back and sulking.

“Hey, good morning you two! Right on time,” Jennifer said and added, “come on in. You guys bring your baby things?”

“I did,” Bobby said.

“Jeffrey honey, you didn’t answer,” Jennifer asked when Jeff didn’t respond.

“YES! You happy,” Jeff said in anger.

“I will be! Come up to my room. I’ve got a few things laid out that I want you to try first. I’ve sorted them by years,” Jennifer said.

There were five dresses laid side by side on Jennifer’s canopy bed. A powder blue, two white and two pink. Each dress slightly smaller than the one next to it beginning at the foot board. Each dress made of something either shimmery or airy looking. The powder blue was a kind of satin. The two white dresses were like nylon Bobby realized then thought about that fabric organdy his mother once said about her own dress. The pink one was a softer satin than the powder blue.

“This one first!” Jennifer said as she picked up the first dress, the smallest. One of the pink ones. As soon as she did so it was clearly too small for Jeff as she held it up. The second one was not as small and might have fit Jeff handing that one to Bobby to hold. The third, the white with pink trim looked like it might fit Jeff easily.

“This one first,” Jennifer said.

“I can’t,” Jeff said beginning to look like he was going to break down.

“Jeffrey, you really must,” Jennifer said.

“I just can’t,” Jeff said and added, “and I don’t care who you tell!”

“Well, that’s too bad! OK, so be it! I guess our little get together is over then,” Jennifer said.

“No! Wait! Look Jennifer, no need for that. Here, tell you what Jeff, I’ll wear this one first,” Bobby said holding the pink dress out and adding, “we’ll both be baby girls together.”

“You don’t have to Bobby! It’s Jeff I want to see in my dresses,” Jennifer said.

“We’re in this together,” Bobby said looking at his friend as he started to take his tee-shirt off. A second later Bobby was bringing the dress over his head and added, come on Jeff, we don’t have a choice here.”

“Fine,” Jeff said looking at his friend now wearing the pink party dress he’d taken up. It fit Bobby almost perfectly. Jennifer was looking at Bobby with an odd stare. Bobby was looking back at her not smiling but not frowning either. Jeff had picked up the white one slowly, reluctantly not looking at Bobby or Jennifer.

“Wait,” Jennifer said as Jeff started to pull his tee-shirt up and off.

“What,” Jeff said.

“No need for that Jeff! I’m sorry I frightened you. Seriously I just wanted to scare you guys a little. I’ve really hated you calling me Chubby all of these years Jeff. Tell you what, if you promise to stop calling me that you’re off the hook,” Jennifer said.

“Seriously,” Jeff asked.

“Seriously,” Jennifer answered.

“And you won’t tell anyone about the diapers,” Jeff asked looking suddenly hopeful.

“Not a soul. Unless of course you call me Chubby again,” Jennifer said.

“Never again! Honestly, and I really am sorry,” Jeff said clearly relieved.

“Fair enough,” Jennifer said.

“Can we go then,” Jeff asked anxiously. He wanted to be out of there.

“Yes,” Jennifer said but paused before adding, “Bobby? Would you mind staying? I mean I really could still use some help with that book report. Would you mind if I promise not to tease? I mean just a little bit longer to get me started?”

“I guess so!” Bobby said feeling suddenly silly that he was wearing one of Jennifer’s old dresses.

“But I can go, right,” Jeff said looking decidedly relieved and a little sympathetically at his friend.

“You can go! Unless you’d like to stay and help me as well. No dresses! No mention of your diapers either,” Jennifer said.

Jeff looked at Bobby and then at Jennifer as he said, “I’d like to, I really would, but I haven’t read the book yet. Not much that I could say about it.”

“Then no need for you to stay,” Jennifer said.

“That’s what I was thinking. Look Jen, I really am sorry and I’ll never, ever call you names again,” Jeff said moving towards the door.

“Works for me,” Jennifer said as she moved to the door with Jeff.

“So I’ll see you later… Bobby,” Jeff said smiling, but it was strained. Jeff wanted out of there badly.

“Later,” Bobby said standing there still feeling odd in that dress. Odd but he hadn’t made an attempt to take it off and was just realizing that.

Jeff hit the steps two at a time as Jennifer watched. Bobby was standing at Jennifer’s bedroom door still in his jeans and that dress. Jeff never looked back as he went through the front door. Jennifer turned towards Bobby.

“We OK then,” Bobby asked as he started to lift the dress off.

“Yes!” Jennifer said as she turned to walk back towards Bobby and said with a gentle touch to Bobby’s hand, “Mind not taking that off just yet?”

“What? Why,” Bobby asked.

“Because, that was pretty amazing what you did for Jeff,” Jennifer said moving in closer.

“Jeff was very scared,” Bobby said justifying what he’d done.

“And you’re not,” Jennifer noted as she came right up to him.

“A little, but I’d rather wear a dress than have the whole school know I’m wearing diapers,” Bobby said.

“So you guys really are still wearing them? That wasn’t a put on,” Jennifer said now very close to Bobby.

“For a month, but only at night now. We’ve got three weeks left,” Bobby said nervously not daring to say anything about being diapered during the evening.

“The thing is Bobby, that dress looks really cute on you!” Jennifer said as she moved a finger to the puffed sleeve covering Bobby’s arm.

“Thanks, but between you and me, this isn’t exactly my thing,” Bobby said sarcastically, but smiled nervously.

“Actually, it wasn’t mine either till I saw you in it,” Jennifer said bending to kiss Bobby on the lips. Jennifer was easily a foot taller than Bobby. They had always been casual friends but that kiss hinted at more. Bobby kissed Jennifer back. Their second kiss had a bit more passion in it.

Bobby’s heart was racing as Jennifer moved closer pushing the dress against Bobby’s chest. It was lined in nylon and the smoothness didn’t escape Bobby’s notice.

Jennifer eased her arms around Bobby gathering the dress against his chest as she did so and their next kiss even more passionate. Jennifer broke it off with another quick kiss and smiled.

“Wish I could keep you in that dress for a bit longer,” Jennifer said.

“But you were going to make Jeff wear it,” Bobby said.

“I know and then suddenly you had it on and it sort of dawned on me that it would be more fun not forcing you guys into these things. At least not forcing you since you were already wearing it. Jeff, as insensitive as he is at times, is not a bad guy. The thing is I didn’t really have the heart to do it just for revenge,” Jennifer said.

“So why am I still in it then,” Bobby asked.

“Not sure yet, but something changed a little when it went over you,” Jennifer said and added, “and like I said, you really do look cute in it.”

“Still not my thing,” Bobby said feeling odd standing there.

“Any chance I could talk you into wearing this a little longer,” Jennifer asked after another kiss broke. She had moved closer to Bobby and kissed him again. Jennifer had her hands wrapped around Bobby’s back. Her face was only inches away.

“Ah, if you haven’t noticed, I’m already in it,” Bobby said sounding only slightly sarcastic.

“You’re still in your pants precious. This is the wrong combination of things to layer. Besides, it needs a slip and you’re not wearing your diapers and neither am I. Your pants doesn’t do a thing for the look and, besides, like I said, it’s needs a slip,” Jennifer said moving in again. She kissed Bobby softly and Bobby kissed back. A moment later Bobby felt the skirts of the dress being lifted and then his belt being undone. The kiss continued as Jennifer found the button of his jeans and then his zipper.

“Hold your skirts up for me,” Jennifer said as she knelt down while tugging Bobby’s pants down.

“I didn’t say I’d do this,” Bobby said feeling a little woozy.

“You didn’t say you wouldn’t either,” Jennifer said smiling up as she eased Bobby’s foot up a little to slip his shoe and sock off.

“Bad enough you know about the diapers,” Bobby said.

“Not bad at all me knowing you wear diapers,” Jennifer said as she added, “actually, it’s a good thing because I’ve always liked you and now even more!”

“More? Why,” Bobby asked as he lifted his other foot for his second shoe. He was letting this happen and he was having trouble believing it.

“Know much about the word submissive or dominates,” Jennifer asked.

“As in whips and chains,” Bobby said frowning.

“Nope, more like sugar and spice, and everything nice, but with a little more of that spice after lots of sugar,” Jennifer said as she peeled Bobby’s socks off.

“Then I’m not sure I do know about that stuff,” Bobby said.

“We’ll just have to fake it a little then,” Jennifer said looking up at Bobby with a smile. Bobby was holding the skirts gathered in his hand and feeling the pangs of his passion becoming almost painful as Jennifer disappeared under Bobby’s dress to do his other shoe and sock.

“Not sure I can do this,” Bobby said as he felt his jeans come off past his feet.

“I’ll help you with most of it,” Jennifer said.

“You’ve done this before,” Bobby asked.

“Only in my most recent day dreams,” Jennifer said laughing.

“This turns you on then,” Bobby asked.

“About as much as it’s turning you on,” Jennifer said giggling at Bobby’s shorts and added: “Might be a good thing if you actually were wearing diapers. Your pants are beginning to get real wet.”

“I can’t help that,” Bobby said knowing exactly what Jennifer meant.

“I know! Fortunately, I think I can,” Jennifer said as Bobby felt his shorts getting tug free before falling.

Bobby’s back stiffened when Jennifer wrapped her hand softly around him. His legs went rigid when he also felt the soft warm kiss and her tongue suddenly. She stopped after a moment, bent back enough looking up past the skirts Bobby had bunched up to ask, “is that helping you decide precious?”

“Yes,” Bobby whispered fighting to make his voice sound normal and wishing Jennifer was still under his dress.

“Is it helping enough to get you into the rest of my things,” Jennifer asked.

“Am I being coerced,” Bobby asked smiling.

“Big time,” Jennifer said as she reached under his dress once again. Bobby grunted involuntarily. Jennifer with a finger circling Bobby’s very sensitive tip was teasing him more as she added, “so, is this enough coercion to get you into the rest of my things?”

“Yes,” Bobby said almost pleading.

“Then let’s get you into your diaper first. I don’t want my slips and dresses getting ruined,” Jennifer said snickering.

“Can’t you finish what you’ve started?” Bobby said wishing hard that he could talk her into that part of this first.

“We can, but not until I’ve taken you as far as I can with this. Wouldn’t be fair otherwise now would it,” Jennifer said and added, “besides, I want to see you in those diapers and baby pants in a very bad way.”

“You realize this is a little weird don’t you,” Bobby said as Jennifer lifted his dress over his head and off.

“Not in the world of a dominate and her little submissive,” Jennifer said as the dress came up and over Bobby’s head.

“Didn’t know that I was a submissive,” Bobby said standing there suddenly naked.

“Until you put that dress on I didn’t know I was a dominate either, so we’re even,” Jennifer said moving in to kiss Bobby once again. Bobby kissed back.

“The diaper is in my back pack,” Bobby said blushing. He actually did need that diaper, he mused and then to himself decided he wanted to be diapered by Jennifer.

“I’ve got some things of my own,” Jennifer said.

“Diapers,” Bobby asked a little surprised.

“Diapers,” Jennifer noted.

“Seriously? So you did wear them back then,” Bobby asked.

“Actually no. That was a fib,” Jennifer said.

“How is it then that you have diapers,” Bobby asked.

“Made a couple of diapers this week for your visit,” Jennifer said and added, “wasn’t too difficult sewing something together and I wanted something special.”

“Special? But we have our own and trust me they are real diapers,” Jeff noted curiously.

“But not pink and definitely not satin,” Jennifer said smiling as she lifted the diaper from a bag that had been in her closet.

“You’re kidding right,” Bobby asked.

“Actually these were going to be for Jeff,” Jennifer noted.

“Boy, I’m not sure about those,” Bobby said but not with any conviction.

“Would you rather it be whips and chains,” Jennifer asked and added, “than your pretty in pink diaper?”

“No,” Bobby said looking at the soft pastel pink diaper. It was shaped like an hour glass and both sides were satin but it was just as thick as his diaper was as he added: “That’s not all satin right?”

“No. it’s got several layers of cotton between them and batting for thickness between the cotton,” Jennifer said.

“Batting? What’s batting,” Bobby asked.

“Think of it as puff stuff. I wanted a lot of puffiness to your diaper but I also wanted it to be a diaper but mostly meant for a girl,” Jennifer said.

“This is making me wig out a little,” Bobby said and added, “since I’m not a girl.”

“Wig? That comes later, after your diaper, slip and dress,” Jennifer said as she laid the pink diaper on her bed. She took a moment gathering the rest of the dresses back to her closet as she added, “and the nice thing about you not being a girl is no matter what I put you into there is still the boy under it. I like that and it’s driving me to think some very naughty thoughts.”

“So why is this turning you on,” Bobby asked.

“Why is it turning you on Bobby,” Jennifer asked looking down at Bobby’s erection.

“Beats me,” Bobby said smiling.

“Me to,” Jennifer said as she patted the pink diaper now open for Bobby as she added, “maybe we’ll discover our most hidden secrets later.

“Maybe,” Bobby said.

Bobby moved to the edge of her canopy bed, turned, sat over the diaper and laid back. This was blowing him away given what was about to happen. Bobby’s passion was almost unbearable as Jennifer poured baby powder onto Bobby’s skin.

“I love this smell,” Jennifer said.

“Me too? So does my mom, I’ve discovered. Say, do you think it’s the baby powder that makes us like this,” Bobby asked.

“Has got to help,” Jennifer said moving her free hand against Bobby’s stomach as she began rubbing the powder onto this skin. She was slow, thorough, methodical, mischievous with a bit of teasing that was driving her as crazy as Bobby.

“That’s not fair,” Bobby said.

“What’s not fair,” Jennifer asked.

“You’re getting me all flustered and if I’m wearing a diaper, I can’t do anything about it,” Bobby said.

“Sorry baby, but that’s what dominates do,” Jennifer said as she lingered for a time and added, “although, if you’re good, really good, mommy will take care of that for you.”

“Good how,” Bobby asked.

“You’ll see,” Jennifer said as she sat the baby powder on her nightstand and took up a wipe for her hands. She also took up a pink tipped diaper pin.

“Pink,” Bobby asked.

“Of course,” Jennifer answered as she brought the back of the diapers edge over the front, pinning it closed.

“Oh wow,” Bobby said without thinking as the satin moved over him.

“Like it,” Jennifer asked.

“A little,” Bobby said.

“How about now,” Jennifer asked moving the satiny layers even more with her hand.

“Yes,” Bobby grunted.

“Gets better with the baby pants,” Jennifer said.

“What’s the design on the diaper pin,” Bobby asked not caring too much about the diaper pins but wanting to change the subject.

“It’s a bunny rabbit,” Jennifer said and added, “would you prefer a cute little duck? I got a set of those as well.”

Bobby was only making conversation for the sake of talking. What he was really interested in was that layer of satin that had slipped over him as he said, “no, the bunny rabbits are ok.”

Jennifer moved to the other side of Bobby’s diaper but not before lingering there in the center. For Bobby, it was almost electrical that shock of pleasure he received.

“Satin! Nothing in the world feels like satin,” Jennifer said moving the palm of her hand over the front of Bobby’s diaper. Bobby sort of grunted a yes making Jennifer snicker a little and add, “so you agree then?”

“Yes,” Bobby said languishing in the pleasure of Jennifer’s touch and wishing, as he had a bit ago, when he was still wearing the dress, that this never would end.

“Then you are simply going to love what goes over your diaper,” Jennifer said pinning the second side closed.

“Why,” Bobby asked.

“You’ll see. Now close your eyes,” Jennifer said easing up from the bed.

“Can’t I see,” Bobby asked.

“Sure, but not yet,” Jennifer said moving to that bag again.

“OK,” Bobby said closing his eyes.

Jennifer returned with the ruffled panties. She’d been sewing lingerie for herself for a few years now and the only difference between her regular panties she fashioned and the ones she held now was the plastic lining and a few layers of gathered ruffles across the backside.

“Sounds like baby pants,” Bobby said keeping his eyes closed but lifting his feet when Jennifer asked. His toes touched against the plastic, plus there was a hint of that rustling that came with plastic pants.

“They are like baby panties,” Jennifer said as she slipped the ruffled panties along Jeff’s leg and finally over his diaper as she added, “OK, stand up first then open your eyes.”

Bobby did and was slightly taken back by the ruffles across the back and lace around each leg. “Would it make any difference if I said I’d rather not wear these,” Bobby asked smiling.

“Would you really rather not wear them,” Jennifer asked back as she fluffed a couple layers of ruffles.

“No! I mean I’d rather wear them I guess,” Bobby said deciding he would and there was no need to say otherwise.

“I’m not sure we’re going to make it into your pretty little slip or dress,” Jennifer said hugging Bobby before kissing him again. She drew him closer with both hands now gripping his ruffles.

“I’m not sure I’m going to make it past this moment,” Bobby said as Jennifer moved sensuously against him.

“I’ve got two more diapers just like the one you are wearing should this one become too wet,” Jennifer noted as she pressed against Bobby more firmly and kissed him more passionately. Bobby kissed back, but had lost the desire to speak as he pushed back against Jennifer’s hand. The moment slipped him deeper into his desires as he became more intense. There was no need for pretense or objections and his moan a second later was answer enough for Jennifer.

“This is wonderfully agonizing,” Bobby said in a strained whisper.

“For both of us,” Jennifer noted as she stopped playing and moved away.

“Wait? What’s the matter,” Bobby asked still breathing deeply.

“Nothing, but I want to see you in that dress again,” Jennifer noted and added, “before it’s too late and it needs a slip first and if you like that satin I’ve pinned you into, you’re going to love my slip.”

“That’s not fair,” Bobby said.

“Come on, it will only take a second and then mommy will make her baby girl so very happy,” Jennifer cooed as she moved to the closet for the slip.

“Looks like another dress, and I’m not really a girl? Baby maybe but not a girl,” Bobby said as the bellowing petticoats attached to the satiny bodice rustled towards him.

“It almost is another dress. I use to love wearing just my slips and twirling in them. You’ll see what I mean when it’s on you,” Jennifer said gathering the layers of petticoats before slipping them over Bobby’s head as she added, “feel nice sissy boy?”

“What,” Bobby asked.

“Sissy? You said you’re not a baby girl so that makes you a sissy baby boy,” Jennifer said and asked, “so does your slip feel nice sissy boy?”

“Does,” Bobby said not caring what agreeing might mean. The satiny bodice fell over his chest in a titillating way as he added, “too bad Jeff didn’t do this, he might have liked it.”

“So does that mean you might like this,” Jennifer said tugging on the bell shaped slips before fluffing them. She made a point of pressing against the layers of slips that sat over Bobby’s panties and diaper and when Bobby grunted and nodded she added, “I’ll take that as a yes. And now your pretty little dress again.”

Bobby once again put his arms through the puffy sleeves as the dress came over his head. The soft pastel layers of pink flowed outward even further with the petticoats and the rustling of the dress sounded louder as it joined with the taffeta of the slip. Jennifer fluffed the skirts some, twisted the puffy sleeves so they sat straight then went to the back to close the dress around Bobby.

“Almost done,” Bobby asked sounding slightly flustered. The satiny diaper was moving against him and that movement, added to the layers of dress and slip hugging him gave him goose bumps and a strong desire to be played with again.

“Just let me tie the sash and then you get your reward,” Jennifer said picking up the two loose ends of the dresses sash. Those ends sewn into neat points were drawn together as Jennifer fashioned a very large bow at the back before stepping back. She eyed her playmate from the back first then moved to the front to kiss Bobby and while they kissed Bobby was pushed back towards the bed.

The back of Bobby’s knees touched the bed before he sat and when he sat Jennifer gently pushed him back so his legs dangled at the beds edge. Bobby was looking at Jennifer who moved to sit at the edge of the bed before bending slightly to ease her left hand under Bobby’s slips and layers of dress. A second later she was rubbing him over his ruffled panties and satin diaper and a second after that Bobby closed his eyes.

Bobby found himself drifting towards an orgasm and at the very edge arched his back as Jennifer’s strokes grew more intense. Bobby made every effort to hold himself back till there was no hope of doing so. Jennifer knew exactly when Bobby’s orgasm began as Bobby took a breath and held it while his body stiffened noticeably. She continued rubbing his baby panties and diaper till Bobby fell back against the bed, exhausted and spent. She continued rubbing long after he’d relaxed.

“Just lay still and enjoy yourself and I’ll be right back,” Jennifer said moving off the bed. Bobby wasn’t sure he could move even if he wanted to, and at that moment he had no desire to do anything but savor that moment. He rested both hands on either side of his waist, hands enfolded in the dresses layers pushed outwardly by the slips.

“Here we go baby,” Jennifer said as Bobby felt the bed move under her weight.

Before he could open his eyes he felt the soft rubber nipple and moistness of milk against his lips. When he did look Jennifer was holding a baby’s bottle titled to his mouth and as soon as he opened his mouth to say something the bottle slid in. There was nothing to do but nurse and no reason not to as Jennifer added, “I don’t know about you precious, but I could easily get use to this.”

Bobby grunted a kind of agreement since he was nursing the bottle and took it with both hands when Jennifer urged him to. He was still nursing the baby bottle when Jennifer brought another of the satin diapers over to the bed.

“Do we have time for another,” Bobby asked nervously as he lifted the nipple from his mouth.

“Absolutely. Besides, I want to spend a little time, this time, getting me off,” Jennifer said slipping her hand under Bobby’s dress and slips before rubbing him again as she added, “and we’ve got to wait till the baby gets hungry again. Jennifer got up leaving again.

“Let’s try these,” Jennifer said dropping to her knees between Bobby’s legs. She was holding a pair of white strapped shoes and lacy socks. The shoes she left on the floor, the lacy socks one by one went over Bobby’s feet. There was a moment Bobby was sure the shoes didn’t fit but it still had the strap on and with that free the shoe went on easily.

“I was eleven, no ten when I wore these. Gosh, I hope I can find my Mary Jane’s they would go so well with your powder blue dress,” Jennifer said as she closed the straps on both shoes.

The bottle was just past half done when Jennifer gathered the layers of dress and slips to push back, and began changing Bobby’s satin diaper. She kept him in the ruffled panties, wiped him with a baby wipe, powdered him again and the pinned the new diaper closed. His ruffled panties came up again and Jennifer had him stand while she fluffed his skirts and slips.

Jennifer replaced his baby bottle with a cute white and pink pacifier that was linked to a pink plastic flower by a cord. It was linked now to his dress so it wouldn’t fall to the floor if he lost it. Jennifer kissed him with the pacifier out of his mouth then gently pushed it in again.

Bobby was watching Jennifer as she began taking her clothes off and stopped wondering then if he was ready or not as Jennifer’s pants fell to show off her panties. She wore very frilly panties Bobby noted. Not sexy to some, he realized but somehow fetching on a girl as big as she was. She left her panties on and covered her ample breast, now free of the large bra, with a short satiny sleep shirt.

“Is baby ready,” Jennifer asked now wearing just the sleep shirt and panties as she moved to where Bobby was standing. He hadn’t moved wondering if he should since he was the guy and the guys made the moves. That made him laugh a little at himself since he wasn’t close to being a guy just then.

“Yes,” Bobby said feeling himself pressing against the inside of his diaper. It was like being hooked to a small electrical device as he began taking steps. His tip, already way too sensitive, was getting deliciously teased with each small movements of the satiny diaper. Jennifer smiled then.

“I’m beginning to think my little sissy boy loves his satin diaper,” Jennifer said as her arms went around him. She was slowly crushing him against her, forcing the dress against the slips and the slip against his ruffled panties and finally his diaper. He had no comment about her calling him her sissy boy not because he didn’t want to but because he couldn’t.

He simply did everything he needed to do to get where he hoped Jennifer was taking him and that began when she again gently pushed him towards the bed. She was methodical in her steps as she lifted the organdy layer of his dress, then the layer of satin beneath it folding each back to be held in Bobby’s hand. She did the same with all four layers of petticoats and Bobby could no longer see her.

Bobby could feel though and knew she was working on his ruffled panties and diaper. She appeared once again just as she straddled him and in an instant they were settled together. Bobby could do little but enjoy the sensations cascading around him as Jennifer gently rose up and down in a slow methodical way.

Bobby, holding back the layers of little girl dress and slips pushed when he found her rhythm and found himself sometimes nursing the pacifier and sometimes biting down on it depending on how his nerves reacted to Jennifer’s moves. Jennifer’s body had a way of sucking him to her when she rose drawing Bobby up with her.

Bobby sensed first the buildup then felt it as the pressure grew. He fought to hold himself back while facing the inevitable as his body stiffened and arched against the pleasure. Jennifer too arched slightly above him and both climaxed together.

They remained that way for a long time before Jennifer eased off to stand and pull her panties back on. She did the same to Bobby’s diaper and ruffled panties before helping him to stand. She was slow but organized as she began removing his clothes starting with the dress. It went on a hanger first then the slip before she tugged his ruffled panties and diaper free.

Bobby allowed the process to go on until all of the things he wore had been put away and he was dressed back into his jeans, shirt, socks and shoes. He had pulled his backpack on as Jennifer moved about the room fixing her bed and moving the throw rug back into it’s original position.

“So what are you doing later on tonight. I think mom’s going out again,” Jennifer said as she added, “I’ve got a half dozen dresses still to be tried on and some really cute night things to tease you with.”

Bobby, about to give her a few words of his own heard one of the steps creaking making him turn first. It was Jennifer’s mom, June as Bobby added, “hello Ms. Anderson.”

“Mom,” Jennifer called out slightly shocked that her mother was home so early and thankful she’d gotten everything put away as she added, “what are you doing home so early?”

“Hello Bobby. Finished early thank the stars. Now what were you saying to Bobby about tonight,” Ms. Anderson asked while looking at Bobby.

“I was joking with him about a sleep over. We just finished with our book report,” Jennifer said casually coming to the edge of her bed room to stand where Bobby was.

“Well, I was going to go out again. This time with the girls. I think I mentioned that actually. Anyway, I’m not sure I’d have a problem with Bobby staying over. Any other boy, yes, but not Bobby,” Ms. Anderson noted as she walked towards her room and added, “make sure it’s going to be OK with his mother and that he brings his night things with him.”

“I will mom,” Jennifer said looking past Bobby till her mother’s bedroom door closed with a confirming click.

“Did your mom just say I could stay over with you and the girls,” Bobby asked and then added, “wait a second? By night things did she mean diapers?”

“I’m betting that’s exactly what she meant and the very reason it would be OK to stay over. What boy is going to diddle with a girl while he’s wearing diapers,” Jennifer said.

“That caught me by surprise,” Bobby said.

“She caught me by surprise as well. Bobby, honey, remember, it was my mom that alerted me to you and Jeff wearing diapers,” Jennifer said and added, “Bobby, right now, because you wear diapers, or at least mom thinks you wear diapers, at least to her, you’re probably the safest boy in the neighborhood.”

“Not sure if my mom would go for it,” Bobby said and added, “not sure if I like being the safest boy in the neighborhood.”

“What if I call your mom and tell her I’m going to be turning her son into a pretty little sissy baby. She might go for it then,” Jennifer said snickering.

“Not likely,” Bobby said.

“Damn, too bad,” Jennifer noted.

“Besides,” Bobby said and added, “she’s still diapering me for bed.”

“Well, you can at least wear a pair of my panties home,” Jennifer said before adding, “so your thinking about me when you diddle.”

“You’re panties are too big,” Bobby said before adding, “unless I wear them over my plastic panties and diapers.”

“Not the panties I wear now silly, my little girl panties from when I was a little girl! The panties I wore under that pretty white dress,” Jennifer said as she moved to the closet and several boxes. She tugged something white from the box but as it came out pink ribbon showed.

“What are those,” Bobby asked.

“Bloomers. Mom made me two layer panties with regular panties under the bloomer panties so if I wet a little it didn’t always show. I think you’ll like the two layers of nylon work together. Here, go in the bathroom and change into these and put your underwear in your backpack,” Jennifer said.

Bobby went into Jennifer’s bathroom, closed the door and began removing his jeans again.

“I’ll be downstairs,” Jennifer yelled from the other side of the door.

“OK,” Bobby said as he stepped into the first leg of the double panties.

Downstairs Bobby was thankful he’d decided to leave his shirt out and again he said, “hello Ms. Anderson”.

“Hello Bobby,” Ms. Anderson responded before adding, “Bobby, it really is OK if you want to sleep over with the girls. Tell you what, if you want I can go and get your night things and hide them in my bathroom that way when the time comes to get ready for bed you can change in there.”

“Thanks Ms. Anderson,” Bobby said trying to keep his emotions in check.

Jennifer, at the sink, turned with her mouth covered to hide the smile before she dropped it and said, “that’s OK mom, he’s coming over after the girls leave tomorrow. He’s got some things still left to do with me before his assignment is over.”

Bobby nodded.

“I’m so pleased with you and Bobby and how much effort you’re putting into those assignments,” Ms. Anderson noted.

“Thanks mom,” Jennifer said before adding, “with bobby helping me it’s gotten a lot more fun.”

“She’s right,” Bobby said catching on to what Jennifer was saying.

“Will I think it’s wonderful,” Ms. Anderson said.

“Thank you Ms. Anderson me to,” Bobby added.

Both fought their snickers as Bobby moved to the back door.

“I will SEE you tomorrow Bobby,” Jennifer said.

“For as long as you like,” Bobby answered under his breath. Double nylon panties… he mused as he stepped down.

Bobby pushed the message button on his phone and got Jeff’s voice telling him to call. Bobby knew what Jeff wanted as he picked up the phone.

“Hey Jeff,” Bobby said.

“Hey. So what happened after I left,” Jeff asked.

“I took the dress off, she put everything away and we did our reports,” Bobby said leaving out everything but the report.

“That was scary,” Jeff said and added, “you think she’d going to keep our diapers secret?”

“As long as you don’t tease her,” Bobby said.

“That’s a given. Hey, you ever think about… you know… maybe just wearing panties… I mean I’m not saying jump at the chance or anything but if you had to would you,” Jeff asked and added, “of course Jennifer’s are too big.”

“Tell you the truth I’m not sure. It would take a lot for me to put on a pair of girl’s panties,” Bobby said looking at the mirror with his pants now down around his ankles.

“That’s for sure,” Jeff said and than added, “so what are you doing tomorrow?”

“I’ve got to go over to Jennifer’s again to finish our reports,” Bobby said as he slipped out of her panties.

“I guess I’d better get going on mine as well,” Jeff said and then added, “hey, it’s getting late and mom hasn’t diapered me yet. Got to go.”

“I’ll see you,” Bobby said holding the panties to hide while hanging up the phone. Bobby folded the panties and laid them under his mattress before he walked naked to the door and yell: “Mom, I’m ready.”

“Lay your diaper out and I’ll be right up,” Helen yelled back.

“OK,” Bobby said smiling as he tugged another Pampers from the package and started to smooth it open. “Diapers and Little girls,” Bobby whispered as he stroked the diaper softly before laying over it.

Petticoating Is Not Enough

Petticoating Is Not Enough

Sue looked down at her girls, well, her sons. When she had first heard of petticoating, she thought it sounded amazing. She could finally deal with her sons’ aggressive tendencies for which they had been expelled from school and for a brief time, she could savour the sweet sensation of having sweet daughters rather than rough and tumble sons.

However, petticoating seems to have backfired. The boys are getting used to dressing as girls and playing with girl’s toys but they still act aggressively towards each other when something doesn’t go their way.

The weather was pretty sunny so suggested that the boys go play with their dollies in the garden. “Yes mummy” they responded ever so sweetly. However, once they started playing they realised that they both wanted to play with the princess doll. So much so that they started fighting over her, they’re going to pull her head off if they don’t stop fighting!

Related image

And so as Sue watched her sons turned little girls fight over a doll, she realised that petticoating won’t be enough to stop their violent outbursts. Perhaps she should call the doctor and ask if he knows of any way to block all that pent-up violent testosterone in their bodies….

Swapped Into Power

Swapped Into Power

“OMG can you believe this? The swapping ritual actually worked. We no longer need to be nobodies!”

“Yes well, sorry for your fate. Could have gone better for you I’m sure.”

“Are you kidding me? I’m a Royal now?”

“Yes, but you’re a woman too…and not even a royal who receives royal funding like Markle or Middleton do. Not like me. I was fortunate enough to be given the body of a Senior Cabinet Minister with 20 years of military experience behind me. Also, what is wrong with your hat?”

“I know right? It’s so stupid! I look like the Flying Spaghetti Monster!” *hehehe*

“Okay, well just calm down your grace. You wouldn’t want to draw attention to yourself and get us in trouble now would you?”

“No, I’ll make as much of a scene as I like. This is amazing. In fact, I don’t think you’re suited to cabinet work. No, I’d much rather have you around my home. Perhaps if I cause enough ruckus and then blame it on you and get you fired and rehired as my toilet cleaner!”

“Well, thank goodness you don’t have the authority to do anything like that!”

“Authority? My Granny is Queen of England! Nobody is telling me what this Princess can and can’t do. Ooh this is going to be so much fun!”

Transgender Cheerleader Phoebe Cesinaro 3 Year Anniversary!

Transgender Cheerleader Phoebe Cesinaro 3 Year Anniversary!

Hiya everyone,

Just wanted to note that today is the 3 year anniversary of when trans girl Phoebe Cesinaro made headline news for getting back at her bullies by joining her school’s cheer squad. While I may often post Cheerleading TG stories on this blog with satirical / sexual fantasy purposes, I think it is important we champion those in the real world who are brave enough not only to come out as trans and take up cheer but who also are brave enough to face media scrutiny for it, basically outing themselves to the world.

Phoebe is a personal hero of mine who really helped to inspire me before publicly coming out in 2016 myself and I hope wherever she is now, that she is having a wonderful life!

Oh, and her hair and bow in the video above are totally fabulous!

Princess Aurora of the Fairbreeze Plateua xx

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The Princess Returns and With New Dollies!

The Princess Returns and With New Dollies!

Hi Everyone,

How were your Christmas and New Year celebrations? I admit my Christmas break at home took a little longer than I first anticipated but the good news is I can officially say I am back to writing this blog and will soon start uploading TG stories just as I did before.

But before I do, I have some good news in the form of lots of new dollies! So, let’s have a look at them.

New Barbies

Princess Anneliese from Barbie Princess and the Pauper

I love the frills around her neck and the rose on her chest.
Her hair is a little messy I’m afraid. I got all the Barbies second hand on Ebay so not much can be done about it other than trying to brush their hair myself.

Sadly, WordPress have changed their settings so I can’t post several photos in one block like I used to do anymore. Instead, they have to be posted on top of each other one by one.

Barbie in Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale

Barbie as Princess Courtney from Barbie: Rock’n Royals

If you turn her waist, she sings into her microphone.
OMG that Pink Hair is so Fetch!

Barbie as Super Sparkle from Barbie: Princess Power

Her wings fold up to form a pink dress. When you press a button on the back she twirls from this into her winged superhero form.

Disney Princess Dolls

Princess Aurora and Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty

Finally, Prince and Princess can be together. And all in time for Valentine’s Day
I love that her bodice matches my nails!

Esmerelda and Phoebus from Hunchback of Notre dame

I actually bought these two back in November but forgot to post them so here they are.

Mermaid Ariel

The doll came nude so I gave her the pink mermaid tale and yellow top I showed on one of my Barbies before 🙂

However, these are only dolls I bought myself. Before I found out my parents got me my own special dollies for Christmas!

Fairy Godmother and Wonder Woman

Fairy Godmother from 2015’s Cinderella movie played by Helena Bonham Carter (Mummy’s present) and Wonder Woman from Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice played by Gal Gadot (from Mummy’s boyfriend)

And that was my Christmas haul…or so I thought.

I went on to watch the new Aquaman movie like I suggested I would before Christmas and I absolutely adored it. So, when I returned to university and found these two Princess Mera dolls while grocery shopping in town, I just had to buy them!

One is Mera, Aquaman’s Wife, in her superhero costume with a water blast effect and the other is her dressed in her Atlantean Princess gown. I absolutely adore these two dolls.

For those of you who have seen the film, you will know her dress is supposed to mimic the tendrils and bobbly bits of a jelly fish and I think this doll fits that aesthetic perfectly.
Mera standing next to Cheerleader Theresa
It seems Mera and Theresa will be best of friends!
Mera standing next to Princess Anneliese from Princess and the Pauper
Mera using her water-being superpowers.

So, that’s all my new dollies collected between Christmas and February. I hope you have had a lovely Christmas period and I look forward to hearing in the comment sections which dolls are you favourite!

Princess Aurora of the Fairbreeze Plateau Xx

My Godmother and a Fairy Princess

My Godmother and a Fairy Princess

I’m still away so in the mean time, please enjoy this scheduled shoutout to My Godmother and a Fairy Princess by Janet L. Stickney.

See you soon lovelies!

Princess Aurora of the Fairbreeze Plateau Xx

“Mom, what are you going to be this year, for the party I mean?”

“I was thinking that I would go as the fairy godmother, why?”

“I can’t think of anything.”

“I knew it would come to this! You always wait so long to decide!”

“Yeah, but…”

“And, since I figured you would do this, I decided to be prepared this year! I already have your costume!”

“You do? That’s great mom! What is it going to be this year? A spaceman? A robot? What?”

“No dear. I’m going as the fairy godmother, your father is going as the footman, so that leaves the princess!”

“Oh no! I’m not going dressed as a girl!”

“Yes dear, you are. Think of this as a reminder to plan ahead next time. Now, why don’t we go upstairs so you can try on the costume?”


“Come with me.”

It took almost two hours to get me all fixed up, but as bad as it was to be wearing a dress, it was worse to look the way I did. It should have been a crime. Instead of looking like a boy in a dress, I looked…beautiful! Mom had pulled my hair back, then added a wig of sorts that was all ringlets and left my ears wide open. It also made my neck look longer! I was at a total loss for words!

“God! You’re lovely!” mom said, then…”I’ll help you out of the dress, but rather than change, I want your father to see what you look like as a girl, so I have this that you can wear.”

“This” turned out to be a sheath dress! Mom helped me get the gown off, then into the other dress. I thought she was going to faint for a minute after I had it on. The shoes she gave me were black heels to match the black dress, and once I had everything on, she left the room! Nothing other than the dress and shoes had changed, but damn! The girl I saw in the mirror didn’t look like me at all, and that really scared me! What I didn’t even think about was why she had that other dress, the sheath, or the shoes! Mom didn’t want me to change, so I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, which is when dad saw me.


“I agree! That’s what I said! It seems our son is actually quite beautiful!”

“I had no idea that he would look so…”

“Feminine?” mom asked.

“Okay already! I got it!” I said heatedly, “I’m beautiful! But this is only for the party, then it’s over with!”

“Of course” dad said, “we didn’t plan on anything else, but damn!”

“On the day of the party, she and I will spend a lot more time getting her ready, but it’ll be worth it, especially when everyone sees her!”

“Just what are you planning on calling her?”

“Cindy of course!”

She? Her? Cindy? It sounded like mom had gone off the deep end, but after seeing her face, I let it go. After dinner I went to my room to clean up, taking a shower before I got my robe. But when I walked back in the room, right there on the bed was a nightgown! I picked it up and saw that I could almost read through it, but to humor, and maybe even provoke mom, I slipped it on. Actually, it was very light, and didn’t seem that bad at all. I sat there playing on the computer for a while, then I went to bed. I had the most awful dream that night; that I liked…well, it was bad. In the morning mom did not hesitate to let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I was going to have to practice being a girl, and worse, I had a whole week. Mom ignored my protests, telling me that in order to wear the gown, which was all pale blue chiffon and satin, I would have to have a certain “stature”, by which she meant that she wanted me to not only look like a princess, but to walk, talk, and act like one!

“I know that I dumped this on you at the last minute honey, but you do see why you have to do this don’t you?”

“Yeah. To make you happy, but…”

“Yes, it will make me happy. I wasn’t even thinking of asking, but when I saw that you were so pretty, I thought that for this one week, I would be able to see what it was like to have a daughter, but if you won’t…”

“No guilt trips mom. Why didn’t you just ask me?”

“You would have said no; but this way, I get my daughter for one week, and you will get the practice we both know that you need!”

“What if I say no?”

“I’ll be unhappy, but only because you won’t take the time to do this right; not because you don’t want to be my daughter for one week. It’s up to you, but I can guarantee you that this will be a fun week, if you let yourself try it that is.”

“Okay, I’ll try it, but…”

“Then lets do this right shall we?”


“Meaning we get rid of all that body hair you have to start with.”

“Both hairs?”

“Both hairs. Shall we begin?”

She knew that I would give in, I always did, so she was relentless as she used both chemicals and a razor to remove every hair below my eyebrows, rubbing in a lotion to make my skin softer. As if by magic, she pulled out clean panties, which I quickly put on, then she sat me at her vanity to do my makeup. Telling me to watch what she used, she began with the foundation, then powder. Some eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara, then the blusher, all before she started in on my hair. I thought my hair was too short to do anything with, but mom managed to create a hairdo that was not only feminine, but looked good! Taking me back to my room, she pulled out what looked like a corset!

“Oh no! Not that! Mom!”

“You’ll need it to fit into the dress after I alter it, so hush up and stand still while I do this for you. Girls have worn these for centuries, and it won’t kill you to look your best, which I know is what you want, so stand still.”

When she was done, it looked like I had small breasts, which became bigger after she reached in and pulled the compressed skin up, padding the underside at the same time. Then, based on the cleavage mom created, it looked like I was a very healthy girl! At the same time, my hips looked wider, but only because my waist was so much smaller. At her urging, I sat on the bed and pulled the pantyhose on, then she gave me a dress to put on. A different dress by the way. I slipped it over my head and she zipped it up, which is when I saw how low cut it was, and how my newly created cleavage made me look. The heels were pushed my way, and I stepped into them. Turning, I saw myself in the mirror, and almost fainted.

“Lets go in the kitchen honey, I’ll do your nails and we can have something to drink.”

By then I was being drawn into the grasp of the girl I saw in the mirror, and quietly followed her to the kitchen. After we got a soda, she started in on my nails, filing, sanding, buffing, then she used some kind of paper form to hold up the white gunk she spread on my nails.

“This is acrylic, and is extremely hard. I’ll make your nails a bit longer then paint them a nice red.”

“Will this stuff come off?”

“With acetate, yes, if you work at it. Now hold still.”

Mom worked on my nails, making them just a bit longer with rounded tips, then painted them a soft reddish pink color she called “Carnation”. When she was done I had to sit there for a while so the polish would dry, then she had me stand up, and began my instructions on how to stand like a girl, where to put my hands and so on. Bending my arms at the elbow felt unnatural for a long time, but she would not let me slack off even a little, so I sort of got used to it. I knew that she wasn’t going to make me do this for very long, which made it easier for me to accept what she wanted me to do, but by the third day of practicing, I began to be able to get dressed on my own, and accepted her direction better. On the fourth day, mom laced me into the corset, and had me try on the gown once again. In every picture of the princess, the gown I had on was exactly like it, layers of blue chiffon over blue satin, with the bodice blue satin that gave way to a thin pale blue ribbon that followed the bustline. Off the shoulder with a low back, the dress was the epitome of femininity.

“You’ll need to get shoes to match Cindy. I didn’t buy them because the special shoes have so many sizes that are incorrect that it wasn’t worth the risk. Let me help you out of the dress, you can wear that skirt and blouse, then we’ll run down to the shoe store and pick out a nice shoe and bag to match.”

“Outside? You want me to go outside?”

“I was hoping that we wouldn’t have to go honey, but yes. You need the shoes, and given the way you look, I don’t think we’ll have any trouble at all; you get changed. I’ll wait downstairs.”

I was really worked up by the time we left the house, but just as mom said, we went directly to the shoe store, found some silver sequined heels that had two straps and a bag to match. I thought it was just a lark, but mom also tossed in a pair of plain white flats, paid the bill, and we went straight home. It was scary being outside, but in a way, exhilarating. Nobody seemed to know that I was a guy, even the clerk at the shoe store. On the way home, mom casually said that on Saturday morning, she and I had hair appointments, saying that they could do a much better job of making the hairpiece look more like my own hair. I wanted to say “hell no”, but didn’t, still high from being able to go out without detection. That’s how, on Saturday morning, I found myself sitting next to mom in the beauty shop. As the lady worked on me I just sat there, confident that when this was all over, I could go back to being myself, which mom always said I could. But by then I was starting to like the way I looked, having gotten over the shock of it, and while I would never admit it, if she asked me, I probably would have gone a few more days as a girl.

Once she washed my hair and set the rollers, I was sent to someone else who sat me down, and started doing my makeup again! After washing off what I was wearing, she put me back in the chair a little, and started in on my eyebrows, not making an arch, but thinning them out a little, then she began the makeup.

“This is the very best on the market, and will last about 18 hours. You should be just fine for the party to night, and maybe even some of tomorrow.”

With that, she put the foundation on, then powder and so on. Curling my eyelashes felt odd, but when she was done, I doubted that anyone would have said that I was a guy! I felt as if I radiated femininity! Once the rollers were taken out, the hairpiece was attached very firmly, then brushed into my own hair. Without asking, she pierced my other ear, then said I was done. One look was all it took and I knew that it was going to be a fun party. Mom and I went home, and I slipped into the tub to make my skin smooth again. Wrapped in my robe, mom and I had some lunch, then it was time to start getting ready. When I went in my room, mom was right behind me, ready to lace me into the corset again, but first….

“I bought these for you. I know it’s a bit extravagant, but every girl wants to feel pretty, I thought they might do the same for you.”

She handed me the box, and when I opened it, I saw the pale blue satin panties. Thanking her, I slipped them on just before she helped me get the corset on. When I was all dressed, she helped me get the dress on, then left me to finish while she got changed. When I was alone, I reached in under the corset and pulled my flesh up, moving the pads, which gave me a little better cleavage, then I used the perfume mom gave me before I put the new shoes on. The pearls were on the dresser, so I went to put them on, but that’s when dad came into the room.

“I have to say, you look just fantastic! I never would have guessed! In any case, I bought these for you to wear tonight. Let me help.”

Dad fastened the necklace, then handed me the earrings.

“They’re real stones, so don’t lose them, okay?”

“I won’t, thanks dad!”

The necklace was a heart shaped blue stone surrounded by rhinestones with a modest gold chain that let the stone set just at the notch of my throat. The earrings matched the necklace, and set off the dress perfectly! I was admiring myself when it came to me. Why did dad buy me real stones? Maybe they were going to be mom’s when this was over I thought. I put on the lipstick, then gathered my skirts and carefully made my way down the stairs. I felt like a princess, and as much as I wanted to deny it, I was proud of the way I looked. Dad was resplendent in his gold brocaded white jacket and knee pants, while mom was simply gorgeous in her pale pink gown. Dad helped us into the car, then at the hall, we walked in together, mom on one side, me on the other. Everyone was in costume of course, from spacemen to cowboys to dance hall girls and more. An usher led us to our table, then about half an hour after dinner, the music started. Mom and dad were dancing, leaving me alone at the table, which I didn’t mind. I was happy enough just watching. Then a guy wearing a navy blue jacket that had a Nehru type collar and covered with gold braid, walked up and…

“Good evening. My name is Brixton, but everyone calls me Brix. I do believe this is our dance. Would you do me the honor of joining me?”

“I…I…I’m not a very good dancer Brix, maybe I should…”

“Nonsense! Please, may I?”

He took my hand, and the next thing I knew, we were dancing! I was very nervous about dancing with him, but he was very good, and within a few minutes, I got the hang of it. The music changed to a waltz, which many people opted out of, but Brix merely held me tighter!

“You forgot to tell me your name” he said with a smile.

“Cindy” I said, giving him the name mom had picked.

When the music stopped, he escorted me to our table. My parents were sitting there, so I introduced them to Brix. “Your daughter is a beautiful girl! I’m surprised that she does not have a date tonight.”

“We thought it would be better” mom said, “if she met new people.”

“Of course; I’m honored madam.” Turning to me…”And thank you for brightening my day Cindy.”

After he walked off…”Well! He seems like a real catch! And handsome on top of that!”


“You do have to admit that he does seem to be taken with you Cindy, and it’s easy to see why!”

“Cut it out you two! You know that I’m not like that!”

I saw him dancing with several girls, then a bit later, he showed up at our table with his parents! He made the introductions, then asked me to dance again. Seeing mom’s smile, I took his offered hand, and let him lead me to the floor. I saw our parents talking, but it was hard to ignore Brix and that smile of his. I knew that mom was right about him, and if I were a girl, I would have done almost anything to catch him, but I wasn’t, so…

“Would you let me have to honor of escorting you for the grand promenade? It would be the highlight of my day Cindy.”

“I guess, that would be fine Brix, I’ll look forward to it.”

What else was I going to say? No? He thought that I was a girl named Cindy, and I had let him believe that by dancing with him. When the time came, people started to parade through the hall, showing off their costumes, laughing and smiling as each person passed. My parents and I were not called and I began to wonder if they forgot us; then I heard…

“Brixton Michael, Prince, heir to the throne, and Cynthia Michelle.”

He walked to our table, took my arm, then I placed my hand on top of his, both of us holding our arm out a bit, and walked all the ay around the room. We were followed by my parents, then his. We were the very last to walk around the room. When that was over, the announcer asked if Brix and I would lead off the dance, so when he bowed, I did the only thing I could think of, and curtsied, then let him lead me to the dance floor. Looking out at the crowd watching us, I saw some of the girls he had danced with, and every one of them was giving me the evil eye, or at least that’s what I thought. Brix later escorted me to our car, and with a bow, thanked me for a lovely evening! I was stunned to say the least, but managed to thank him. When we got home, I realized that I had lost one of the earrings! Frantic, I checked the dress but couldn’t find it! Mom helped me out of my dress, and with a smile…

“Brix seemed to be very taken with you tonight.”

“That’s because I was the most beautiful boy there mom!”

“Not a boy, a young lady…tonight anyway. You were magnificent tonight Cindy, especially when you curtsied prior to the last dance.”

“Mom. I lost an earring! Dad said that they were real! He’ll kill me!”

“We can check the lost and found honey, maybe someone turned it in.”

The next day when I got up, since I still had the hairpiece attached, I wore a skirt and blouse to breakfast, and nobody said a word. Mom later removed the hairpiece, did my own hair for me, and just after lunch, I tried to be myself again, and almost made it, except for the nails, which I didn’t try to get off. The day after that I got a call, but they asked for Cindy!

“Cindy? Listen, my name is Janice? We met the other night? Well, I saw that gorgeous earring and necklace set you had on the other night, and I was wondering, could I borrow it?”

“I can’t Janice, it’s a very expensive set, and well, I…” Mom grabbed my arm and shook her head no to stop me from saying I lost a piece. “I…well, my dad would just kill me if I loaned it out, sorry.”

“Bitch!” she said, then hung up!

An hour later I got another call almost identical to the first one, and another even later that day, which made me wonder why all those girls wanted my earrings and necklace! By the time dad got home I still had not figured it out, but admitted that I had lost an earring. He took it well, but was clearly disappointed. Mom finally told me that maybe the best course was to let the acrylics break down before I tried to get them off, so I kept dressing as a girl, and by Thursday, I had gotten at least four more calls about my jewelry, and began to smell a rat. The earring had not been turned in according to mom, but she had some other news.

“It seems that Brix found the earring lodged in his jacket, and has been searching for the girl who lost it. Since he’s obviously such a good catch, I’ll bet those other girls found out that if they can produce the matching parts of the set, then maybe they can also have more time to work on him. The girl I talked to told me that she gave him the entire list of people that were there, but so far, he hasn’t found you. She gave me his number, if you want to call him; I’m sure that he would be happy to see you again.”

I sat there a moment, then I said…”You went as the fairy godmother, right? And dad went as a footman? Given the name you selected for me, obviously, I was supposed to be Cinderella. Now we have a Prince searching the land for the girl that lost an earring? Doesn’t that sound a bit too much like a fairy tale? You didn’t set this all up did you? What I mean is, Cindy doesn’t actually exist, so how can he find her…me?”

“He can’t, unless we tell him where to look, can he?”

“But that would mean…”

“That you would have to keep on being Cindy, but I know that you don’t mind quite as much as you try to make us think, so why not? I can call the number the girl gave me, he’ll come over and return the earring, then you can go back to being yourself!”

“Just a few hours?”

“That’s what I think, yes. Will you do it? That’s an expensive piece, and we would like to have it back, wouldn’t you? It would make your father happy to get it back anyway.”

I agreed, mom made the call, and the date was set for Saturday afternoon, which meant that I spent the morning making my skin smooth and getting ready. Mom gave me a waist cincher and a bra to wear rather than the corset, and I wore the skirt and a blouse because mom said it showed off my legs. The skirt was above my knees, a plaid print, while the blouse was white. I wore the white flats, and mom did my hair again while I did my own makeup. Promptly at four in the afternoon, a limo pulled up out front, and Brix stepped out, then his mother! He escorted her to the door, and when the bell rang, I opened it.

“Hi!” he said brightly, “You remember my mother?”

“Of course! Come in please.”

He made sure that all of us women were seated before he sat down, but it wasn’t Brix that was watching me, it was his mother. After some small talk, I showed him the necklace, which perfectly matched the earring in his hand. Smiling, he gave it to me.

“Her father was quite angry that she lost that piece, and I’m so glad you took the time to return it” mom said.

“You were quite hard to find young lady” his mom said, “it was as if you fell off the face of the earth! Michael just could not stop talking about you, and insisted that we find you. I think he likes you better than that other girl, the one that was assigned to be his date.” What was her name?” she asked Brix.


“Can I offer you something” I asked them.

“That would be nice my dear. Something cold?”

“I’ll help” Brix said as I got up.

Once we were in the kitchen…”Cindy?” I turned, and he swept me into his arms, kissing me, right on the lips! “I…I…I’m sorry Cindy, I just couldn’t help myself!”

“Th…that’s okay, but…”

“Okay you two! That’s plenty of time to get the drinks!” Damn mom could cut through things, but I’m glad she did, because I wasn’t so sure that he wasn’t going to do that again!

He and I delivered the drinks, sitting across the room from one another, which meant that he was watching me very closely, so I just couldn’t screw up and do something a guy would do, like spreading my legs when I sat there, especially with his mother watching!

“We’re hosting a small party next week” his mom said, “and we would love it if you would be our guests, Saturday at eight?”

“I’ll ask my husband, but yes. I think we would all like to be there! That’s very kind of you to ask.”

They left about an hour later, leaving me with a very confused set of emotions, which mom cut through as if she had been standing there. When she asked me what I felt when he kissed me, I didn’t know how to answer her, and wouldn’t have anyway, but the mere fact that we had been invited to their home meant that I would have to remain being a girl he only knew as Cindy, but given what had happened in the kitchen I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go!

“We’ll have to get you a new party dress, and shoes of course, and maybe we can get our hair done again? How about it? Can we do that…Cindy?”

“After you went to all this trouble to set me up, how could I possibly say no?”

“I…we, did NOT set you up! We do not know those people, and we had nothing to do with the rest!”

“The nails?”

“Well, okay, I knew they would come off hard, but I told you that going into this, so you have no complaints there. The only question right now is, will you go?”

Then I blew it. “He is kind of cute, isn’t he?” With a sigh…”Yeah, I’ll go, but this is the very last time mom.”

“We’ll see, but why don’t we go find you a nice party dress? We have almost three hours before your father gets home, that’s plenty of time.”

“Why hasn’t dad said anything about me dressing as a girl every day? I thought he would be more…against it?”

“You can’t tell him I told you, okay?” I nodded my head yes. “You look almost exactly like his youngest sister. I know you heard about the accident, but your father was the one that was driving that night, not your grandfather, and when she died, he never forgave himself. Seeing you has allowed him to pretend that she’s still here, but he would never admit that, so don’t ever mention it.”

I said I wouldn’t, then mom and I left for the mall. The dress I bought was white with a floral print, a round neck, and was sleeveless. It was about knee length. We also bought white heels and a very full slip that I found out later was called a petticoat, plus, mom added a package of panties and two more plain white bras. I didn’t bother to ask why, because if I had to wait for the nail acrylics to break down, then I would need to have clean clothes to wear. It was obvious. But just as we were about to leave I saw them.

“Are those what I think they are?”

“Yes!” mom said excitedly, “and those will solve a lot of problems! Lets see if they have your size!”

By the time we were ready to leave for the party, I had become used to the new additions, and not having to wear that corset was a relief! The padded panty and the breast forms gave me the right shape, and the dress fit me perfectly. I wore plain button earrings in a soft pastel green without a necklace, but mom gave me one of her rings to wear. Dad kept looking at me, but he was always pleasant, so I said nothing. When we pulled up in front of the mansion, a valet took the car after helping mom and I out, and we walked to the front door together. I thought I saw the flash, like a camera would make, but forgot about that the minute Brix opened the door. He smiled widely, shook dad’s hand, kissed mom’s, but held on to mine.

“If you don’t mind sir, but would you allow me to escort Cindy into the salon?”

“Of course” dad said, making Brix smile again.

Taking me by the hand, we walked through the house and into a huge room that was already filled with guests, but he made the circuit, introducing me to people. Not paying attention, I bumped into a man, and immediately started to apologize, but lost my tongue when I saw who it was.

“Mr. President, allow me to introduce Miss Cynthia Stickney.”

“Miss Stickney, I’m charmed! Brix, tell me, how do you always end up with the prettiest girls?”

“Luck I guess sir.”

“Will Cynthia be your guest at the dinner?”

“I have not asked her yet sir.”

Turning to me, the President of the United States smiled, and in that Texas drawl…”I cannot have you let the poor boy down my dear, so please, be my guest for the dinner.”

“Certainly sir” I said, “If you like, I’ll be there of course.”

I didn’t even think about the invitation, because when a man like that invites you someplace, you say yes! As we walked away, Brix told me that he would like to take me to the dinner, which is when I finally asked him…

“What dinner? Where? I thought it was here!”

“Oh no! It’s at the Whitehouse! It’s one of those stuffy state dinners, but of course, I am obligated to attend, and I would like nothing better than to have you on my arm that night. It will make all of the others jealous with your great beauty and my good fortune!”

“But…but…when is this dinner?”

“Next month, on the third. We shall fly there in our personal jet of course, but my mother will insist on a room close to ours, so she can watch over you. She likes you very much you know.”

By the time we caught up with my parents, I was a wreck! I grabbed mom’s arm and pulled her deep into a corner, and told her what had happened.

“Mom, this was supposed to be a one day thing, then it became a week, now two, but this is almost a month away! I just can’t disappear like I did last time! I’m sure that someone will contact us, or they’ll do a check on me, then what? They’ll find out that I don’t exist! Mom I…”

“Calm down!” mom said quickly, “We were also invited, but about that other thing…I told you before that I think that you don’t mind dressing as a girl, and since you have been simply wonderful at pulling it off, why not just continue?”

“Is this why you put those nails on me mom? I mean, you had to know they come off hard, so…”

“Maybe, maybe I did, but the fact is that you have allowed this to happen, all by yourself! You could easily have told Brix what was going on when he returned that earring, not dressed as a girl or even told him right out, but you didn’t do that, did you?” Mom paused, then…”Cindy, if you want to go as the guest of Brix, that’s up to you, just as it has to be if you say no! You’re father is starting to get a little concerned about you dressing up, but if you have a good reason…”

“Oh! There you are!” It was Brix’s mother. “Can I speak with you my dear? In private?”

“I’ll just go find my husband” mom said, squeezing my hand as she walked away.

“Let’s go in the library. It quiet, and we can have a chat.” I followed her into the library, watching as she shut the door, then sat down. “You are quite lovely Cynthia, and it’s obvious that Brix thinks so to. You’re all he talks about any more; but we have a problem, don’t we?”


“The fact that you’re not actually a girl. That’s going to be a problem isn’t it? Especially since my son has his eye on you. So, the question is…”

“But…how did you…what I mean is…”

“How did I know? That was a costume party we were at wasn’t it? While you looked absolutely wonderful that night, and I doubt that anyone knew, or ever would, it was only when we got the list from the organizers to return your earring, that I discovered there was nobody on the list named Cynthia. Your parents were there of course, but under their names was yours. “It’s really Henry, isn’t it?”

Softly, almost a whisper…”Ye…yes Ma’am, but I never planned on…”

“I’m sure that this is not what you planned on my dear, maybe it was just a confluence of events that led you into this, however, the plain fact is that we are now faced with a dilemma, aren’t we?” I felt tears welling in my eyes and wiped them away with my finger, unable to talk. “Tell me the truth Cynthia and maybe I can help you. Do you like being a girl as much as it look like? Or are you going to just up and disappear one day?”

It was like having my soul stripped bare. It was true that I had come to like dressing as a girl, the attention I got and even the way Brix looked at me! I had told mom I thought he was cute; what did that make me? Was I becoming so much a girl that I was starting to think like one? His mother sat there watching me as all of my conflicting emotions churned around in my head. I wanted to tell her that Cindy was here to stay, but if I did that, what about my mom and dad? What would they say? And what about Brix? Sooner or later he was going to find out, there was no doubt about it, and what then? What would he do? Slumping in the chair, my knees still locked together, my hands folded on my lap, I looked up, unable to say what I really wanted to say. Just then, the door opened, and in walked my parents! Dad was holding mom’s hand as they stood by the door.

“Tell me” Brix’s mom said softly, “tell me the truth.”

“Oh God!” I said with a little sob, “I never…what I mean is, I like…I want to…but…”

“Let’s just say that Cynthia Michelle will always be with us then shall we? Now, I think your parents have something to say.”

“Cindy” dad said with a quaver in his voice, “you know that this is not what we had planned for you, it was only a party after all, but we have both been watching you very carefully lately, and even though it’s as plain as day that you like being a girl, we’re telling you that you can quit any time, and we’ll never mention it again. But if you want to…be the girl we see sitting here, you’ll have to say so. You’ll have to tell me, us, that this is what you want. You’re 17 years old now, and quite able to make up your own mind, so we aren’t in any position to tell you what’s right and what isn’t.”

“If” mom said as she walked over and put her hand on my shoulder, “you decide that this is for you, then we all have to know that. I promise you that we won’t be angry, and we’ll do everything in our power to make it possible for you to be the girl we all see sitting here, but you have to tell us honey.”

“Brix? He won’t…”

“He’ll never know my dear” his mother said, “since I am assuming that your parents have raised you not to do…those things, not until you’re married anyway, I see no reason for my son to find out, do you? If by some chance this romance blossoms, and by the time you get to that point, it won’t matter, will it?”

I couldn’t say the words, but I grabbed both mom’s hand and Brix’s mom’s, and nodded my head yes, stepping off into the great unknown right at that moment. Mom pulled me to my feet, hugged me, then I saw dad, still standing by the door, and went to him. He put his arms around me, hugged me, then…

“Always be the lady that your mother is Cindy, okay?”

“I will…you know I will.”

Pointing at the bathroom, I went in and cleared up my eyes before I started out of the room, but Brix’s mom was there waiting. Taking me by the arm, she and I went back in the big room together. I saw my parents standing with a guy I had not met. She and I meandered around the room, then, just before she introduced me to him,

“I’m going to introduce you to the finest plastic surgeon in the country. I took the liberty of telling him that I had a young lady of my acquaintance that needed his help, and he said that he would help you any way he could. There he is now!

Tall, he had a fringe of hair just over his ears and a very nice smile. My first impression was that he was very successful, and very urbane.

“Robert, this is the young lady that I mentioned to you the other day. Would see her? Maybe you can help her?”

“For you? Anything Madeline, I am at your service!”

“I’m still married you rascal! This is Cynthia Michelle Stickney, the girl I told you about.”

“I’m overwhelmed my dear; your beauty surpasses even Madeline’s!” Handing me a card, he told me to call him.

I almost hugged him, but walked away, looking for my dad. I had no idea why he agreed to let me be a girl, and before I did anything, I had to know. If it was only because I reminded him of someone, I would not go through with it. I would go back to being myself before I did that. He had to have a real understanding of what I was feeling or everything I did wouldn’t be worth spit. I found him sipping on a double whiskey with soda, talking to the President!

“Ummm…daddy? Can I talk to you a minute?”

“Sure honey, Excuse me sir, my daughter calls!”

I took his hand and led him back to the library, turned, and hugged him, then…

“Dad? You’re not mad at me are you? I mean…I won’t do this if it’s only because I remind you of someone, I can’t! I’m myself, not anyone else, and believe me, it’s hard enough as it is! Tell me the truth dad, I told you.”

He hesitated a moment…”No honey, I’m not mad at you. Your mother told you, didn’t she?” I nodded my head yes. “That much is true, you do remind me of her, but that’s not the reason I agreed to this. In fact, I’m against it just about as much as any father would be, but even I cannot ignore what I can see with my own two eyes. If I told you this was going to end, all you would do is start up again when you’re 18, when I couldn’t say anything about it, right?” I didn’t say anything. “So, I would rather have you under your mother’s wing and let her teach you everything you need to know about being a young lady, not out there without any…training. That’s why I agreed, the only reason I agreed to this, okay?”

“Okay dad…or should I say daddy?”

“Dad is fine, lets not rush into things.”

When we walked back into the big room I was holding his arm and smiling. My Cinderella story looked like it was going to have a nice ending after all, then I saw Brix dancing with another girl, one that was a bit older than I was, and one that I had not seen before, and she was very pretty. I felt the unfamiliar pang of jealousy when I saw them, but held it in. Just then a man came in a rang a bell, announcing that dinner was being served. I sat next to mom while Brix was seated at the other end of the table with that other girl. Wine was poured, then…

“Ladies and gentlemen! As you know, the President has found the time to join us this evening, and I would like to thank him for it.” There was a round of applause. “Also, many of you have seen our son dancing with the beautiful young lady sitting next to him. Let me introduce our daughter, Melanie Brixton.” His sister! She was his sister! “But I happen to know that he has his eye on another young lady. Miss Cynthia Stickney!” Everyone applauded, which caused me to turn red, I just know I did. “I’m sure that we’ll all be seeing more of Miss Stickney, and to tell the truth, I’m looking forward to it. Maybe Brix will pay more attention to her than he does to the games on his computer!” That drew some laughter and a grin from Brix. “Let’s eat” he said, and sat down.

After dinner, Brix and his sister found me, and after the introductions, she grabbed my arm and pulled me aside.

“Lordy! Brix said you were cute, but your gorgeous! Now I know why you’re all he talks about!”

“As long as he keeps thinking that way…”

“Mom suggested that we talk, so can I come over tomorrow? We’ll go shopping or something? Maybe we’ll stop and get some lunch?”

“Sure, I guess, what time?”


Brix and I danced a few, then we walked out on the veranda, and in the moonlight, he once again swept me into his arms and kissed me, but I was no longer unsure of myself, and returned his kiss with one of my own. I felt as if that chasm of doubt about myself had been bridged, and with Brix holding me, I felt as if I had finally found the truth about myself. By the time we got home I was so wound up that I couldn’t sleep, and lay there in bed wondering when the dream would fade away, returning me to my mundane life. I wasn’t even out f bed when mom came into my room and sat on the bed.

“Morning honey. Time to get up!”

“Arrrgh…do I have too?”

“Yup! Melanie will be here in a while, and you have to get dressed, so rise and shine!” Once I was standing upright…”I’ll call the doctor and make an appointment for you, but for right now, I think it’s time we took one more step. I’ll glue the breast forms on your chest. That way you’ll feel at least a bit more like a girl. And also, you’ve never worn anything that wasn’t full skirted, so you’ve never had to worry about bulges, but I think it’s time that you did something about that. You can wear a skirt, but I think slacks would be better, so I’ll loan you a pair of mine. You can get some of your own while you’re out today.”

By the time mom left the room, I had breasts attached to my chest, so I went all the way and used some tape to hide my male parts. I did my makeup, got dressed in a top and mom’s slacks, my gym shoes, and added some jewelry. By the time Melanie arrived I was back to being a girl again. Melanie and I hit it right off, and I felt as if she were my own sister. Cruising the mall, I bought another dress, some skirts and tops, plus jeans and some shorts and shoes. Melanie wasn’t any slouch, buying new shoes, some skirts and some very sexy lingerie. She told me that she had someone she wanted to impress. I could guess she had a boyfriend by the way she talked. By the time we got back to my house, she and I had bonded, and I felt as if I had known her all my life.

I went to see the doctor the next day, unsure what he knew, but he didn’t flinch when he gave me a physical and found out. After we talked, he suggested something and I agreed, so he did it for me. When I got home I still had the breast forms glued on, but I also had a prescription for female hormones, and one other very special gift, but I didn’t say anything. That was private.

In time Brix and I reached the point where I felt comfortable enough to let him put his hand in my sweater, and when he cupped my breast I felt a shiver run through me. He wanted more but didn’t get it, and although he did have his hand in my panties once, that was as far as we went. I wasn’t a girl, and wasn’t about to do anything until I was. Melanie and I grew very close, while Brix, his dad and mine all got very chummy. Eventually it happened. I was 19 at the time, but with Brix away at sea, he never knew about my surgery, and nobody ever told him. Melanie was in the hospital with her mom, which meant that she knew, but for how long I didn’t know, and didn’t find out until a few years later that she had always known; she told me that her mom had told her. I guess it didn’t matter, because to this day she and I are still like sisters.

Fairy tales are figments of someone’s imagination, yet they creep into our lives without warning, the moral, or maybe even the scenario are repeated, sometimes with pleasant results. My name is Cindy, a name mom gave me to reflect my role that night, and while mom went as that fairy godmother, the true godmother was Brix’s mom, and my Prince is Brix of course. Those ugly stepsisters never appeared, unless you count Janice and her friends, the ones that tried to get my jewelry, but in the end, my Prince found me, and better, I found myself.

My All Time Favourite Petticoating Story

My All Time Favourite Petticoating Story

Hiya lovelies,

Happy new year!!! To celebrate this incredible occasion I have a very special shoutout today to Suejrz for their incredible story Mom’s Unique Punishment. This story has captivated my interests for years now and whenever I start to feel writer’s block, this is usually the story I turn to. Enjoy!

Mom’s Unique Punishment

by Suejrz

Part 1

“Mom! I called out as I got home from baseball practice, “I’m home!”

“Hello Danny, we have to talk,” she responded, while exiting my room.

When I saw what was in her hands, I became nervous. Some of the guys I pal around with talked me into shoplifting a few things from a department store.

“Please explain where these items came from.”

I should have told her I was sorry, and that it was just the one time,

But instead I said, “Tommy made me do it. He said it was a dare. I didn’t want him to think I was a sissy.”

The next thing I knew, I was in big, big trouble with Mom. I got into trouble before but never anything this bad.

“You are grounded young man!” she remarked. You will come home immediately after school. You had better be here when I get home.”

“But I’ve got baseball practice after school,” I pleaded. I loved playing ball with the guys and I was a pretty good fielder and I batted over 300 last season.

“You should have thought of that before becoming a criminal. I’ve already called your coach and told him you were grounded for the next two weeks. After I explained why, he said you would not be allowed to play this year, as an example to the other players. So, you no longer have baseball practice, and are to come home immediately after school.”

I haven’t held a bat or seen any of my friends since my punishment began a few weeks ago. This was some spring training. At first I thought that was the worst punishment imaginable but boy was I wrong. One day during my second week of punishment, I was a little late coming home from school and unexpectedly found mom waiting on the porch. I would usually get home about a half an hour before she did, so I had stopped by the ball field to watch a little of the practice I was missing so much. She was pissed even more. “I thought you might have learned your lesson when I had given you the ultimate punishment by taking away your baseball, yet here you are disobeying me. I guess I’ll have to try something a little more unique,” she said. At that, she dragged me upstairs, told me to shower and come into her room wearing my robe.

When I entered her room I saw she was looking in her drawers for something. She turned holding a pair of pink panties in her hand. “Here, put these on. I’ll teach you to disobey me. You want to see who’s the boss, you or me? Well now you’ll know for sure that I wear the pants in this family.”

Even though I begged Mom not to do that to me, she wouldn’t change her mind. In a matter of minutes she had me wearing one of her old dresses too. Once I was all dressed as a girl, mom said, “You worried about your friends thinking you were a sissy, so you chose to steal. Now you won’t have to worry about that anymore since you will be in dresses for the foreseeable future just like a sissy. When you come home from school, you’ll find girl clothes waiting, and you will get dressed in those clothes as soon as you get home. Disobey me again and your friends will find out just what sissy you are,” she informed me. “I want you all dressed when I get home or else! I’ll get you a few things that fit you better tomorrow.”

I asked why she was doing this to me and she said that was my punishment so I would not end up being a criminal and find myself in jail for stealing. Mom would not tell me how long she planned to keep me in girl’s attire. I hated wearing those stupid clothes, especially the panties, but I didn’t have any choice. Mom said she should send me to school in a dress if I argued with her, but I didn’t think she could get away with sending me to school dressed like that. At least I hoped she couldn’t, but I now knew better than to tempt her.

Sure enough, the next day when I got home, I found the dress on my bed along with another pair of panties. Worst yet, that day when she got home she had a few shopping bags that I knew contained things for me to wear. She had me follow her to my room and she sat on my bed.

“Here are the things I promised to buy you, Danny.”

She dumped the bags out on the bed and started handing me the various items. I was surprised and worried that mom bought me so many different things, including some girl’s shoes. “Put the socks and hosiery in the top drawer and the panties and bras in the second drawer of your dresser,” she ordered as she handed me each item.

Then she had me get some hangers from her closet. Returning with the hangers, she showed me how to properly hang the dresses and petticoats. Then I had to hang them in my closet. She also had me neatly stack my shoeboxes in my closet.

Finally as I took each dress to hang them up, mom explained how important it was to hang them properly, what slips or petticoats I should wear underneath them, and which shoes matched the dresses. “I hope you paid attention to what I just told you young lady!”

“Young lady?” I thought. Having that many outfits meant I was in for a long punishment.

“I expect you to pick out an appropriate outfit when you get home, and to be fully and properly dressed by the time I get home, unless I get home a little early. Do you understand?” She asked.

I was in tears, but managed to answer, “Yes Mom!” So every day after I got home from school, I had to put on one of the dumb dresses she bought me, along with the appropriate underwear and shoes.

Before I continue telling you my story I should tell you a little more about myself. As you now know, my name is Danny. I’m thirteen years old and just finishing seventh grade. I am a fairly normal teenager who likes music, sports and just hanging out with my friends. I have a younger brother Mike who’s eleven and a real pain in the butt. He always wanted to be just like his older brother. At least he did before mom started putting me in dresses and calling me Danielle. Now he no longer wishes to emulate his big brother. He just enjoys tormenting and teasing me incessantly, but mom warned me that I better not hit him or do anything. If I did I would find myself in dresses forever. My mom works part time in my school. She’s like a secretary or an administrator or something. I always hated having her there since she could keep tabs on me all the time. My mom and dad have been divorced for almost as long as I could remember. Mom is always telling us that dad was a macho jerk and that’s why she divorced him. Mike and I only get to see dad for a week each summer since he lives cross-country. Mike and I always enjoy spending time with him. We go camping, hiking, fishing, all cool stuff

Anyway, back to my current problem.

Since mom started making me come home right after school and change into girls clothing, I’ve become more of a recluse. Quitting my baseball team really killed me and my friends wondered what was going on, but I can’t tell them the truth. I’d rather die. I’m scared to death that if any of my friends found out I was wearing dresses and stuff, the news would be all over school the next day! So I just told them I had been grounded. I’m even dreading summer vacation, which will start in a few days, since I think mom plans to keep me in dresses all summer. But even worse than wearing dresses is putting up with my stupid brother, Mike. I used to pick on him all the time; now he gets to make fun of me every damn day. Last week I found out mom even took some pictures of me getting dressed up as a girl. Mom told me she’d show them to all my friends if I didn’t do exactly what she said. Mom said I better behave as a good little girl or else. Girls listen to their mother and don’t fight with their younger brothers she told me. Imagine referring to me as a girl. I even hate the sound of that word. Mom also was starting to convince Mike that I liked wearing dresses. She was always saying little things like that and he actually is starting to believe her. I wanted to scream out that she was lying but I knew I would be in big trouble if I did that. Those pictures would be the ruin of me if they ever got out. I realized then that there was no way I could win.

My birthday is also coming up this week. Mom always made our birthdays a special event. We’d sometimes go to a movie or a play and then go to a nice place to eat. One year she even took me to Yankee stadium to see the Yankees play. Mom would always get dressed up for our dinner and Mike and I always wore nice clothes too. We didn’t wear suits or anything but nice pants and dress shirts. I hated wearing suits but I would gladly wear a suit now instead of girl’s clothes. I knew mom didn’t have any fancy girls dresses for me to wear so I was pretty sure she’d let me wear one of nice pants and shirt.

The Friday before my birthday mom told Mike and me to meet her by the office right after school since she was going to drive us right home. Mike had a baseball game she cleaned his uniform yesterday and it was in his closet. She also told me she laid my clothes out on the bed at lunchtime since she had plans for me this afternoon as well. She told us to hurry since Mike’s practice was early.

Sure enough when we entered the room we were now sharing (my room was being painted), Mike’s uniform was in his closet and my bed had a mini-skirt, a light summer top, panties, bra, pantyhose and shoes. Mom walked up behind us and told us to hurry. Most times mom only had me wear girl’s panties and a dress so this was unusual for her to have selected all of this stuff. But whenever I had to wear bras and pantyhose, I usually changed into these girlie things when Mike was in the bathroom or somewhere else. I hated for him to see me putting on these frilly girl things. He would invariably tease me whenever I had to change in front of him and I hated that. But this particular day mom quickly ran into the bathroom we shared to clean it up a little so I had no choice but to change in our room with Mike. Mike was smiling at me when he saw me step into the panties Mom selected for me to wear. I wanted to die as I pulled the pretty pink panties with little flowers on them up to my waist. I couldn’t wait to hide my panties from his view so I quickly stepped into my denim mini-skirt as Mike pulled up his baseball pants. When Mike put on his undershirt, I had to endure his stares as I hooked on my bra and slipped on my top. Mike then pulled on his white baseball socks and tied his cleats. Since his socks were a lot easier to put on then my pantyhose, he got to enjoy seeing me slip them up my legs. I was so embarrassed as I sat on the edge of the bed and rolled up the pantyhose just like mom showed me. I slipped them on one foot and then the other. Since I still was not used to wearing pantyhose, I struggled as I pulled them up over my knees. Once I got them that high I realized I couldn’t get them any higher unless I lifted up my tight fitting skirt. I had no choice but to lift my skirt up to be able to get the pantyhose all the way to my waist. So in spite of my embarrassment I lifted my skirt, pulled up my pantyhose and then did a little wiggle to get them snug. I knew Mike would get another good view of my pretty pink panties but I had no other choice. Mike’s giggle left no doubt that he enjoyed my struggles and that he did indeed get to see my panties one more time.

As soon as I had my shoes on, Mom grabbed me and led me towards her room. As we were leaving the room she said in a voice loud enough for Mike to hear that she would do my hair and makeup like I wanted. “I know you said you want to look like the other girls in your class.” She was always saying things like that to reinforce the idea that I really wanted to dress and act like a girl. Once in her room, she sat me down at her vanity and combed my hair into a feminine looking style, adding a few barrettes to hold it in place. She then took some makeup stuff and put in on my face. She said it was just some thing to give me a little color. I think she said it was blush. She then applied some light lipstick on my lips and mascara on my eyes. Mom never made me wear any makeup so I wasn’t sure why she did it today. I asked her what she was doing but she told me to hush.

“I told you that we have plans this afternoon.”

As Mike grabbed his baseball glove, mom handed me a purse and said let’s go. Oh my God, she’s not really going to make me go out is she? I mean she never made me go outside dressed like this before but she sure was now. A minute later I found myself sitting in the back seat crouching as low as possible. Mike and mom were in the front seat. I used to always get the front seat but now that I was dressing like a girl, Mike just took my place and I was too embarrassed to say something to him.

During the drive over to the field, mom asked Mike if he liked my makeup. Mike just looked at me a little strangely. “Danielle insisted on wearing makeup if she was going outside. She said all the other girls at school wear it and she wants to be just like them, right sweetie?”

As I cringed at her comments, Mike just laughed at her little lie (which he thought was true) and said I looked really cute in a real condescending way.

Once we reached the ball field, Mike jumped out of the car. Mom said we would be back before the game ended. Mike kissed mom and he waved to me as he yelled, “Bye, Danielle. Don’t let any boys smudge your lipstick.” I wanted to kill him for calling me that name and saying that about me. Imagine me letting a boy kiss me. Mom just laughed as she told me to sit up front with her. I almost died getting out of the car for fear that one of Mike’s team mates might recognize me.

As soon as I realized that mom was not heading back towards home, I asked her where we were going. She then told me we had to go to the mall to get a nice new dress for my birthday dinner. I don’t have time to buy something without you being able to try it on to make sure it fit you properly. I was practically in tears as I begged mom not to take me to the mall since a lot of the kids hung out in there after school, but she didn’t care. I told mom I didn’t need a new dress for dinner.

“I can assure you honey that you will be wearing a nice new pretty dress on Saturday when we celebrate.”

I pleaded with her not to do this to me but she just told me this is how bad boys get treated and it was all for my own good. “I’ve done a lot of research on this type of petticoat treatment and I can promise you it, it works. You were the one shoplifting and being a brat so this is the price you pay. I’d much rather have a sweet daughter than a rotten son, so you just better get used to acting like my precious little girl. If you do good it will remain our family secret but if not, all your friends will know.” I cried and sobbed but to no avail. In a few minutes the car was parked and we were walking towards the mall.

I wasn’t sure if mom was kidding or serious about making me dress completely as a girl for dinner on Saturday, but since I now found myself entering the mall while wearing a mini-skirt, I kind of thought she probably wasn’t kidding.

As we entered the mall entrance, I quickly forgot about our dinner and began to worry about running into some of my friends. As we walked mom was all excited about finding me the perfect dress. I wanted to die right there but before I could Mom pulled me into the first of many girl’s clothing stores. I was in constant fear that I would run into one of the girls from school as mom and I went from rack to rack. I wasn’t too worried about running into any of the guys since they would never be caught alive in a girl’s store. After selecting four or five dresses, mom informed me it was time to try them on. I almost fainted as she led me towards the ladies dressing room. The room was one large area with some benches and a few private stalls at the one end. Those private rooms were all taken so Mom put the dresses and her purse on the bench and told me to take off my skirt and top. Much to my relief there were no teenage girls in the room, at least I didn’t see any in the open area. There were only some women and a few younger girls, maybe eight or nine years old. I breathed a sigh of relief until I realized that I would now be standing in this room in my underwear trying on dresses. Somehow I managed to get through that trial but as soon as we left the dressing room, I told mom I had to go to the bathroom. My nerves were shot and I guess that made me need to pee really bad. Mom informed me that the ladies room was right around the corner, so we could go there now. Even though I was wearing girl’s clothing, I never thought about the fact that she would take me into the ladies room.

“As this is your first time going in a ladies room you must sit down when you pee or you draw unwanted attention to yourself. Remember, girls don’t stand and we use toilet tissue to wipe ourselves when we are finished. And when you’re done, wash your hands.” I still remember how embarrassed I was sitting down to pee like a silly girl. As I sat there I could see my panties and pantyhose around my knees. So within the first half-hour of our shopping trip, I had tried on five dresses, two of which mom bought and had my first visit to a ladies room.

We continued shopping for another hour or so and I had acquired some girl’s shorts, a few tops, a pair of girl’s sneakers, a pair of open-toed heels, two pairs of sandals, one pair of sheer white pantyhose and the two new dresses. I thought the worse part of the entire trip was when mom took me into the sleepwear section to pick out a pale yellow baby doll nightie to wear to bed. Up to now I was still allowed to sleep in my old boys pajamas. However, the worst part was when we stopped and got my ears pierced. Mom said it was an early birthday present.

When we got back to the car I really began to believe that she planned to do what she said and that I would be wearing one of those dresses and those stupid white pantyhose at dinner on Saturday! Even worse I knew mom would have me dressing all summer now based on all the stuff she just bought. Mom said she was aware of my fear, but she had decided this is what’s best for me and I had little choice but to agree. I remember she told me she didn’t want me to end up like my father, a mean-spirited, tough guy, who was always in trouble.

That is not the life she had planned for her child.

“I know you’re not too happy about celebrating your birthday this year, but traditions are important. So our tradition will continue with a few minor changes. Your hair will be done, your nails will be polished, you will have perfume on and you will be wearing your new dress. And one more thing, don’t forget you live with me and you’ll continue to live with me. So, if you don’t want your friends to find out about your cute little panties you better do exactly what I say. Do I make myself clear, honey? And you can start right this second with your little brother, so you’d better play along or else. From now on I expect you to be mommy’s perfect little girl and Mike’s sister. We wouldn’t want all your friends to see those pictures of you, would we?”

By now we were back at the ball field to pick up Mike. I was sick to my stomach just thinking about the rest of tonight and tomorrow. Mike, oblivious to my feelings, jumped in the car, shouting they won the game and he hit a home run. Mom was all excited for him telling him that was great and she was sure dad would love hearing about it tomorrow at dinner.

“What! Dad’s coming to dinner tomorrow?” I asked.

“Oops, ruined the surprise didn’t I? Yes dear, he said he was going to be in town and asked if he could join us for your birthday.” she answered. “I haven’t told him about your current situation, so Mr. Macho is in for a surprise too.”

“But Mom. Dad won’t like this one bit.”

She interrupted, “He’ll have a say in how I raise you as soon as he pays me the three years of back child support he owes. Until then I’m the boss. Neither you nor your father has a say in this matter.” She then gave me a warning look.

Because of that look I just shut up. Mom made it even worse when she told me to tell Mike about all the cute things I bought at the mall. So for the remainder of the ride home I was telling my stupid little brother about my dresses, pants and shorts that I bought. Mom also had to tell him about my baby doll nightie that I would be wearing tonight. Mike cracked up when he heard that one.

When we returned home, mom told Mike to go upstairs to change and wash up for dinner. When I asked if I could change mom said there was no need for me to change since I looked so cute. Besides, girls like to help cook dinner. After dinner, I had to help her clean up and do the dishes while Mike was allowed to go watch television. As soon as we finished, mom took me upstairs to have me try on the two dresses with the white pantyhose and my new shoes. She wanted to see how it all looked together. As she walked past Mike she said to me in a loud voice that she didn’t know why I was in such a hurry to try everything on again, especially my new nightgown. After I tried everything on again, Mom decided the pink and white dress would be best for dinner. She then ironed it and hung it in my closet. She told me to take a bath and put on my new nightgown and then join her downstairs to watch TV.

Mike totally cracked up when I walked into the den wearing that stupid baby doll nightie. He teased me quite a bit but I just sat there quietly and watched television. I knew I would be the one punished if I said anything so I just endured his stupid comments. However, I didn’t sleep very well that night knowing what shame and embarrassment tomorrow would bring.

When I woke up that Saturday morning I felt sick to my stomach knowing what was in store for me. I couldn’t decide if it was worse to get dressed into one of the casual outfits mom bought yesterday or to stay in my stupid nightie. I decided the nightie was worse so I put on a pair of pink shorts and a pretty short sleeve top with lace at the neck and sleeves. Mom and Mike were already downstairs by the time I got down. I heard Mike tell her that they had another game today. Mom said he could play but he had to be home by five to get ready for dinner.

That afternoon, Mike got his glove and left for the field on his bike. About an hour later Mom grabbed me and led me into the bathroom to wash my hair. “Its time we get started on you, honey.”

When I complained that it was so early, mom just smiled and said “Now honey, you know it takes us girls a lot longer to get dressed and I know you want to look extra pretty for your birthday.” Pretty! I don’t think so. Being pretty was certainly not on my list of birthday wishes. But as soon as I finished showering and washing my hair, mom took me into her bedroom and sat me down at the vanity where she proceeded to set my hair in rollers. “I wanted to do this early so the curl has a chance to set. I think you’ll look cute with curly hair.” First she was calling me pretty and now cute. Things were going quickly from bad to worse. I felt so stupid sitting there with goofy pink curlers in my hair. I wanted to die as I sat there staring at my reflection in the mirror. As soon as she finished the last curler, she took out a bottle of bright pink nail polish and proceeded to polish my fingernails and toenails. “You know something. I think pink is your color. We’ll do another coat after I finish my shower and get dressed. By then your hair should be dry enough to take out your curlers and see how you look with some curly hair.

Mom rejoined me in my room wearing her robe 30 minutes later. She watched as I applied the second coat of polish to my own nails. After I was done with this task, mom sat me down on the bed and removed one curler to see if my hair was dry yet. “It’s still a little damp. I think we need to wait another half hour or so. So, lets get your started on dressing. You can at least put on your lingerie and pantyhose now.”

I stepped into my panties and then removed my robe to put on my bra. As mom helped me hook it into place I asked her what she told dad about me. “I talked to him last night and told him you decided you want to spend the summer as a girl. I explained that this started out as a punishment for your thievery but after dressing this way for a few days you discovered that you enjoy showing your feminine side. He wasn’t very happy but considering his situation he really can’t say or do anything.”

After I put on my slip, I sat on the bed to slip on my sheer white pantyhose; I asked mom how she could that. “Mom, how could you tell dad that lie? You know I hate dressing like a girl. I’m a boy, mom!”

“Well, that doesn’t matter, does it? You’re being punished for the summer and that’s final. Your father isn’t too happy about this little turn of events but he agreed not to put up a fuss. And he certainly would never consider having you live with him. You’d cramp his life style and he couldn’t afford to keep you anyway especially when I told him you have been behaving much better since you became my little girl. Sit down over here so we can get your make up on. By then your hair should be dry. Now, getting back to your father. Since I told him you like all this stuff, you’ll have to be on your best behavior tonight. I expect you to be the perfect fourteen-year-old daughter. That means not a word of complaint from you all evening. And you better remember all your lessons and manners. I expect you to sit very ladylike, to eat slowly and daintily and to speak softly. One slip up and I’ll be parading you to the ball field every night next week in a different dress. And you know I’m not kidding.”

As she continued talking, she was expertly applying makeup to my face. A little foundation was followed by a very light application of blush and a hint of brown mascara on my eyelashes. Mom then applied a light pink lipstick to my lips followed by an application of lip-gloss to make my lips shiny. “Oh, one more thing. Tonight, you will call us mommy and daddy. And I want you to do a little curtsy for your daddy when you greet him tonight.”

“Curtsy? That’s dumb, mom.”

“Who am I?’

“I mean mommy.”

“That’s better. Now stand up. I will show you how to curtsy.” When I didn’t get up right away, mom gave me a look and said, “Or if you prefer, you can practice doing them at the ball field tomorrow.”

With that I quickly stood up. Mom told me to place my right foot behind my left foot and hold my slip with my right hand and then bend my knees a little. I never felt more stupid then practicing curtsying for those few minutes. “Ok, I think you got it. You can do a few more after we fix your hair and get your dress on. In fact, let me get your dress now and then we’ll do your hair so it doesn’t get messed up.” With that she went to the closet and brought over the pink and white dress we bought the day before at the mall. She told me to be careful not to let the dress touch my face since I already had on my makeup. She unzipped it and helped slip it on me. Once I had it on, she zipped me up and I felt trapped for the evening.

Mom sat me down again and started removing the curlers. “Wow. You’re hair really holds a curl. You’re going to look so pretty after we get it all combed out and styled a bit. After about 15 minutes of teasing and combing she seemed satisfied that my hair looked nice. Handing me my sandals, she said, “Here honey, put these on and then we’ll let you take a look at how pretty you are.”

After slipping on the dressy sandals I walked over to mirror and stood in silent shock at my reflection. I could not believe the pretty young girl in the mirror was really me. From head to toe I was all girl. All of a sudden the events of the day and the preceding week overcame me and I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I didn’t want my father to see me like this. As I started crying, mom yelled at me. “You’d better not cry young lady. I just spent all afternoon fixing you up so you look like my little princess and I will not have you ruin everything with your tears. But if insist on crying like some baby girl, I’ll change you into an outfit more appropriate for a five-year-old girl and take you out like that. Do I make myself clear?”

“Sure mommy. I’m sorry. I’ll stop crying.”

“That’s better. Why don’t you sit on the bed and I’ll get dressed. Your father should be here any minute now. I think our reservations were for 6:30 or 7:00. And honey, don’t forget to smooth out your dress like I showed you so it doesn’t get all wrinkled.”

As I sat down mom slipped on her stockings and then removed her robe to finish dressing. I guess she really did think of me as a girl now since she was rummaging in her closet wearing only her lingerie looking for a dress to wear. “I want to wear something nice too since you look so pretty, Danielle.”

As I sat there I couldn’t help but think how horrible tonight would be. Birthdays were supposed to be fun but tonight would be no fun at all. I could not believe I would be spending such an important day dressed as a girl. And to make matters worse my dad would be there for the celebration and I had to convince him that I actually enjoyed all of this crap or else mom would take me to baseball practice dressed as a girl.

Part 2

Mom finally selected her dress and shoes and slipped into them as the doorbell rang.

“Michael, please get the door. Tell your father Danielle and I will be right down.” Turning to me, she continued talking. “Here, let me spray you with a little perfume so you smell as cute as you look. And don’t forget your purse. It’s on the chair by the window. So, is my little girl all ready for her birthday celebration?”

Ready? Not in a million years, I thought. “I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. I really don’t want dad, I mean daddy to see me like this.”

“Don’t fret. The initial shocks will all be over in a few minutes and everything will be fine. You just remember everything I told you and you’ll be fine. And honey, don’t forget to do your little curtsy for daddy. Do one for me now to make sure you remember.”

After completing the embarrassing curtsy to her satisfaction, she grabbed her purse and the two of us headed downstairs to join my brother and father. As I turned on the landing I could see my father standing at the foot of the stairs. As he looked up and saw us, I could see the look of surprise in his face. I gulped but continued my descent. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I grabbed my dress’ hem and kind of did a silly dip. I couldn’t really curtsy like mom wanted but I figured that would be good enough. I was so nervous that I could barely talk without the fear of crying but I managed to blurt out a few words. “Hi daddy. Thanks for coming to my birthday.”

I think my dad was so confused he didn’t know what to say but he tried to make me feel ok. “I wouldn’t miss your birthday. I know it’s an important day. And you look very nice in that dress.”

My brother had to get into the act. “Yeah, you look really hot, Danielle in your high heels and pantyhose.” Then he burst into laugher.

I wanted to belt him but I knew I would get into trouble so I just stared at him. “Michael, that will be enough, young man unless you want to be grounded next week. Be nice to Danielle or else.” Mom chided him.

Despite Dad’s best efforts, I could sense his discomfort with seeing his son dressed as a girl and he quickly headed out the front door. Mike followed him and took my usual position in the front seat. I guess he figured I would not say anything and he was so right. I quietly got into the back seat with mom. I just wanted to hide, however, that was not too be. “Honey, smooth out your dress like I showed you. You don’t want to look all wrinkled since your dress is so pretty.”

The ride to the restaurant was ok, I guess. Dad and Mike were talking sports and stuff. I was too embarrassed to involve myself in any of their conversation. Mom didn’t help matters much when she told me I had lipstick on my teeth and to fix my bangs. Even if I wanted to act less like a girl, mom wouldn’t leave me alone long enough to even try. My nightmare of a birthday was getting worse by the minute. Dad pulled into the parking lot and found a space near the door. As we got out of the car, I couldn’t believe I was about to enter a restaurant dressed as a girl. Mike and dad were walking a few steps in front of us as we headed to the front door. I was so nervous that mom held my hand as we made our way across the parking lot. Dad held the door open for us. I felt so goofy with him doing that for me and seeing Mike’s grin didn’t help at all.

I don’t remember too much about the dinner except for a few things. First, my nerves must have bothered me a lot since as soon as I sat down at the table, I realized I had to pee. I didn’t know what to do so I whispered to mom that I had to go to the bathroom.

Mom said, “Don’t worry, honey. I’ll go with you.” She then turned to my dad and said, “Danielle has to use the ladies room. We’ll be back in a few minutes. Order me a glass of wine if the waiter takes our drink order. Danielle wants a diet coke.” So now after just getting over my shock of getting to our table in a crowded restaurant, I had to walk the gauntlet again. And going to the bathroom as a girl isn’t much fun. First I had to hang up my purse on the door and then I remember how awkward it was to have to lift up my dress and pull down my panties and pantyhose to go to the bathroom. It was a real pain in the butt and then when I was done it was even harder getting everything back in place. Then mom made me wash my hands and even to reapply some lipstick, which she had conveniently placed in my purse.

The other embarrassing moment was after we finished our dinners and all the waiters and waitresses came over to our table with a small birthday cake for me. Worse they all sang Happy Birthday to me. I can still hear Mike singing Happy Birthday, Danielle so loudly. I felt like all the eyes were on me.

Even when we were leaving a few people wished me a happy birthday and told me what a pretty young lady I was. I wanted to pull off my stupid dress right in front of them but I simply thanked them and followed mom out the door.

Back home the celebration continued. I asked mom if I could change out of my dress. She said I could if I wanted to show daddy how cute I looked in my baby doll pajamas. I decided immediately that would be worse so I sat down quietly. I certainly didn’t want to have dad see me in that stupid girls nightie. As I was sitting there, mom brought out some nicely wrapped presents for me to open. The first one was small and it was from my dad. I opened it and found it contained a bottle of perfume. Perfume? I was surprised and disappointed. I was hoping for a new baseball glove. Mom seeing my discomfort only added to it. “Oh honey, that’s the latest perfume according to all the teen magazines. I told your father you needed that. Let’s spray a little on you so you can see how pretty it smells.” As she was talking she removed the top from the bottle and liberally sprayed my arms and hair. “Oh, that smells so feminine. Why don’t you give daddy a kiss to thank him properly?”

The next present was from my stupid brother. I expected him to give me a pair of panties or something really dumb just to annoy me. His package was also small and contained a little makeup kit with a few lipsticks and some matching shades of nail polish. Once again mom to the rescue or something like that. “I helped Mikey pick that out but he paid for it with his own money.

I knew I better say thank you before mom made me kiss him so I just said thank you. There were a few other presents all from mom. She got me a few mini skirts with matching tees and some pretty panties and bra sets. When I opened the box containing the underwear, I couldn’t believe it. I just looked at them, put the top of the box back on and simply said, “Mom.” I was so embarrassed that she would buy me something so personal and give it to me with dad and Mikey there. I could feel dad cringe when mom said, “Aren’t those panties just precious. I couldn’t resist getting them for you, honey.” This was just what I wanted dad and Mikey to see; me opening a gift of precious panties in all pastel colors. What a day! Mom said she had a few other gifts for me but I would have to wait until next week to enjoy them. I had no idea what they were but somehow I didn’t think I would like them.

Finally the day ended. Dad went home and I went to bed, exhausted from the trauma of the day.

I didn’t have to wait too long to find out what my first other present from mom was. That Tuesday mom told me to get dressed since we had an appointment at the local beauty parlor. “You’re getting your hair cut and highlighted and we’re going to have tips on your nails and a nice pedicure for the summer.”

“Mom, I don’t want my hair highlighted or my nails to be long. I’ll never be able to see the guys if you do that.”

“That’s right honey. You won’t be able to see those hoodlum friends of yours and that’s exactly why you’re going to the beauty parlor. Besides after you’re all done, I’m sure lots of boys will be interested in being your boyfriend.”

“I don’t want a stupid boyfriend like that. Mom, please don’t make me do this.”

“Go get dressed this instant. Your appointment is at 10am. It’s going to take a few hours for them to finish your hair and nails. Ask for Cheryl when you go in.”

Now I was really frightened. “You’re not coming in with me?” I asked.

“No, I have some things back here that I have to finish up. I’m just dropping you off. They said they would call me when you’re ready to be picked up.”

Oh my god. Now I would be spending hours in a beauty parlor with all women and my mom wouldn’t even be there for support. I’ve only been dressing as a girl for a few short weeks and I would now be facing my biggest test ever. I would literally die if anyone there ever found out I were really a boy so I knew I would have to act as feminine as I could. Since I knew I needed to be ultra feminine I asked mom what I should wear since I’ve never been to a beauty parlor.

“Just wear one of your cute short sets and your sandals. That way you won’t have to take off your socks or anything for your pedicure. And put on a little makeup too. Just a little lipstick, a touch of blush and some mascara. You’ll look fine. They know what you need to have done so you don’t have to worry about a thing. I’ll pay them when I come pick you up. You’re going to be so pretty.”

As I changed into my short set I couldn’t believe I was heading off to a beauty parlor. A few short weeks ago I was playing baseball and hanging out with my friends. As we drove over to the beauty parlor mom sensed my discomfort and agreed to come in with me for a few minutes. I was so relieved. I was glad that none of the girls from my school were in there getting their hair done too. After mom left, Cheryl washed my hair and then cut it before starting on the highlights. Fortunately my hair was long enough for her to style into a pageboy kind of cute with bangs in the front. As I was sitting in the chair having this all done another girl was giving me a pedicure. I was surprised at how different I looked after they finished with my hair. I somehow looked a little more grown up and sophisticated.

Having tips put on my nails was also interesting. It didn’t seem as hard as I thought it would be and my hands looked so much more feminine and pretty. They did a French manicure on both my fingernails and toenails. Mom said that was the best style and it goes with everything you wear.

I was finished a little past two and Cheryl called my mom to come get me. When mom came in I could see that she was even a little surprised at how nice I looked. “My god, my baby looks all grown up. Let me see. Turn around so I can see the back. That coloring looks so nice and natural and your nails look fabulous. So, what do you think, Danielle?”

“I like it mom. Cheryl did a nice job on my hair.”

After paying and leaving mom took me out for lunch. I was pretty hungry so I was glad to go. During lunch mom told me my room was all finished so I could move back in and get away from Mikey. That was good news as well. I hated sharing a room with him for these past few weeks especially with me wearing all these girly things. I knew I would have to wear them all summer but being back in my old room would help. “That’s great, mom. I’ll move all my stuff back in when we get home.”

“Honey, you’re old stuff wouldn’t look quite right in your room anymore. So, I bought you all new stuff. I hope you like it. I’m sure you can personalize it a little bit as we go along but I wanted to get all the big stuff done. So you have a new desk, a new bed and a new chair. You’ll see when we get home.”

Once I arrived home I ran upstairs and my worse fears came true. My new bed had a big canopy with white lace fabric draped from it. My desk and bureau were also white and decidedly feminine. Even the chair was girly with a pink flowery pattern and some frilly throw pillows that matched those on the bed. My shelves were painted white too. All my sports stuff was replaced with dolls and stuffed animals. My old blue rug was gone replaced with some pretty pink and white area rugs. Even my old baseball bat lamp was gone replaced with some ugly white lamp. In my closet, mom had all my dresses hung neatly and all my shoes laid out carefully on the floor. My dresser drawers were all filled with all the new things I’ve accumulated in the last few weeks. One drawer contained all my panties, another my bras and lingerie, another one had my socks and pantyhose and the others contained my shorts, tops and accessories. So the good news was I had my room back so I could now change in private but I realized Mikey would still see me dressed as a girl every day. And he knew that I had to wear girl’s underwear and stuff under my clothes anyway.

“Mom, where’s all my stuff?” I asked.

“Danielle. These are your things now. Your stuff as you refer to it isn’t really appropriate any more. Your pretty dolls and cute stuffed animals make a lot more sense. And I’ve replaced your sports magazines with some more appropriate teen girl reading. You need to be totally immersed into your new role for the punishment to be successful. So, I needed to make your total environment as feminine as possible. Remember, this is all for your own good. You don’t want to end up as some juvenile delinquent, do you?”

At this point I wasn’t too sure. Maybe being a juvenile delinquent wouldn’t be so bad. It couldn’t be any worse than being a girl. At least I could hang out with some guys.

“No mom. I don’t want to be a juvenile delinquent. But I don’t want to end up some sissy either. I can’t believe you’re doing this to me.”

“You are not a sissy. Your punishment, if you want to call it that, has nothing to do with making you a sissy. I’m trying to make sure that you don’t get yourself into trouble. You were on the wrong path and I couldn’t stand by and allow that to happen. I was so tired of your silly macho attitude. I realize this may seem drastic to you but it’s all for your own good. You might as well try to have a little fun this summer since your punishment won’t be changed. You can complain and gripe all summer or you can just stop whining and try to enjoy being a girl. It’s really up to you. But either way, you’re going to be my daughter this summer. But if you prefer to be a sissy, I could arrange that too. I can dress you in some cute little boy outfits and take you to the park. I have the perfect set of pale blue shorts with matching knee high socks and sneakers that will make you look like the perfect little gentleman. I’m sure your friends would love to see you in that outfit as much as anything else.”

I didn’t want my friends to see me in any of these clothes. A sissy outfit would be worse. At least when I was dressed as a girl I could fool most people into believing I was a girl. In that outfit everyone would know that I was a big sissy. As I stood there and surveyed my extremely feminine bedroom I realized I had no real say in my future.

During the next few days mom continued to work on my feminine skills. She was always correcting me when I did something wrong which was constantly. I didn’t sit right. I didn’t smooth my skirt. I had my legs open. I wasn’t walking like a girl. I wasn’t standing straight. After a few days mom started complaining that I was cooperating with her and I was being stubborn. I could tell she was getting really mad at me but I didn’t realize the drastic steps that would result. I found out the next day.

“Since you don’t want to work with me on your feminine comportment, I decided you can work with Miss Taylor at Taylor’s School of Ballet for girls. They have a special summer session for beginner ballet and I enrolled you this morning. Miss Taylor said you will be a little older than the other girls but she assured me you wouldn’t feel out of place. I told her you were always a bit of a tomboy and we’re now trying to help you become a more graceful miss. She said her class would certainly help in that regard. The classes are three hours, three days a week for one month. If you do well and enjoy it, we can enroll you in her fall classes. The summer class starts tomorrow so we have to go out today and buy you some dancing outfits.”

“Mom. Please don’t do this. I can’t dance and I don’t want any more clothes. I’ll do what you want. I’ll try harder. Pleas mom.”

“Too late. You had your chance. Besides, ballet is wonderful training.”

“Why do I need new clothes anyway, Can’t I just wear shorts?”

“No. You need special attire for ballet. Miss Taylor gave me a list of what you need. All of her students need ballet slippers, a leotard and a tutu. There’s a dance store in town that carries all these items for her classes.”

I didn’t like the sound of that tutu thing one bit. “A tutu? What’s that?”

“Oh its one of those cute little outfits that the ballerinas wear. It’s usually a one piece with a fitted top. The skirt portion is usually puffy and flares out at the waist. Some times the girls wear crinolines under the skirt portion to make them appear stiff. I’m sure you’ve seen them. But you’ll see what they look like in a little while anyway when you have your fitting.”

“My fitting? Mom, please tell me you’re joking. You aren’t going to make me wear one of those things and take ballet lessons, are you? I’ve been trying to be good. Please mom.”

“I’ve already paid Miss Taylor for the class so you’re going. It will really do you good. I took ballet when I was a little girl. It really helps you to appreciate the beauty of movement. I liked it and so will you. It’s fun and since you’re so athletic you should do well. Be ready in about an hour so we can go to the store and get your things. You can wear them in the house today so you get used to them. I can even show you a few of the basic positions in ballet if I remember them. And don’t forget to wear one of your tight panty briefs today for the fitting.”

Alone in my room I pondered my plight. I wondered what was worse. Was it worse to let my friends all see me dressed as a girl? Or was it worse to be enrolled in a ballet class with a bunch of bratty little girls who thought I was a girl too. Why the hell did I ever shoplift those few stupid items? This was a terrible price to pay. I couldn’t imagine going to the field and having the guys see me in a stupid dress so I knew I would have to go with mom to the store and get fitted for dance class. I can’t believe I will be doing this? Mikey will never let me live this down.

I slowly dressed wearing my panty brief as mom suggested. I wore shorts and a plain top with sandals and joined mom downstairs and then we departed. This was my first trip back to the mall since the day before my birthday but now since school was out there seemed to be a lot more kids my age and a bit older hanging around the mall. I was quite nervous as we walked by a few groups of teenagers. Fortunately none of them were friends of mine. In a few minutes we located the dance store and entered. Mom told the clerk that her daughter needed a complete wardrobe of ballet wear for Miss Taylor’s class.

“Of course. We stock all the items for Miss Taylor’s school. Let me show you what we have. This is for the beginning ballet class so she’ll need everything. Honey, what size do you wear?”

Mom came to the rescue. “She’s a size 6 in a dress. Probably a medium will fit her.”

“Yes. A medium should do fine. Now you can either wear a leotard or a body suit? Do you have a preference? Sometimes the studios are a bit cold so some of the girls like the coverage that the body suit provides.”

“Maybe we should get one of each. Since the classes are three times a week I won’t have to do laundry every day.”

Ok. One body suit and one leotard it will be. White or pink?”


Now, she’ll need some ballet slippers. What size shoe do you wear honey?

“Size 7”

“Good. We have those in stock. Now you’ll need your tutu. I guess you’ll want that in pink as well. Ok. Here, why don’t you go into the dressing room and try this one on to make sure it’s comfortable on you.”

“Thank you. Come on honey. Let’s see how it fits.”

Mom helped me try it on and said it fit perfectly. It wasn’t too tight or too loose so I should be able to move without any hindrance. She made me show the clerk and she agreed that it was a good fit and that I looked adorable in it. “I just love how pretty all the young girls look in their ballerina outfits. They just look so graceful and elegant.” Mom finally selected a few pairs of dancers tights for me to wear with my leotard and then paid for everything. I couldn’t believe I owned all this stuff. Even worse, I would be wearing it very soon.

By the time we got back home, Mikey was there. Mom immediately told him the news about my ballet class and insisted that I show him my outfit. I didn’t want to but mom said either I show him my pretty outfit or I could go put it on. Naturally, he cracked up when I showed him my pink tutu. “You’re going to wear that thing and go to a class with all girls? How sweet!”

I wanted to belt him but he was right. It was sweet. What kind of older brother would ever wear a ballerina dress and take girl’s ballet classes? Not a very good brother to say the least.

“I have to wear it. All the girls, I mean students have to wear the same thing. Besides, mom is making me go as part of my punishment.”

“Maybe next baseball season you can show the team some new moves or better yet, you can be in charge of the new uniforms. You can be the head cheerleader.”

“That’s enough, young man. Don’t push your luck with me or you’ll be going to class with Danielle.”

I spent most of the rest of the day in my room. Mom made me put on my outfit after dinner and stay in it until bedtime to help me get used to it. She asked me if I wanted to wear the leotard or the body suit for my first day and I decided on the leotard. Don’t ask me why since I don’t know.

I was very nervous the next day. I’ve never danced before and now I would be doing ballet as a girl. Mom helped me dress and pack a bad with a towel and some water. I also packed my ballet slippers since I had to wear sneakers there. I was practically in tears as we drove over to Miss Taylor’s Ballet School. We parked the car in the lot and walked into the studio. There were about 10 other girls there. They ranged in age from about 8 to 12 or so and they all had on identical outfits to mine.

A woman came over to us. “Hi. I’m Yvette Taylor.”

Hi. I’m Doris Exner, Danielle’s mom. I spoke to you yesterday and enrolled Danielle.”

“Yes. It’s nice to meet you. And you must be Danielle. I see you purchased all your apparel.”

“Yes, madam. We bought it yesterday.”

Turning to the other students, Miss Taylor yelled, “Girls, this is our new ballerina, Danielle. Danielle, you can go join the girls and get acquainted. Class will start in a few minutes.” Sensing my discomfort, Miss Taylor continued, “Don’t be shy. All the girls are new too. Believe me, we’ll all have fun. Judy, introduce Danielle to the other girls for me.”

And all of a sudden I was one of the girls. All of the girls were nice and they all started talking a lot. I mostly listened until class started. Class was actually pretty difficult and tiring. I was surprised at how physically challenging some of the positions were. I knew I would be a little sore tomorrow even with all the warm-ups we did beforehand. The three hours went by quickly and I was surprised when I looked up and saw mom and Mikey by the front desk watching me dance. I must have blushed when I saw Mikey because I could feel my face heat up but there was nothing I could do except continue to do the exercises with the other girls. I hated the fact that my brother actually got to see me dancing dressed like a girl. It was so embarrassing.

“Hi, Mrs. Exner. We’re just about finished. Danielle did beautifully. She’s very graceful for a beginner, aren’t you, sweetie?”

“Yes, madam. Thank you. I responded with an embarrassed look on my face. I couldn’t believe she said that in front of my brother. As we were getting ready to leave, other mothers started coming in to pick up their children. That’s when I saw Karen, one of the girls in my school, come in with her mother. Karen was a pretty good friend of mine in school and we hung out together some days at lunch. I knew she had some younger sisters and evidently one of them must have been in my class.

I could see her looking at me trying to figure out if she knew me from somewhere. Since I was older and taller than the other girls in class, I definitely stood out which was even worse. I just wanted to get out of there now so I told mom I was going outside. “Mom, I’m hot. I’ll wait for you by the car.”

“Ok sweetie. I’m coming too. Bye Miss Taylor.”

Then it happened. “Bye Mrs. Exner. We’ll see you and Danielle on Wednesday.”

I knew Karen heard her say my last name and call me Danielle. I thought she would figure out why I looked so familiar. I practically ran out of the studio.

Mikey teased me quite a bit on the way home about everything but I didn’t say a word. He was the least of my problems now. If Karen figured out who I was I would be sunk for sure. After dinner I told mom I couldn’t go back to school. “Maybe Karen won’t know and if I don’t go back she’ll forget about it.”

“You have to go back. I spent all this money and you’re going to learn some ballet. Besides, maybe she only came that one-day. You can’t be sure she’ll be there every day. And I’m sure there are other people named Exner in the area so she may not have even thought about that. So, let’s not make this into a giant problem. It’s probably nothing.”

When Wednesday came I told mom I didn’t feel good but she wouldn’t hear it. “Let’s go. I want you dressed and ready in 15 minutes or else.”

I knew what the or else meant so I got up and put on my leotard, tights and tutu and headed off to class. I didn’t do nearly as good this time since I was so distracted. I was praying mom would get there early and we’d leave before the other parents came to pick up their little girls.

However, that was not to be. Karen and her mom were the first ones there. Actually class still had more than fifteen minutes left so they were very early. Karen waved to Katie, one of my younger classmates so I figured that was her younger sister. I was practically forced to make some weak eye contact with Karen, since I could tell she was looking at me very carefully as I assumed position number one to practice my exercises.

Every time I looked up at her I could see her staring at me. I almost began hyperventilating since I was getting so nervous. Finally, I survived and somehow class ended. Katie ran over to Karen and her mom. Karen started talking to her and asking her about some of the other girls in the class. I could swear I heard her asking about the tall girl standing by the exercise bar, which was where I was standing. As I looked over, Karen saw me and waved. I weakly waved back not sure of what to do. That’s when Karen walked over to me.

“Hi. I’m Karen, Katie’s big sister. You’re Danielle, right?”

“Yes. Hi.” I stammered.

I guess this is your first time taking ballet. Do you like it so far?”

“I guess. It’s all right. Actually, it’s harder than I thought.”

“I know. I had three years of it and it is hard. Are you related to Danny Exner by any chance? I heard Miss Taylor say good-bye to your mother last time. Danny’s in my grade at school and there sure is a strong family resemblance.”

I didn’t know what to do and I was about to blurt out something stupid when I heard mom call my name. “Danielle. Sorry we were late. There was a lot of traffic.”

Hi, Mrs. Exner. I’m Karen Hines, Katie’s sister. You must be Danny’s mother, aren’t you?”

“Yes, dear, I am.”

“Danny’s in my grade. Is Danielle his sister?”

“Yes, actually she’s his twin sister.”

“Oh wow. That’s cool. I never knew he had a sister.” Turning back to me, Karen continued talking. “Where do you go to school? I know you weren’t in Washington Middle School with us.”

“Oh, Danielle was living with her father. She went to school in a different state. She’s visiting here for the summer.”

“Oh neat. We’ll have to get together and I can show you around a little bit and introduce you to some of my friends. Would it be okay if I called you?”

Not knowing what else to say, I agreed. “Sure. I’ll give you our phone number.”

“Thanks. I’ll call you tonight, okay?”

“Sure. I’ll talk to you later, Karen.”

“Bye, Danielle. Bye Mrs. Exner.”

I couldn’t believe that I was just talking to Karen with me wearing a tutu. This couldn’t be happening. But just as she promised Karen called that night and we talked on the phone for about 30 minutes. It was hard for me to do since I had to make up an entire new life that didn’t exist. And worse I had to make believe I didn’t know any of her friends or anything about school and junk like that. Karen asked me to hang out with her the next day and mom said I should since I didn’t have dance class that day. Mom agreed to drop me off at her house the next afternoon.

I was pretty nervous that next morning. I was in a real danger zone for sure. I mean dressing as a girl is one thing but dressing as a girl and hanging out with a classmate was a whole different story. I wasn’t too sure I could pull this off since Karen knows me and I’m sure not an expert at all this girl stuff. I wasn’t even sure what I should wear to hang out with her. I was planning on wearing shorts, sneakers and a tee shirt but mom suggested wearing a skirt with my low-heeled sandals. When I complained, Mom explained her logic.

“I think wearing a skirt will help remind you of the need to be feminine. It will keep you focused on your posture. Wearing your sandals with your pedicure will be another visible reminder of your femininity. And the heels will help you walk slower and more lady like. If I were in your shoes I would want to do anything and everything I could to be the best girl I could be.”

I had to agree that her suggestions made sense so that’s what I ended up wearing. Mom helped me with my hair and makeup too. I was too nervous to do it myself. Finally, it was time to leave and mom drove me over to Karen’s house. Mom waited in the car until Karen opened the door. She then waved and drove off. I was on my own.

Part 3

As I stood at the door preparing to go in, I had a lump in my throat. What was I doing here at Karen’s house wearing a mini skirt and a girl’s top? I had to be totally out of my mind. Karen was wearing shorts and a casual top so I immediately felt over dressed.

“Hi. I see you found the house ok. You look so cute in that outfit. I love those shoes. Where did you get them?”

So we were off and running. Karen was quite the chatterbox so our conversation went smoothly. Mom briefed me on a lot of stuff before I went over to her house so I would be prepared. After all I had to create an entire new life for Danielle. I had to know why I lived with my dad while my brother lived with our mom. I had to know the school I went to, my friends, our activities and even my boyfriends. Now that was the killer for me. I couldn’t believe I had to be prepared to discuss my make believe boyfriends but I did. It was a good thing mom made me think of all this since it didn’t take long for Karen and me to start talking about boys. Actually we talked about music and boys, videos and boys, clothes and boys, dancing and boys, sports and boys, vacations and boys, and boys. By the end of the afternoon my head was spinning and I was glad when six o’clock rolled around and mom came to pick me up.

Mom was eager to hear all about my afternoon and I told her mostly everything but not too much about the boyfriend stuff. I found that too embarrassing especially when Karen and I were talking about kissing boys and letting them do stuff to us. I only admitted letting my boyfriend go to second base with me. Karen said she let her last boyfriend go to third base one time. I definitely didn’t want to tell mom about that.

My life fell into a new routine for the next few weeks. It wasn’t a routine that I was comfortable with but it was a routine. Not like most of my other summers for sure. Those were filled with baseball and basketball, not ballet and beauty treatments. Actually since I didn’t have any chance to play ball I found myself practicing ballet quite often. It seemed like that was the only exercise I was getting and I wanted to stay in shape. Surprisingly I was getting pretty good at it too. Mrs. Taylor noticed my improvement and complimented me quite often on my gracefulness. Her encouragement was surprisingly welcome too and it spurred me on to try harder each week. I also didn’t want mom to say I wasn’t trying because she may have made me do something else in addition to ballet. I didn’t want to chance that.

I also hung out with Karen a few times each week. We’d go shopping some days or go to a movie. That was fun. I liked her a lot and it was cool to hang out with her even if I was dressed as a girl. Gradually I met a few of her other friends so lots of times a few of us hung out together.

Ballet classes were set to end soon so at least I had something to look forward to. I wouldn’t have to wear that silly outfit for the rest of the summer. But I didn’t realize that all these dance classes always ended with a recital where all the students performed before an audience. That was just what I wanted to hear. And because of my age and all my practice Mrs. Taylor wanted me to have a bigger role than most of the other girls. We practiced a few numbers all that week for the recital that was scheduled for Friday evening. Mom was all excited and she said that she and my brother would come to see me perform. I cringed when I thought of Mikey being there but once more there was nothing I could do. I also knew that Karen would probably be there too since her little sister would be in the recital as well.

On Thursday evening mom made an appointment for me at the nail salon to have my nails touched up. On the drive back from the salon, mom unleashed another unwelcome surprise on me.

“Guess what? Your aunt Alice is coming to visit us for the week so you’ll have a few more supporters in the audience for your dancing debut.”

“Aunt Alice! Is Jason coming with her?” Jason was my cousin and he was a few months older than me.

“Of course. You know he always comes when they visit.”

“Mom, they can’t come to the recital. I don’t want Jason to see me dancing in a ballet recital with all girls. Especially since I’ll be one of the girls. Can’t you call Aunt Alice and cancel? Please.”

“No honey. Besides Aunt Alice knows all about my little girl. She’s looking forward to meeting you. I told her all about your exciting summer. She wanted to see first hand because your cousin is becoming more and more of a discipline problem himself. He may be next if he isn’t careful.”

Oh great. I didn’t really believe Aunt Alice would ever force Jason to wear girl’s clothes. I figured mom made that up to keep me quiet. I was sick with fright the rest of the day and night. When I woke up on Friday, I told mom I was too sick to dance that night. Mom didn’t want to hear anything about me being sick. She told me I was going and that was all there was to it. She said I could rest for the day but I had to be ready by five so she could drop me off for our final rehearsal and makeup session. Mom told me to wear my ballet costume and to bring the other outfit we needed for the finale. We were doing a little West Side Story number so we all had to change into black short skirts, a black leotard, black tights and black ballet slippers.

Late that afternoon, mom came in to make sure I packed everything I needed. Along with my clothing I had to bring some lipstick, mascara and blush since they wanted us all to look a little more grown up for the recital. She parked in the middle school lot and walked me in to make sure I got in safely. She waved to Mrs. Taylor and said goodbye. “Good luck, honey. We’ll be cheering for you.”

And she was off. All us girls were quite busy for the next two hours. We had a practice session to review all of the numbers, then we had to all lay out our clothes for the last number, then we all had our makeup done and they fixed our hair a little too. By seven, I could hear the audience filling up the room. I was so apprehensive knowing Mikey and Jason were both going to be sitting there watching. I could imagine their reactions and comments.

Finally, Mrs. Taylor got us all together to say a little prayer that all her girls would perform well and that we would all have lots of fun. AS we took our positions for the first number I prayed that the floor would open up and swallow me. Mrs. Taylor walked out to the podium, welcomed everyone and then the curtain opened, the music started and we began to dance. Fortunately we all had a lot of practice and the first number was the easiest so we all did pretty well. I couldn’t see anyone in the audience that I knew so I relaxed a little bit. I didn’t have to dance in the second number so I had a chance to scan the audience and that’s when I spotted my mother, brother, aunt and cousin. They were seated about ten rows back right in the center section.

Mrs. Taylor signaled for the next group to get set. This was my biggest dance. I had about a 30 second solo in the middle of the dance. I tried to concentrate on all of the moves remembering all of my training and practice. As I began my solo, it all came back to me and I performed flawlessly including the three pirouettes included in the set. As I finished and took my place back in line with the other girls, I could hear the audience applauding my performance. I also noticed mom was snapping pictures with her camera. I guess she wanted more ammunition with my friends if I revolted. I thought Jason also had a camera. Standing right next to mom, I couldn’t help but notice Mikey laughing really hard. I knew I was in store for some big teasing.

The remainder of the recital went off really well. We all changed into our other outfit for the finale. I felt really dumb changing with all those girls. Here I was a boy and I had to fit in and change with a bunch of girls. Thank God I was wearing my panty brief for extra security. I would have been really nervous without that. After removing my tutu and pink leotard, I had to put on my black pantyhose and change into my other leotard and skirt. Mrs. Taylor had to assist some of the younger girls. Thank God, I didn’t need any help. All the girls did a wonderful job, including some of the really young girls. They were so cute and excited. We all got to take our final bows or in this case, our final curtseys. Mrs. Taylor always stressed that boys bow and ballerinas curtsy. Once again I could see Jason and Mikey standing up clapping really loud and whistling for me when Mrs. Taylor announced my name. What jerks they were. I moved to the front of the stage, curtseyed like I was trained to do and ran off stage with the other girls.

Mrs. Taylor arranged for a little reception after the recital so there was some beverages and pastries for us to enjoy. As I walked off stage, my family was there to greet me. Both mom and Aunt Alice had bouquets of flowers for me, which was just another total source of embarrassment for me. “Honey, you were wonderful. Here’s some flowers for our little prima ballerina.” Mom handed me the flowers and then gave me a hug and a kiss.

“Your mom’s right. You were just precious, Danielle. You were great. I can’t believe you just started.” Aunt Alice said as she handed me my second bouquet that I grudgingly accepted as Jason and my brother just grinned.

“Aren’t you boys going to congratulate Danielle on her lovely performance?”

As my Aunt spoke, both boys started laughing at me. Jason couldn’t contain his amusement at my situation. “Oh yeah, you make a really cute ballerina. I can’t believe my cousin is parading around like this. This is too much.”

“Hi Danielle. You were great tonight.”

I turned and saw Karen.

“Oh, thanks. Katie did really well too.”

“Yes. Everyone did a good job. Mrs. Taylor is a very good teacher.”

“That’s for sure. If she can teach me ballet, she can teach anyone.”

My mom interjected. “Hi Karen. Glad you enjoyed the recital. Karen, this is my sister, Alice and my nephew, Jason.”

“Hi. Nice to meet you.”

I could see Jason checking out my friend. I hoped he and Aunt Alice knew that Karen thought I was a girl.

Mrs. Taylor came over and started chatting with my mother and aunt, leaving the three of us alone.

Karen asked me what I was doing tomorrow. “I’m going to go to the mall. You wanna come with me? There’s a big sale at Kohls and I need some new things for fall.”

“I’m not sure. My cousin and aunt are staying. Can I let you know tomorrow?”


We talked and had a drink of punch. Karen introduced her mom to my mom and aunt as I chatted with some of the other girls in my class until it was time to leave. We all got into the car and drove back home. I felt really weird sitting in the back seat between Jason and my brother. Plus it was hard to sit in my stupid short skirt. I kept trying to pull it down more since I could see Jason eyeing my legs and grinning. But his next comment made me feel even worse.

“Are you wearing panties?”

My aunt quickly yelled at him. “Jason. That’s not an appropriate question to ask a young lady.”

“Why not? Dani is wearing everything else so I figured it was okay to ask. I just can’t believe my cousin is wearing all this girlie stuff and makeup. It’s just too funny.”

“There’s nothing funny about it. She looks sweet and she’s much better behaved this summer. You should only be as well behaved.”

“Yeah. She does look sweet and I bet she is wearing pretty panties. Mikey told me all about them.”

“Mom.” I wailed in horror.

“Mikey, what did I tell you? You better watch your step, young man.”

I was tired and asked to go to bed as soon as we got home. Mom told Jason she wanted him to sleep in Mikey’s room. “You boys can room together since Danielle needs her privacy.” Turning to me, she continued. “Sure honey, why don’t you go up and change now. And don’t forget to rinse out your pantyhose and hang them in the shower to dry. The boys can get ready for bed later.”

I was so relieved to finally be away from everyone. I went into my room, striped and put on my nightie. I knew enough to do what mom said so I washed out my pantyhose in the sink and hung them to dry. I placed my other clothing in the hamper, washed up, removed my makeup and went to bed, thankful that the night was over.

Mom came into my room early the next morning to wake me up. I guess I was really tired from the recital and all the stress. I could see Mom taking one of my dresses from my closet. “Honey, I want you to wear this dress today with a pair of your nude pantyhose and these shoes. We’re all going into town today for lunch and a matinee at the playhouse. I wanted to do something special for you since you did such a great job last night. Besides I want to make sure Aunt Alice sees how pretty you look every day.

“Mom. I don’t want to get all dressed up. Please. Can’t I just wear pants today? I don’t’ want Jason to see me wearing a dress and pantyhose. He’ll think I’m a total sissy.”

“You know you can’t wear pants. And I’m sure Jason will be on good behavior especially since he saw you last night. So, come on. Get a move on. Everyone already had breakfast and Aunt Alice is making you some pancakes now.”

“Okay but Karen wanted me to go shopping with her today. Can’t I do that instead?”

“Oh. Don’t worry. I heard her ask you about shopping so I told her we had a surprise planned for you to celebrate your ballerina debut. She agreed to join us. We’ll pick her up on the way. So put your robe and slippers on and go eat.”

Just want I needed to hear. My robe and slippers were so girlie that I hated them even more than my nighties. But I knew once again that mom wasn’t in the mood for any lip so I did as she said.

When I entered the kitchen, Mikey turned to Jason. “See. I told you she sleeps in girl stuff too. You owe me a buck.”

Jason cracked up. “This is worth a lot more than a buck. This is hysterical. My cousin is turning into a real girl. You must really like all this stuff.”

“I hate it. I hate wearing all this stuff. Mom makes me.”

“No she doesn’t.” Mikey chimed in. “I hear you asking her for lipstick and dresses and stuff like that. And you were always doing your ballet stuff even when mom wasn’t home. You like being a sissy girl.”

“I do not.”

“Mikey, that’s enough. One more word and you’ll be grounded. And Danielle, I don’t appreciate those outbursts. Young ladies don’t act like that. If you both know what is good for you, you won’t test my patience.”

I managed to get through breakfast without further incident but I could almost feel Mikey and Jason smirking at me. I hated sitting there wearing girls pajamas and stuff while they both were wearing shorts and tee shirts. After I ate, the two boys went into the adjoining family room and watched television while I had to help mom and Aunt Alice clean up the kitchen and do the dishes.

After we finished mom told me to get my hot curlers so she could set my hair. Even worse, she decided we could do it right in the kitchen. Needless to say, Jason got to see me sitting there with curlers being in my hair. Every time I turned around I was being placed in a more feminine position. First with my brother, than with my father and now with my cousin and aunt. I feared I would never regain my pride.

After my hair was set it was off to take a bath and then go through all the preparations that have become part of my daily life. Mom made me shave my legs and underarms each week, I had to smooth lotions on my legs, arms, hands, face and neck daily to keep my skin soft. I had to wear makeup every day. Foundation, liner, mascara, blush and lipstick all had to be expertly applied before I could begin my day. Today I had to do all of that, comb out my hair and get dressed for the big day. Meanwhile my brother and Jason were fooling around downstairs like two idiots. They only had to put on pants and a shirt and their casual shoes and they were ready. They would be ready in a few minutes. My preparations took a few hours.

Mom and Aunt Alice were in mom’s room getting ready when I came in. Mom told me to join them after my bath. I had my panties and bra on already under my robe and I carried in my slip, dress, shoes and pantyhose to put on after I finished with my makeup and hair.

“Honey, sit here at the vanity. You can apply your makeup here. Then I’ll help you with your hair.”

After I applied all my makeup, mom helped me remove the rollers. My hair was really springy so I knew it would look really cute. In a way I was glad since Karen would be there but on the other hand I didn’t want to look too cute in front of my cousin. After about 45 to 50 minutes I was done with my hair and makeup. Mom handed me my pantyhose, which I expertly slid up my legs before removing my robe. I stepped into my slip before unzipping my dress and lowering it over my head. Mom zipped me up as I stepped into my heels. A quick spray of perfume and I was ready for the day. When I went down stairs, Mikey and Jason were already waiting in the family room. And as expected they both had on a pair of pants, a shirt and their casual shoes. And here I was all decked out in a dress and high heels. How I wished to be wearing the same thing they had on. I wanted to be dressed like one of the guys but that sure wasn’t happening. Mom, Aunt Alice, Karen and me were all going to be dressed similarly. We’d all be wearing dresses. We’d all be wearing bras and panties. We’d all be wearing heels. We’d all have make up on and we all smelled sweet with perfume. No, there would be no mistaking me for a boy. I fit right in with all the girls and women.

Jason was the first one to chime in. “Wow. Don’t you look cute in your pretty dress and high heels? You even walk like a girl in them. I guess all that practice paid off for you. I’m not sure who is cuter you or your friend, Karen? I think she’s kind of hot but you make a darn cute girl, yourself. Where does she think the real Danny is?”

“With his father for the summer. I told her we switched homes.”

“You never told me if you were wearing panties last night. So, you got them on now?”

“None of your business!” I answered in a huffy voice.

“Hey, don’t get wise with me. You’re the one running around all dolled up and playing girl. I guess I can just tell Karen about your little game if you don’t want to show me your pretty panties. So, you can either lift your skirt or I’ll out you to your little girlfriend.”

“You can’t do that. Please.”

“It’s up to you. So, what’s it going to be?”

Now in addition to my mother having me over a barrel, my cousin had me in an even worse position. And I had to live with him for the entire week. Realizing that he may not be kidding, I slowly lifted my dress and slip revealing my pantyhose covering my lavender lace panties. Both Jason and my brother hooted it up when I revealed my finery to them, causing me to blush bright red. I wasn’t used to anyone seeing my girl’s underwear since I moved back into my bedroom.

“Wow. You really do have everything on that a girl wears.”

I heard mom coming down stairs so I quickly lowered my dress back into place.

“Thanks for the show, sweetie.”

“Okay. Everybody ready? Danielle, don’t forget your purse.”

“I got it, mom. I’m all ready.”

I was a bit nervous that day, more so than normal. Jason’s comment really bothered me. I was so afraid he would tell Karen the truth about me. If he did that, Karen would hate me and the entire school would know that I was a big sissy.

During the day I could tell that Jason liked Karen. He was acting goofy around her the way guys do when they have a crush on someone. I could also tell that Karen was not interested in Jason. He definitely was not her type.

During the intermission at the play, Karen and I went to the ladies room together. As we were standing in line, which was something I wasn’t used to doing in the men’s room, she confided in me that Jason seemed jerky. I laughed and agreed with her. We both agreed that most boys were jerks. We were laughing so hard when we came out of the ladies room, Jason heard us.

“What’s so funny in there? Did a boy sneak in there?”

I could feel my throat tighten up when he said that. Karen just laughed. “Sure, there were a lot of boys in there.” She replied.

Fortunately Jason dropped the matter right then. Thank God.

But I knew after today that Jason could make things tough for me. And now knowing that Karen didn’t like him certainly didn’t bode well for me.

The next morning after church, mom and Aunt Alice were going out with some friends for the day. Mikey had baseball practice so Jason and I were on our own. Jason asked me to call Karen and invite her over. “She’s cute and I think she likes me.”

“No she doesn’t. She thinks you’re a jerk, so there.”

“Stop saying that. You know it’s not true.”

After arguing for a while I agreed to call Karen and let him listen in on our conversation. It was the only way I could prove to him what a jerk he was. It didn’t take long for Karen to say a few things about him so he got the point but he was mad and his feelings were hurt.

I was feeling real superior at that point but things quickly changed.

“Okay. Since your girlfriend thinks I’m such a jerk, you can be my girlfriend. I haven’t had much experience with girls and I need to experience some things now so I’ll do good when I start dating.”

“I’m not going to be your girlfriend. You must be crazy or something?”

“Yeah. Maybe I am. But I also have pictures of you in your precious ballerina outfit dancing with all the other girls and I can tell your friend all about you, remember? Now we know you don’t want that to happen, do you?”

I started to answer but he just kept on talking. “No, you wouldn’t want all your friends at school to know how Danny boy spent his summer. So you’ll be a good girl and do whatever I tell you. Now first, I want you to get all dressed for me, like we’re going out on our first date. You can wear a one of your skirts, something short. And then you’ll make me some lunch and then we’ll see how good a girlfriend you can be.

So get a move on.” He said in a demanding tone as he sat down on the chair in my room.

Not knowing what to do, I told him I would change but he had to leave first.

“No, I think I’ll stay and watch. I can see how some of this stuff works since you’re such an expert now.”

So now I had to change out of my shorts and top right in front of him. How embarrassing. None of the three options were very appealing. I could say no and then he could tell Karen or give some of those recital photos to my friends or worse, he could do both of those things. Or I could play along with his little charade. At a minimum I needed to buy some time so I went to my closet, picked out a short skirt and a top. I already had my panties and bra on so I only needed a pair of pantyhose and shoes.

I slipped off my short and top and rolled up my pantyhose to glide them up my legs. “Wow. You even look like a girl in your underwear. Those things look hard to put on too.”

After I slipped on my hose, I quickly stepped into my skirt and buttoned up my top. I felt less vulnerable now that I had some clothes on.

“Don’t forget your lipstick and perfume stuff too. I’m sure you would want to look your best for me, right?”

“Yeah, right.” I said as I applied my lipstick and blush and sprayed myself with perfume. After I finished Jason told me to stand up and pirouette for him. I felt so stupid but I did it anyway.

“You know something. You make a really convincing girl. Maybe you’re not really a boy. Okay, I think its time you make your new boyfriend some lunch. You can cook me up a hamburger and some fries. I’ll be in the family room so you can serve me in there.”

How I wanted to just scream. I couldn’t believe this twit was doing this to me. Even worse, I was letting it happen. After slaving in the kitchen for 30 minutes or so, I had our lunches made. I put it all on a tray and brought it in to Jason. He smiled and told me to sit next to him on the couch where we both ate our hamburger. After we were done, Jason held a French fry up to my mouth. “Here, let me feed you one and then you can feed me one.”

So we fed each other a few fries. I was going clean up the plates but Jason stopped me. “You didn’t make any dessert. I guess you’ll just have to be my dessert now. Let me see how hard it is to unhook a bra. I bet I can do it with one hand.”

I balked a little but Jason pulled me over closer to him. He slipped his hand under my top and began fiddling with my bra hooks. He struggled for quite a few minutes, even when he used both hands. Such a stud he was. Finally, he got it unhooked. “Okay, kiss me now.”

“I can’t kiss you. You’re a boy.”

“I know I’m a boy but I’m not too sure about you. I’m convinced enough that I think this will work. Now kiss me, Danielle.”

He kind of puckered his lips up, making me cringe. I kissed him on the cheek hoping that would bring him to his senses.

“Is that how you kiss your boyfriend? You better kiss me like you mean it or else I’ll take a walk over to Karen’s house.

This was now getting really nuts. I mean I know I looked like a girl but now Jason was making me act like one in a physical way. Up to now I just acted like a girl. This scared me but other things scared me even more.

“Come on. I need to learn how to kiss so a girl likes it and you’re going to help me. If I close my eyes, I really think you’re a girl.”

“But I know I’m not”

“That’s not my problem. Kiss your boyfriend.”

And that’s what we did. I kissed Jason real lightly a few times and then we kissed a little harder for a while. He was moaning and stuff so I knew he liked it. I knew just how much he liked it when he took my hand and rested it on his groin. I could feel his little penis swelling and twitching as we continued kissing.

I moved my hand away, yelling at him. “Jason, stop that.”

He grabbed my hand again and placed it in exactly the same spot. “Stop being such a baby. Girls like to touch their boyfriend’s things. And boyfriends like to touch their girlfriends too.” As he was talking I felt him move his hand to my nylon covered knee. Oh my God, I thought. He’s going to try to touch me. Jason moved his hand higher and higher, although he did avoid getting near my thing. He had his hand almost up to my waist and he started to try to move it under my pantyhose but he couldn’t make much progress due to the tightness of my skirt and the way I was sitting. “Boy, this is tougher than I thought. I hope my girlfriends don’t wear pantyhose when we go out. Put your hand in my pants. I’m not wearing pantyhose so it should be much easier for you.”

“Jason, please don’t make me do that. It’s disgusting.”

“No it’s not. Just do it, Danielle. Stop being such a baby.”

Now I was faced with the reality of having my hands on some boy’s penis. Never in a million years did I ever think I would find myself in this type of predicament. I wasn’t queer and I wasn’t a girl. Yet I now found myself admitting to one of those categories. I know I looked and dressed like a girl but now I was being asked (forced) to really be a girl. Slowly my hand moved to Jason’s waistband and I began to carefully insert it under his pants, moving gradually to his awaiting symbol. I felt his sparse pubic hair and then found my hand wrapped around his pulsating shaft. Never before have I ever sexually touched another person. I always thought my first would be with a girlfriend but I knew that was not to be. My first encounter would be with my cousin Jason.

“Oh, that feels so good. Play with it, Danielle.”

And so I did. I played with Jason’s rod for what seemed to be an eternity. The more I played with it the more active he became. He occasionally slipped his hand under my skirt to caress my knee and thigh but most of the focus was on him. After a long time, I could feel his shaft almost tremble and I knew he was about to explode. He came in spurts, shooting his fluid into his shorts and pants. His sighs were loud and almost painful as he continued to climax into my hand. We sat there almost motionless for the next few minutes with my hand becoming sticky from his ejaculation.

After a few minutes, I removed my hand from inside his pants. “Ick. My hands are all sticky. I have to go wash them.”

“No. Let me see.”

I showed him my hand. Some parts were sticky but some parts were still wet with his cum. Once I removed my hands, I could smell his load. “You want to lick it?”

“No way.” I shouted as I ran out to the bathroom to wash my hands. I washed them three or four times trying to get the entire episode out of my mind but it didn’t work. I could still feel his cum on my hands. My nostrils were still filled with his scent. I felt dirty, scared and alone. In a way I think I truly felt like any young girl would after be made to do something that you didn’t really want to do.

I knew my mom would be home soon so I wanted to clean up the dishes and stuff. Jason gave me a pat on my fanny when I bent over by him to pick up the plates and tray. “That was fun. Not bad at all for your first time. I think you have the makings of a good girlfriend. And we should have a few other times to practice some other stuff this week.”

“We’ll see. I want to clean this mess up and change back into my other clothes. I don’t want mom to see me all dressed like this. She may figure something out.”

Two days later, Jason told me to ask my mom if he and I could go to the movies. “This could be almost like a real date and Spiderman 2 is playing.”

I didn’t really want to go on a date but I did want to see the new Spiderman movie so I agreed. Naturally, mom was all excited to see that I wanted to go out and that Jason and I were getting along so well; if she only knew. Anyway, mom dropped us off at the movie house and agreed to pick us up a few hours later at the ice cream parlor. Jason made me wear one of my skirts but I didn’t wear pantyhose since it was too warm.

Once we were in the theater Jason put his arm around me and had me sit close to him. We kissed a few times and I was praying he wouldn’t make me do anything crazy in the theater. Fortunately, he didn’t. We just kissed a little bit and every once in a while he would touch my leg with his hand. We had popcorn and the movie was really good. I actually enjoyed the show.

I was a little nervous going for ice cream but I figured none of my friends would know Jason so I felt a little safer. I didn’t think anyone would recognize me if we were together.

After we finished we still had about half and hour or so before mom was due to pick us up. We walked to a small park right by the theater and sat on a bench. We talked a little and Jason kissed me a few more times. I actually found myself responding a little more willingly to his advances. I was surprised that I was reacting more like a real girl would. I really did feel like I was out on a date with a boy.

The next turning event with Jason happened that Thursday evening. Mikey was over his friends and mom and Aunt Alice had dinner plans. Jason gave me a wink that afternoon so I knew he expected me to role-play for him again. As soon as my aunt and mother left, I started dressing. I wore the same black mini skirt from the recital and a new hot pink top with my black sandals.

By now kissing Jason no longer repulsed me. I didn’t like it but I didn’t hate it. I guess I figured it was good practice for me when I started dating girls. I didn’t feel like much of a boy during these times but I figured kissing a girl was practically the same thing. Even when he made me put my hand down his pants I tried to imagine that he didn’t really have a thing there and that he was a girl.

Tonight he had me sit on his lap while we made out. It didn’t take very long for me to feel him springing into action. I guess my kissing was pretty good. We kind of squired around the couch for a bit and then I found my hand being forced into his pants. As I continued to fondle him, he held my hand making me slow down. He then totally undid his pants, totally exposing himself. Even though I had the same piece of equipment the sight of it surprised me. I was even more surprised when he somehow made me fall off the couch. I was now half on the floor and half on the couch, almost in a kneeling position. Jason held me there as he sat up a little. My head was now fairly close to his penis. That’s when he grabbed my head and forced me to move even closer. Having his thing so close to my face made it impossible for me to imagine that I was with some girl. No girl had one of those things.

“Jason, no. I don’t want to do that.” I screamed.

“Dani. Come on. Just do it. You’re right there. Just open your mouth. This is easier than having all your friends know everything, isn’t it?”

He kept a steady pressure on my head, slowly forcing me closer and closer. My lips were now touching the head of his throbbing shaft.

“Come on. You can do it. You can be a real girl tonight. Come on. Open your mouth for me.”

“Jason, please don’t make me do this. Please.”

“Come on. You’re right there. I don’t want to tell all your friends about you so please don’t make me. Just suck me like a good girl.”

I hated myself at that moment. I closed my eyes but I found my mouth gradually opening to accept him. I couldn’t believe I actually had my cousin’s thing in my mouth. I didn’t really know what to do so I just kind of stayed there letting Jason control the movements. Similarly to when I gave him a hand job, he began moving it around. A few times he pushed it in a little far making me gag. I found that feeling very uncomfortable but his hand on my head forced me to continue despite my gagging.

Gradually I opened my eyes. I could see my nicely manicured hands wrapped around his penis that was moving up and down. I could see a slight trace of my pink lipstick on his shaft. My hair was falling into my eyes and onto his groin. My hands, my hair and my lipstick all made me feel feminine. And what could be more feminine that blowing some guy. Jason was really getting into it now. His movements became deeper, more intense, more rapid. I was now breathing deeply through my nostrils to control my gag reflect. I tried to concentrate on his movements and time mine with his. This way I could at least control the depth of his thrusts a little better.

I could feel the coarseness of his pubic hairs on my lips as he continued moving. I think I felt one of his hairs in my mouth. I wanted to stop and take it out but Jason was making more moaning sounds now. They seemed much louder than before. I was afraid I was doing something wrong but then he started shouting, “Yeah, yeah. Oh, that feels so good. Yeah, baby, yeah.”

So I guess you didn’t really need much practice to please a guy. I shifted my position slightly to get more comfortable. Jason continued thrusting even as I shifted a bit. Once I was repositioned I could feel his penis contract a little and I knew he was close to coming. I didn’t want him to come in my mouth but his hands were still on my head. His shaft was at least halfway in my mouth all the time. I couldn’t do anything except continue sucking and moving in unison with him. Finally, I felt his penis spasm and my mouth filled with his sperm. I gagged slightly from both the fluid and the force of his final thrusts. I felt like I could hardly breathe so I forced myself to swallow his load.

His penis began to shrink instantly and he released my head. As I caught my breath, I slowly removed his penis from my mouth and just laid my head on his leg. I was exhausted. Even worse, I was so embarrassed that I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to even look at Jason. I couldn’t look at him. I should have just let him tell Karen and all my friends that I dressed as a girl. That may have been better than this. I never wanted to wear panties and girl’s clothing. I never wanted to wear high heels and have makeup on my face. I never wanted to smell pretty or go to ballet class. And I certainly never wanted to kiss a boy or do the things I did with Jason.

Jason’s breathing was now more relaxed. “Wow. That was something. Now I know why guys like it so much when a girl goes down on them. Are you sure you never did that before? How was it for you?”

How was it for me? Is he a nut? It was horrible. I didn’t know if I should say that though. “Of course I never did that before. I wasn’t too crazy about it as you can imagine. It made me gag. I felt like I couldn’t breath but you didn’t seem to worried.”

“Well from where I was sitting it was all good. And you looked just like a girl doing it. I mean with your hair and clothes and everything I felt like you were a real girl going down on me for sure.”

“I’m glad you think you have a girlfriend. I wish I did too but it seems I’m the one with a horny boyfriend. I’m glad you’re getting so much dating experience.”

“Hey, you’re getting experience too.”

“Not the kind I want. Going down on you isn’t going to help me dating girls one bit. This isn’t the kind of experience I want. I don’t like sucking a guy’s cock.”

“True but at least you know what a girl feels when she’s doing it. You’ll know a lot about that. And you still look like a girl sitting there with your head lying on my lap. Did you get any stuff on my pants?”

“No. Your pants are ok. I was pretty careful. I guess I swallowed it.” I said as I got up and sat next to him on the couch. He was right. I was acting just like a girl.

“You swallowed it?”

“Yes, I swallowed it. What do you think I did with it? I didn’t know what else to do? I couldn’t even move my head since you had such a hold on it plus I felt like I was going to chock if I didn’t swallow it. I’m not too experienced at this stuff.”

“Wow. Cool. So, what did it taste like?”

“Icky. That’s what it tasted like. I didn’t really think about it but I guess it was kind of gooey, slimy and thick. I couldn’t believe you had me doing that. I feel like a fag.” As I was speaking my voice cracked with emotion. I was flooding with visions of what I just did. My eyes welled up with tears.

“Well, if you were a real boy it would be kind of faggy but I’m not too sure of that. I mean I think you’re more like a girl now. Just look at yourself. You’re even crying like a girl now. I couldn’t let a guy suck me off like that. Face it. You’re a girl now.”

Jason was right. A few months ago I was fielding balls, doing batting practice ands wearing a baseball uniform. I was getting plenty of exercise. Now the only bat and balls I was playing with were attached to my cousin. My new uniform didn’t have cleats or a hat. No, it consisted of mini skirts with cute little tops, pantyhose and high heels. Besides ballet the only exercise I got this week was making out with my cousin, giving him a hand job and just now going down on him. Why didn’t I say no. Well I did say no but not with any real meaning. I said no like a girl who really wanted it but couldn’t or wouldn’t admit it. I could have called his bluff. I could have told my mom what he was saying but I didn’t do any of those things. I just let him have his way with me. I was afraid to say no. I guess all this time spent living as a girl was really having more of an impact on me than I imagined.

I was afraid to think of where it was all leading.

Part 4

My life was topsy-turvy. Here I am sitting on the couch with my cousin Jason right after giving him a blowjob. Jason is sitting there watching television feeling all macho and stuff. He’s getting to experience what it is like to have sex with a girl. All I’m getting is a close up look, taste and feel of my own equipment. I still had the taste of him in my mouth and my lips felt sore and chapped from all the motion.

I told Jason I needed a drink so I got up and started walking to the kitchen. “You can bring me a soda too. And maybe some chips. I feel hungry all of a sudden. I guess all that activity made me hungry. How about you?”

“No. I’m not hungry at all.”

“I guess I filled your tummy up with all my love juices.”

I wanted to barf. I can’t believe he’s talking about his love juices. It was his disgusting sperm that I swallowed. “Yes. That’s it. I’m filled with your love juices. You have some imagination.”

When I returned carrying the sodas and chips, I took a big sip and felt a little better. I applied a little lipstick to soothe my chapped lips.

“Are you getting your lips ready for some more kissing? Or for something else?”

“Neither. They just felt a little chapped.” I answered. I wanted to smack him right then and there. I knew I had to figure out a way to get back at him for what he made me do. I was totally annoyed with Jason and his total lack of compassion for me. He was so totally selfish but like mom always said, “What goes around comes around.”

As I sat there on the couch getting more and more annoyed, I heard the back door slam and Mikey bounded into the room. “So what are you two up to?” He asked innocently enough.

If only he knew. “Nothing. We’re just watching the boob tube.” It was then that I realized Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was playing. That was pretty funny in a way.

Fortunately for me, Jason and I were not alone for the next two days. I felt funny as we said goodbye knowing that our relationship had undergone significant change this past week. I wasn’t sure if that would end up being good or bad but I felt more bad than good at the present.

There were only two weeks left to summer. Usually I hated when summer ended but not this year. I couldn’t wait for it to end so I could start my new life at high school. Even if mom made me dress in these clothes after school, I would have a lot of time to be a guy again.

The week after Jason left mom told me she wanted to take me out for the day. She told me to wear one of my nicer skirts and a sleeveless blouse. I asked her what we were doing but she wouldn’t tell me. I got dressed in a nice taupe skirt with a multi-colored top. Since it was warm I wore my beige wedgies. Mom was dressed similarly. Mom grabbed her purse and a folder and off we went. Our first stop was a nice restaurant for lunch. During lunch mom told me how proud she was of my behavior.

“Danielle, you’ve done very well this summer. Your behavior is vastly improved. You’ve learned to clean your room and take care of your clothing properly. Your pride in your appearance is also very noticeable. And you’ve been a big help to me in the kitchen as well. You’ve made me proud.”

I was elated. Mom was happy with me. That was a nice feeling. I was hoping Mom would tell me she was ending my punishment. Boy, was I wrong.

“But I now have a dilemma. Do I take a chance and let you go to high school as planned where you will be with your old troublemaker friends or should we find ways to build on all your hard earned progress? Now I know you won’t this but I decided you should not attend regional high. I also decided that I do not want to force you to continue living your life as a girl if you choose otherwise. But you do need to attend a school that will continue to help you develop into a good citizen and a contributor to our society. So, I’m giving you the choice between two schools.”

“Mom, are they two girls schools?”

“No. They’re not. Here’s the paperwork for your first choice. It’s the Bridgeton Military Academy.”

“A Military School? It says here that I would have to board full time. That’s not cool. And they wear uniforms.”

“Well, you may want to look at your other choice. It’s Mount Saint Mary’s.”

“That’s a girls school, mom. I thought you said they weren’t girls’ schools. I don’t want to go to either one. I want to go to regional.”

“Regional is out of the question. And only one choice is a girl’s only school. Mount Saint Mary’s has a wonderful reputation. And they have a really good girl’s soccer program too. You have to decide on either Mount Saint Mary’s or Bridgeton.”

I guess I would pick Bridgeton if I had to.” I answered a little uncertainly since the Military Academy would be no picnic either.

Mom seemed disappointed. “Okay, honey. Right after lunch we have to go over and register and get you fitted for the cadet uniform. I made appointments for today at both schools depending on your decision.”

“Register today? Uniforms? I have to go home and change first.”

“Honey, you know my rules. No boys’ clothing for you for the summer. Besides, there isn’t enough time to for you to change anyway. Our appointment is in one hour. And you look cute just as you are..”

“Mom, I may look fine to you but I can’t go to the academy dressed like this today. Those guys over there don’t fool around. Larry’s brother went there and he said it was really hard. They’ll kill me if I show up like this.”

“Well, unfortunately there isn’t anything else I can do. Today is the final day at both schools for registration so we have to go to your choice right after lunch. So if your choice is Bridgeton’s I’ll have to call Saint Mary’s and cancel our appointment.”

“Mom, wait. Don’t call yet. You know I can’t go to the Academy dressed like this. You’re forcing me to choose a girl’s school.”

“Honey, I’m not forcing you to do anything. You have the two choices right in front of you so have to pick one now. I have to go to the ladies room so you’ll have a few minutes to decide. We need to get moving as soon as I get back.”

She left me sitting there looking at the two alternatives. One would provide a cruel, quick end to my embarrassment. The cadets would kill me for sure. The other choice would lead to many years of being trapped further into this feminine web. I knew there was no way I could ever show up at Bridgeton today wearing this outfit, with my hair femininely styled and my face all made up. Mom knew it too. I was trapped once again.


“I have to go to Saint Mary’s, mom. I can’t believe you’re going to send me to a girl’s high school. I’ll never be able to get away with it.”

“Oh stop complaining. I’m not making you go anywhere. You decided but I must say that I’m really happy with your decision, sweetheart. All I had to do was to change your name and gender on the school record so you’ll be fine. I hoped that would choose Saint Mary’s. I’ll call Bridgeton and cancel your appointment. I really think Mount Saint Mary’s is the better choice for you anyway. And of course you will fit in very well there with all the girls just like you did in ballet class. Face it, Danielle. You’re really very feminine, so you’ll fit it fine. And with your grades you will definitely be accepted. Now, why don’t you go to the bathroom and freshen up before we leave. Our appointment with the admissions office is for 2:00 pm. Okay, sweetie?”

“Yes, mommy.” I answered realizing that the decision was final. I knew then and there that I would be attending a girl’s high school.

As I stood looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, I was in shock. First, it was wearing girls clothing, then it was going shopping and being forced to take ballet lessons and participate in a dance recital. Then came my deflowering with Jason, not once but twice. I had to face the embarrassment of my dad’s visit and the constant harassment from my brother. And now, I was faced with this latest twist of attending a girl’s high school. How did this happen? Could I have altered my fate? Could I still? I doubted it. Mom was a very strong willed women and I was increasingly becoming more and more compliant. I suspected the change in my vitamins had something to do with my calmer demeanor.

The drive over to Mount Saint Mary’s was really strange. I honestly could not believe this was all about to happen. When we pulled into the school’s parking lot, I was practically frozen with fear as I opened the door to exit. Mom gently brushed my hair away from my face and told me to relax and just be myself.

What a laugh that was! Be myself? She had to be kidding. Here I was all dressed up as a teenage girl preparing to register to attend an all girls’ high school. When we entered the admissions office, a woman wearing some kind of nun’s dress greeted us. After exchanging some pleasantries with mom, she led us into an office. Mom sat down in a side chair and the lady told me to sit down in front of the desk.

“Why don’t you sit right here, dear.”

I sat down demurely. I smoothed my skirt under me and femininely crossed my legs at the ankles. My hands were neatly folded in my lap. Mom’s constant training over the past four months or so was very evident in all my mannerisms. I was surprised at how extremely well coached in the art of feminine behavior I was.

This was even more surprising since I found the entire process to be extremely nerve racking.

“Danielle, I looked over your transcript and your grades have been very good with just one little blip in seventh grade. I find lots of young girls experience some minor growing pains at that age. Going from a girl to a young lady is a difficult time for any girl.”

Oh great, I thought. She’s going to start talking about my period next.

“Yes, madam.”

“Well, everything looks in order so welcome to Mount Saint Mary’s, Danielle.”

How could you be welcoming me to Mount Saint Mary’s? As I stood up, I lifted up my skirt for all to see. Look, see this. I’m not a damn girl. I’m a boy. A BOY. I may be wearing panties but you can see what’s under my panties, can’t you? Now what do you have to say about that. Do you still want me to attend your dumb girls school? I’m sure I’ll be a big hit. I could see my mom’s face turn red with anger and embarrassment as I continued to run around the office with my skirt held high above my waist. Mom was so shocked she was speechless. Meanwhile the nun was shouting at us to get out of her office.


“Danielle, say thank you to Sister Catherine, honey.”

Awaking from my little daydream, I did as mom said and thanked the sister for accepting me into her school.

“Now there are a few other things for us to review. I’ve compiled some material for you on some of the school’s activities and programs. I’m sure you will find a lot of things to interest a young lady.”

“Oh, thank you.” I said as I accepted the folder.

And here’s a little paper on our dress code and uniform. All of our students are required to wear the Mount Saint Mary uniform. Are you familiar with our uniform, dear?”

Uniform? I never really thought about that. “No, madam, I’m not.”

“All of our girls are required to wear pleated skirts, white blouses, either long sleeve or short, white knee high socks and saddle shoes. The skirt length is not to be higher than three inches above the knee. Some of our girls wear pantyhose in addition to the knee socks, especially in the colder months. If you decide to do that, the hose have to be either nude or black. No other colors are allowed. There are also some recommendations on personal grooming, things such as hairstyles, nail lengths, make up and other things in here. But I am sure none of these requirements will be of any concern for such a sweet girl. Oh, Mrs. Exner, there’s also a list of the stores that carry all of the uniforms and the prices.” Turning back to me, she continued. “Do you have any questions, dear?”

Questions? Yeah, why the hell are you letting a boy attend your dumb school? Telling me I’m a sweet girl. Can’t you tell that I’m a boy? You must be blind as a bat if you can’t see this bat in my panties.

“No madam. I don’t have any questions.”

“Well then we’ll see you in two weeks for the start of the school year, dear. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it here.”

“Yes, madam. Thank you. I’m sure I will enjoy it here too.” I lied.

“Congratulations, honey.” Mom said, as she gave me a little hug.

Sister Catherine took us for a quick tour of the school making sure to show me my homeroom. By the time we left I was still in a state of utter disbelief. I had just enrolled in a girls’ high school. I would be spending the next four years impersonating a girl. And stealing a few things from the store caused all of this. What a punishment!

It was now past four, so the uniform stores would be closed. “I guess we can go tomorrow or Friday and get you all set up.”

I forgot about the uniforms. But I guess they couldn’t be any worse than my ballerina stuff. Nothing could be that bad.

So the next day found mom and me at The Uniform Store. I felt that familiar knot in my stomach as we walked into the store. Mom told the clerk what we were looking for and she showed us the Saint Mary’s uniform. The skirt was kind of a gray, black and green plaid pattern with pleats. The clerk suggested I try on in the dressing room to see how it fit. I took it and tried it on one. It was really goofy looking due to the skirt length. It was much longer than any of the skirts I wore all summer. The sales lady must have noticed my reaction because she immediately mentioned the length.

“Most of the girls have the skirt shortened. Trust me, it looks much cuter after alterations. We can take it up to three inches above your knee if you like.”

“Yes, that will be fine. How many skirts do most of the students purchase?” Mom questioned.

As the sales lady marked the new hemline on my skirt, she answered mom’s questions. “Most of the girls purchase three for freshman year. Then they add one or two in later years.”

“And blouses?” Mom asked.

“Usually the girls buy more of those. Maybe three short sleeved and three long sleeved. That way you don’t have to do laundry every day or two. I’d recommend buying at least a half dozen knee-highs too. And most girls buy two pairs of the saddle shoes.”

“That will be fine.”

“I’ll get your order all pulled together. Our seamstress can alter her skirts right now. It only takes a few minutes to raise the hemline. And you look like a medium in blouse size and about a size seven in shoes. Is that right, honey?”

“Yes, madam. Size 7 should be fine.” I answered.

“Okay. Give me about a half an hour to get everything ready. You can look around at some of our accessories in the back if you’d like.”

Thirty minutes later we left The Uniform Store with a few bags of clothing. In addition to my uniforms, mom purchased a few pairs of white panties and bras, a school sweater, and a few pairs of the recommended pantyhose shades. Mom even made me buy a girl’s book bag. Oh yeah, I almost forgot one other thing that was on the list. I also had to buy stupid girls gym uniform and white sneakers. The gym uniform was a one piece with bloomers on the bottom and a button up top in a really pale shade of blue. It was so queer.

As soon as we got home mom insisted that I go up stairs and try on my uniform. I only tried in on piecemeal in the store and mom wanted to see how cute I looked. As I was in my room changing I heard my brother come home. Oh great I thought. Now I have to put up with him again too. By now I was standing there in my white knee high socks and my panties and bra. I slipped on my short sleeve school blouse and stepped into my pleated skirt. The only thing remaining was to put on my saddle shoes. I stood there totally dressed in my new Mount Saint Mary’s schoolgirl uniform in a state of utter humiliation and disbelief. I could hear my mom calling me.

“Honey, are you almost ready?”

Taking a deep breath, I walked down stairs to face mom and Mikey wearing my stupid uniform. I wasn’t sure if mom told Mikey about this latest situation but I could tell by his surprised look he wasn’t aware of my change in schools.

“Oh honey, that uniform looks precious on you. Turn around for mommy. Oh, that’s really too cute for words. How do your shoes feel? Do they pinch?”

I felt like a total sissy turning around for my mother. She was treating me more and more like her precious little girl and I responding. As I turned back to face them both, Mikey blurted out, “What’s all this? You look like a catholic schoolgirl in that getup. Don’t tell me you’re going to a girls school now.”

“Danielle decided that she wants to attend Mount Saint Mary’s this fall.” Turning towards me, she turned the screw. “That was your decision, wasn’t it, honey?”

‘Yes, but you”

“No buts. You had a choice of going to either an all boy school or an all girl school and you choose Saint Mary’s. That’s all there is to it.”

“Well, I kind of had a choice but not really.”

“Danielle, you know very well you had a choice and you made it all by yourself.”

“This is too much. My brother is going to an all girl school. What a hoot. And mom’s right. You do look precious in your school girl uniform.”

“Oh shut up, you dumb ass.” I shouted as I tried to slap him in his face.

“Danielle. What do you think you’re doing? Such language and trying to hit your brother is very unbecoming behavior for a young lady. You apologize to your brother right now or you will be going to regional high dressed exactly as you are now. I’m sure your friends will just love seeing you going to high school in your catholic schoolgirl uniform. Or perhaps you’d want to wear your new girls’ gym uniform instead. Now apologize to your brother this instant, young lady.”

I hated it when she called me young lady. That sounds even dumber than calling me a girl. Young lady sounded so prissy and she called me that in front of Mikey. And now I even had to apologize to my stupid brother when he was the one that started it. I couldn’t even face him so I looking down at the floor as I mumbled a weak apology.

“I’m sorry for swearing at you and trying to hit you.”

“No big deal. You looked just like a girl trying to smack me. I’m sure it wouldn’t have hurt.” It was almost like he was the big brother now and I was in the role of the younger sibling, a girl sibling at that.

And so the stage was set for the next step in my life. I could only imagine what the next year would be like.

Mom and I had to take care of some loose strings before school started.. Mom had me (Danny) call a few of my old baseball buddies to tell them I was going to be moving in with my dad and going to school there. That way no one would suspect anything. I (Danielle) also had to call Karen and tell her that I decided to stay with my mom and that I would be attending Mount Saint Mary’s. Karen was excited that we would be able to continue our friendship even though she would be attending regional high.

During the final few weeks of summer, mom continued to work with me on my feminine actions, demeanor, traits and behaviors to ensure that my transition to Mount Saint Mary’s would be a smooth one. The final days of summer raced by and as I fell asleep I realized tomorrow was the first day of classes at Mount Saint Mary’s.

Part 5

As I lay in bed waiting for dawn, I didn’t sleep very well between my nerves and the curlers mom put in my hair last night. I hated it when mom set my hair especially since my stupid brother always teased me. Even I had to admit that I looked really dumb in curlers and even worse, they were so uncomfortable. But mom wouldn’t accept no for an answer. She wanted to make sure my hair looked cute for my first day of high school. Cute wasn’t exactly what I wanted to look like on my first day of high school. After setting my hair, mom decided we should have a beauty night to get me ready for school. As I sat relaxing in the tub I noticed that my body hair seemed not to be growing as fast or as dark as it first did but I didn’t really think too much of it. After drying off I slipped on my nightgown and robe and joined mom in her room. We applied some different lotions to our legs, arms and body so that our skin felt soft and silky. We also gave ourselves a manicure and pedicure. I had to use a light shade of pink on my fingernails since Mount Saint Mary’s didn’t allow its girls (I mean students) to wear dark shades of polish or lipstick. Evidently dark shades were not considered lady-like.

Mom was busy talking to me about school and stuff all night long. She was all excited that I was starting high school and growing up. Me, I was just worried that I would get caught impersonating a girl and everyone would make fun of me. I always thought attending high school would be so cool. You know, hanging out with my friends, fooling around in the hallways and just having a good time. I thought I would be playing sports on a few of the freshman teams and maybe even have a girlfriend. There was little chance of that happening in my current mode of dress. The only girlfriends I would have would really be girl friends. Thinking of girlfriends also brought back thoughts of Jason and what he did to me. I would never treat my girlfriend like that. He was so mean. Even though a few weeks have passed since that episode, I still was very upset that he forced me to have sex with him. He may have thought it was voluntary but I knew better. There was no way I would have ever done that if he didn’t threaten to expose me to my friends. I would definitely figure out a way to get even.

But I had other things on my mind this evening. Sitting in my mother’s bedroom with curlers in my hair, polish on my fingernails and toenails, body lotion all over my arms and hairless legs, I had other worries. Tomorrow I will have to get up, get ready for school and spend my first day as a Mount Saint Mary’s freshman. Even the term freshman made me laugh. There was nothing man about it. I would be all girl tomorrow from the skin out.

As I said earlier, sleep came with some difficulty that night. I was up bright and early for my shower since I felt a bit sweaty from all the tossing and turning. Upon returning to my room, I knew I had to get ready for school. By now it was second nature for me to step into my panties and hook my bra into place. I’ve been doing those things for some months now. Today under my panties I wore a nude color, spandex thong. Mom suggested I should start wearing one every day since it would very nicely hide certain anatomical parts.

I sat down on the bed and slipped on my white knee high socks with the MSM monogram on the top. The socks were a thin nylon and seemed very girlish to me. In a way they seemed even more feminine than wearing pantyhose since they were much more visible to the eye. Anyone would be able to see that I would be wearing girl’s knee-highs from quite far away. But then again I would be wearing a girl’s blouse and a schoolgirl skirt so it really didn’t seem to matter very much. I felt so nervous that nothing seemed to matter very much.

After putting on my uniform, I sat down at my vanity and removed the rollers from my hair. I tried to comb it out in a style that mom showed me. It wasn’t as good as she did it but it looked ok. I then applied a little mascara to my lashes and a touch of pink lipstick to my lips to complete my transformation.

As I stood and looked at my reflection in the mirror, I did see a schoolgirl. I looked like any other girl on her way to classes. I grabbed my new book bag, got my purse and headed downstairs for breakfast.

Mikey was sitting at the table and mom was by the refrigerator. “Honey, you look very nice in your uniform and you did wonderfully with your hair. You even put a scrunchy in it. How cute! My little girl looks all grown up on her first day of high school. Why don’t you sit down? I have your cereal right here. Don’t forget to smooth out your skirt. Those pleated skirts look terrible when they get all wrinkled.”

I hated it when mom said dumb things like that to me in front of my stupid brother. I wanted to scream at her that I was her son and not her little girl but I didn’t utter a word. I sat down silently at the table as mom placed a bowl of cold cereal in front of me. I sure didn’t feel very hungry but I just sat there and forced myself to eat something. I felt like a total fool sitting there across from my brother who was wearing jeans and a tee shirt. Last year at this time I would have been wearing the exact same thing, but not today. Today I was totally dressed in girl’s clothing from the skin out. I so wanted to go to regional high but today I was going to a girl’s school. He knew it. I knew it. He didn’t make things any easier either. Every time I looked over at him he made some kind of stupid gesture or just gave me a silly grin.

As I tried to eat a little more of my cereal, mom announced it was time to go. She would take Mikey to school with her since he was still in her school. She would drop me off at the bus stop on her way. I had to pick up my purse and school bag as we all walked out together. Mikey got in the front seat with mom and I just quietly sat in the back like the good girl I was fast becoming. I hardly ever showed any aggression when it came to my brother or for that matter, anyone else. It was just easier to let my brother have his way.

The bus stop was a few blocks from our house. I was so nervous that I wished the car seat would swallow me up. As our car approached the corner, mom stopped to allow me to get out. I could see one other girl wearing her uniform already there waiting for the bus. As I stepped from the car, mom called me over to her window.

“Honey, relax and enjoy your first day of school. Everything will be just fine. Just remember everything you’ve learned this summer and you’ll be fine. Call me right after school, ok, sweetie? You have everything you need in your purse? Money? Your keys?”

Yes mom, I have everything. I’ll call you right after school.”

Mikey had to get it one last dig as well.

“Yeah, those purses are so handy. You can keep all your make up and stuff in them. Have fun at school with all your new girlfriends.”

As they drove off, I slowly walked over to the bus stop. My high school life was about to start in earnest. From that moment on, I knew my life would never be the same. I remember how nervous I was as I approached my fellow student at the bus stop. I remember how nervous I was as our bus pulled up to the stop. I could feel my heart racing as the door opened and Sally and I mounted the stairs. I noticed her pleated skirt shifting gently as she walked up the steps to the bus and how cute she looked in her white knee-highs. I could even see a little bit of her thighs. Then I remembered that I probably looked just as cute in mine and other girls and even worse boys would be checking me out as well.

I remember sitting down in our seats and hearing the clatter, as 20 young girls were all eagerly chatting about their summers. Then din was deafening. And here I was in their midst. Even though I spent a good part of the past six months dressing and impersonating a girl, this was a much more intense experience. During the summer, I spent a great deal of my time as a girl alone or with family. While I did go to dance class, those sessions were short and for the most part we just danced. We didn’t really interact that much with each other. Besides that, most of the other girls were younger so I had an advantage. While I did spend some one on one time with Karen, I felt totally unprepared for my present situation.

I can remember how unsteady my legs felt as I debarked from the bus and entered into the main entrance of Mount Saint Mary’s and headed off to my homeroom. I took a seat and awaited my fate.

I remember how strange it felt during that first role call. I can still hear sister telling us to say present and stand as she called out each girl’s name. I hated the thought that I would be included in that roll call as one of the girls. When I heard her call Danielle Exner, I cringed but managed to say ‘present, sister’ as I rose from my seat. Indeed, I was now one of the girls. After sister finished with the roll call, she told us to take our seats. Evidently displeased with the way we all sat, she made us all stand up and try to sit like young ladies. “Here at Mount Saint Mary’s we expect our students to act like young ladies. Now, try to sit like young ladies. Smooth your skirts before sitting and then cross your feet at the ankles. And please girls, keep those knees together.” After a brief pause, we all took our seats for the second time. I had a lot of practice sitting like a girl these past few weeks, but I still felt really silly doing it with about 20 other teenage girls.

“That was much better, girls. Just remember you’re expected to sit like young ladies at all times.”

I knew right then and there that girl would be a term I would be hearing quite often.

That first week of school was filled with a lot of firsts for me. I had my first time in the cafeteria sitting with a few other freshman girls. I had my first visit to the girl’s room in my new school. Unlike my few previous experiences in ladies room, this time the room was filled with a bunch of girls all having to pee at the same time. I can remember sitting down in the stall and seeing girls similarly attired on both sides of me. As I peed I couldn’t help but notice my panties down by my knees, knowing that the girls on each side of me were doing the same thing.

I remember so many awkward moments those first few days. The rides to and from school on the bus, the constant worry of living my make believe life, the fear of slipping up and saying something wrong or doing something out of character. I remembered getting my class schedule, my books with the Mount Saint Mary’s covers and the list of extra-curricular activities available after school. In addition to a few sports things, the schedule included lots of traditional girl things, like cooking, sewing, needlepoint and art. I knew mom would insist that I participate in one or more of these activities.

I remember some of those first conversations with different groups of girls. As they talked about fashion, music, clothing, accessories, hairstyles, feminine hygiene, I realized how little I truly knew about being a girl. I may be wearing panties and a bra but I knew next to nothing about being a girl and about the things that interested them. I knew I needed mom’s help more than ever if I was to be successful in keeping my secret. For a brief instant I figured who cares, let them catch me. But then I realized how embarrassing that would be now. I’d be exposed as some kind of queer or something in two different schools. All my old school friends would know and so would all the other girls at Mount Saint Mary’s. I’d be laughed right out of the state. So with each passing week, I became more and more concerned and worried about being exposed. I had so much more to lose now than ever before.

But anyway, mom was so pleased when I told her all about my worries and doubts about really knowing what it is like to be a girl. Mom gave me a hug and told me not to worry. She promised that she would spend lots of time educating me on the finer aspects of feminine knowledge and behavior. I wasn’t too sure I really wanted to know all this stuff but I also knew I didn’t want to be exposed as a boy, especially a boy in an all girl school.

And so my advanced training began. Although I have been dressing as a girl for months I soon realized how little I knew about girl’s clothing. Just take tops, for example. As Danny my tops were either dress shirts or tee shirts. That was it. As Danielle, I had to know about blouses, styles, buttons, collars, fabrics, etc. I had to know the difference between a sleeveless shell and a tube top, a dressy top with spaghetti straps versus an off the shoulder top. I had to know about different necklines. There were v-necks, cowl necks, turtle necks, crew necks, scooped necks, peasant blouses, just to name a few. Even sleeve lengths were all over the place. Then I had to learn which fabrics were dressy and which were considered casual and what you had to wear under both types.

As Danny I wore either pants or shorts. Life wasn’t nearly that simple for a girl. In addition to shorts and pants, there were short shorts, capris, high rider jeans, low-rider jeans, boot cut, regular cut, even stretch pants. Skirts and dresses were also not so straightforward. There were different styles, different lengths, different cuts, and they all had to be considered.

So you think socks were the same? Think again. Girls have all kinds of different foot things. Naturally, girls wear regular socks just like boys but then girls have trouser socks, short socks, floppy socks and those goofy socks with the little balls in the back. And then there are knee-highs, thigh-highs, stockings and pantyhose. And of yeah, your socks have to be the exact same shade as your top so you match.

Nothing was simple for a girl. Even their monthly calendar was different. Girls had a monthly cycle that caused their bodies to change. They got PMS, cramps, bloating, upset stomachs and then they bled for 6 or 7 days. The early days were heavy flow days, according to mom. Now I had to deal with heavy flow days, too? And for that entire time, girls had to wear sanitary napkins between their legs that they have to change every few hours so they don’t get blood on their panties. Mom said I should mark my cycle on the calendar so I would know when I would be due for my period, too. She also made me wear sanitary pads for those weeks so I could better sympathize with my fellow students. They weren’t very comfortable especially in the warmer weather. That’s when I learned about all the personal hygiene products that were available. That was one embarrassing shopping trip to the drug store with mom. I wanted to hide that day but I knew I had to learn this stuff to be successful..

So, you can see I had quite an education outside the classroom as well as inside the class.

Mom insisted that I do a few extra curricular things after school. Therefore, I enrolled in a sewing class and a jazzercise class at my ballet school with Mrs. Taylor.

The sewing class was a little embarrassing. The first week mom and I had to go out to a fabric store and select a dress pattern and some material. And mom insisted we stop one afternoon after we picked up my brother. I was mortified as mom looked through all the dress patterns specifically for young teenage girls. All of the dresses were fairly short since that was the current rage. After we finally settled on a beginner pattern we had to pick out the fabric. Mom insisted I pick out something every feminine so we only looked at the lightest pastel shades in some lightweight cotton, silk and linen. We settled on a few choices and then mom asked Mikey which one he thought would look the cutest. Aughh. How could she do that to me?

Naturally sewing was a new experience for me. In class we each partnered up with another student since we were to work in pairs. I partnered with Gloria. The first step in dressmaking is to take accurate measurements so Gloria and I had to measure each other. Gloria was very petite but it appeared she had a nice shape hidden behind her schoolgirl uniform. When she measured me I was surprised that my measurements were not significantly different than hers. My waist was a 27, my hips were a 28 and my chest was a 32. I noticed recently that my breasts were even budding a little and I was now filling my A cup bra.

That night I told mom about my breasts. “Mom, my breasts were almost as big as Gloria’s. How is that possible?”

“Are you sure, honey?”

“Yes, I’m sure. We measured each other so I’m positive. Sister showed us how to properly measure both our chest and our cup size. Besides, I’m filling out my bra now. I’m going to change now anyway so you can see for yourself.” I then stepped out of my skirt and unbuttoned my school blouse.

“Well I’m not really sure. They do look a little puffy but they’re certainly not filling out your bra and that cup size is the smallest. Maybe your chest is a little irritated from wearing bras all the time. I’m sure its nothing to worry about. In fact, it’s a blessing in disguise since it helps you blend in some much better with all the other girls. I mean you all are at the age when you start to blossom into young women. This is such an exciting time for young ladies. Before you know it, the boys will be chasing after all you girls.”

“Mom, I don’t want breasts and I sure don’t want any boys chasing after me. That’s all I need.”

Mom tried to assure me that all this was quite normal. “Well, don’t panic. Let’s just see how things develop for a while. Many boys your age experience minor breast development since your hormonal balance is shifting. It’s all quite normal. In fact I think I see a little hair on your legs, too. Have you started to sprout any hairs down below?” She said as she pointed to my panties.

I’m sure I blushed a bright red as I answered her. “Mom! Of course I have some hair there. I’m not a baby anymore.”

“Well, I know my little girl isn’t a baby anymore. I’m not blind. But you do know girls groom down there.”

I wanted to debate this little girl thing with her but I was much more concerned about grooming. Besides how could I argue with her anymore about being a girl? I mean, just look at me.


“Yes, groom. Trim it back a little and shave it into a little patch. Lots of women get bikini waxes, too. Let me see.”

I really didn’t like the sound of a bikini wax even though I wasn’t too sure of what it was. Mom then started staring at my panties and she said she could see a few hairs sticking out the sides a little.

“See those little hairs. That’s what I’m talking about. And you have a few hairs right over here below your belly button. All those have to go. Girls don’t like to be hairy. And I can see that you’ll have to start shaving your legs and underarms, too. You can’t go running around with a hairy body. That’s very unladylike. Come on. I’ll show you how to shave your legs and underarms now. You’ll have to shave down below but I’ll have to tell you what to do.”

Mom took me into the bathroom and had me sit on the side of the tub and wet my legs. She then lathered my legs with shaving cream and showed me how to glide the razor up my legs. She then let me do a few strokes on my own. I nicked myself once by the knee. I could not believe that I was now shaving my legs like any other teenage girl.

“Slow down. This isn’t a race. You have to be careful by your knees and ankles especially. Ok, now for down below. Use these scissors and trim your hair down a bit so it’s not too bushy. Then shave that area into a little triangle patch, like this.” She said as she traced a little triangle on the tub. “Then put on a lot of water and cream and shave this entire area so that you don’t have any hairs sticking out your panties. That looks so gross. And for God’s sake, go slow and be careful. Call me when you’re done.”

After mom left, I filled the tub with a little water and after removing my panties, gently sat down in the warm bath water. I didn’t really have all that much hair there yet so I decided not to use the scissors but I knew I had to shave. I liberally spread the shaving cream all over my groin and very, very gingerly began to shave off my straggly hairs and shaped my patch into a little odd shape. After about fifteen minutes or so, I finally finished with no nicks or cuts but I did feel a little sore and chaffed. I dried off, put on clean panties and called mom.

After she looked carefully at my legs, underarms and groin, she said I did really well.

I was relieved that she didn’t ask me to drop my panties so she could see how well I did. I would have been so embarrassed by that. I hated it when I saw myself naked anymore. I was very feminine looking from the waist up and from my feet to my upper thighs. The only thing not feminine was what was between my legs. It was all so very confusing. When mom first made me dress, I felt like a boy trapped into girl’s clothing. Now I felt much more like a girl with male equipment between my legs. I mean most of the time I really felt like a real girl since I was totally immersed into femininity all day, every day. Yet whenever I was naked I was starkly aware that I was still a boy.

“Here, honey. Put on some of this lotion. It will help reduce some of the razor burn and the chance of ingrown hairs. Plus it will help to put back a lot of the moisture you lose when you shave. It will make your legs look extra pretty so make sure you always do this every time you shave.”

“Okay. I will mom.” I had to admit that my legs did look so much nicer now. I guess I didn’t realize how much peach fuzz I had. My legs looked so much smoother and they actually glistened from the lotion.

I still wasn’t so sure of her logic about my budding breast but I figured she must know more than me so I forgot about it for a while. And I had to admit that having an A cup did help me pass at some critical times. I still wondered if those vitamins she gave me every morning were partially to blame.

Anyway, after another dozen or so sewing classes, we all managed to complete our dresses and were allowed to bring them home. Actually most of our dresses came out looking better than we all expected. I hated it when I found out each of us girls had to model our dress at the final class with our partner. Then all of us got to vote on the best ones. Gloria was really into sewing and she was anxious to win the vote.

“Hey, make sure you bring your heels and pantyhose tomorrow for the class. I think we should get dressed up a little to show off our dresses better. I don’t think the other girls are doing that so we may have an edge. I may even wear a cool hat if I can find one that looks right.”

I wasn’t really into getting all dressed up like that but I knew it was important to Gloria. The next day I felt a little strange bringing my high heels and pantyhose to school but I did it anyway. Naturally the next morning in the car, mom noticed I had an extra bag and she asked me what I had. I didn’t want to answer her with my stupid brother being there but what could I do.

“It’s a pair of heels and pantyhose.”

“Why do you need that?”

“Well, we finished our sewing project and we have to show each other our dress.”

“Oh, how sweet. You all get to model your dresses. Did your dress come out really nice, honey?”

Mikey was now laughing at the thought of me modeling a dress I made. I really hated it when Mom talked about feminine things to me when he was around. It was so embarrassing.

“It came out okay I guess.”

“Make sure you bring it home today. Mikey and I would love to see it, right Mikey?”

“Sure Mom.” He said laughingly.

That afternoon each pair of girls got up and showed off their dresses. When it was almost our turn Gloria and I headed off to the girls room to change. I had to admit it felt very weird to be in the girl’s room with Gloria as she started removing her school uniform. I too started to remove my blouse and skirt and then we were both standing there in our bra and panties. Most guys would kill to be in this situation. I mean here I was with a really cute girl and she was peeling off her clothes right in front of me. And the fact that she was wearing the prettiest bra and panties made it even more alluring. We both struggled with our pantyhose since they’re not the easiest things to put on when you’re trying to balance on one foot. But somehow in the midst of all our giggling we did manage to get them up. I was so thankful that Mom had me wearing those really tight thongs under my panties since they insured nothing ever showed even at times like this. I would die if Gloria ever thought I was a boy.

After we zipped each other up we gave each other a final look. Gloria looked so good in her dress. It fit her perfectly and really showed off her figure. It was kind of funny but in our uniforms none of us look like we have any shape at all. After slipping on our heels, Gloria gave me a big hug as we wished each other good luck. We headed back to class. All the other girls were hooting and laughing since we went to an obvious extreme to increase our chances to win. However, we only came in second but we still were proud. Sister gave us each a little silver thimble as our prize.

As we were leaving class that afternoon, Gloria asked me if I was doing anything on Saturday. “It’s my birthday and my mom said it was okay if I invited a few girlfriends over to celebrate. I hope you can come. Can you?”

I couldn’t think of a reason fast enough to say no, so I just agreed. “Sure, I can come.”

“Great. Carol, Mary Beth, Anna and Traci all are coming too. We’ll have fun. And don’t forget to bring your pajamas. Mom said everyone could sleep over.”

Oh my God. How would I ever pull this off? A pajama party with five girls was more than I was prepared for.

When I got home that day I told mom all about the final class and how we came in second. After dinner, Mom insisted that I change into my dress so her and my brother could see it on me. I wanted to ask Mom’s advice on how to get out of the pajama party but I was too embarrassed to even mention it in front of my brother.

I hated lots of things about being trapped in this feminine world but the thing I still hated the most was having Mikey see me in all these embarrassing situations. As I changed from my school uniform into my dress I knew tonight promised to be another one of those for sure.

Since I still had on my pantyhose from earlier it only took me a few minutes to change. I also just put on the same heels I brought to school. When I walked into the family room, my mother and brother were sitting watching television.

“Oh honey. That dress looks so cute on you. Turn around so I can see the back.

So I did a little pirouette without even thinking about it. It was just another example of how I was becoming more and more immersed in my feminine life.

Oh my God, it’s adorable. You did such a good job. Mikey, can you believe Danielle made that dress all by herself? Don’t you think she did a great job on it?”

“Yeah. I guess. I can’t believe she would want to sew like that. It’s way too girly for me. I prefer doing guy things.”

“Danielle, tell your brother about the little show you girls had to put on today at school.”

So now I had to recount the story about trying on the dress, modeling it before the other girls and the vote.

“You mean you had to change in front of another girl?”

“Of course. Your sister fits in totally with all the girls at school. She’s even getting a cute little shape. Can’t you tell? Any young girl would be proud of that figure, isn’t that right honey?”

“Mom! Some things are personal, you know.” I was afraid that she would tell him about my budding breasts, which would have been horrible.

“Sorry honey. I know some things are sensitive for young ladies. We’ll just keep it between us girls.”

“I can’t believe you get to see other girls in their underwear and stuff. That’s pretty cool.”

Finally, Mikey had seen something about me that he liked. “Yes, I guess that is kind of cool.” I responded.

“Well I guess it would be really cool if you weren’t wearing the same stuff they are. And now you’re even making stuff to wear. I know one thing for certain. When I get to see a girl in her underwear, I sure won’t be wearing matching panties and a bra like you do. That’s so faggy.”

I wanted to tell him it wasn’t but I knew that would be a lie. I knew he was 100% correct.

Later that evening after I got ready for bed, I knocked on my mom’s bedroom door to talk to her.

“Mom, Gloria invited me to her birthday party this Saturday.”

“Oh, honey, that’s wonderful. I’m glad to see you’re making friends. That’s so nice.”

“Mom! It’s not nice. It’s a pajama party. I can’t go to a sleepover with five girls. You have to help me.”

“Okay. I will. Don’t worry. We’ll buy a nice present and we can even get you new pajamas.”

“I mean you have to help me get out of this. I can’t go>”

“Stop fretting. You’ll have so much fun. I remember how I loved having sleepovers with my girlfriends when I was your age. We laughed, we talked, we listened to music, we all practiced dancing and we talked about boys, boys, and more boys. The only thing we didn’t do much is sleep. But you can sleep any night so it’s fun to stay up all night for special sleepovers. We’ll have to go shopping tomorrow to get everything you’ll need. Oh this is so exciting. I can’t wait to hear all about it.”

Part 6

The next day after school mom insisted on taking me shopping. She said we had to buy Gloria something cute for her birthday and she wanted to buy me a few new things for the sleepover. So right after dinner mom and I drove over to the mall. Fortunately for me, Mikey was having dinner over one of his friends so I didn’t have to put up with his incessant teasing.

Mom and I went to a few of the anchor stores to see if we could find something for Gloria. I wasn’t too sure about her interests so we had to get some general. We looked at some clothing choices, some perfume and some jewelry choices. We finally decided on a really cute necklace and bracelet set that complimented the dress she made in class. I just knew she would really like it.

After we selected her present, mom focused the rest of the shopping trip on me. “Honey, you’re going to need a new nightie and a cute pair of socks for bed and at least something new for you to wear on Sunday morning.”

“Mom, why can’t I just go over to Gloria’s house for a few hours and then come home. Can’t we think up an excuse so I could come home? I don’t want to go to a girl’s pajama party. I’ll feel so dopey hanging around all night with a bunch of girls.”

“Danielle, just stop it. It’s natural for you to be a bit worried about new experiences but the only way to grow and mature is to try new things. I’m sure you’ll be nervous but I’m also sure you will really have fun. Believe me, a pajama party with a few girlfriends is a joy well worth experiencing. You’ll love it. So stop your complaining and let’s find you something cute to wear for your big night.”

I wasn’t really in the mood for shopping but I knew mom was right. I knew I didn’t want to wear my baby doll pajamas to Gloria’s sleepover. I would feel really, really silly wearing something so sheer and feminine. So, getting new pajamas was a must and getting a new outfit for Sunday wasn’t a bad idea either. Mom and I went to the sleepwear section and I was amazed at all the choices I had. There were shortie pajamas, baby dolls, long nightshirts, shorter nightshirts, footsie pajamas and of course regular ones. I quickly eliminated the baby dolls and was trying to decide between the styles of nightshirts. I finally settled on a short-sleeved, pale green one that ended at mid thigh. It was kind of cute with the bunny rabbit embroidered on the front. I thought it might look a little too young but mom thought it was perfect.” And it even came with matching panties. I figured the extra protection wasn’t a bad idea either. And we also found a cute pair of socks in the exact shade of green to complete my ensemble. As we paid for my purchases, I couldn’t believe I would be wearing this pretty nightgown with five other girls similarly dressed. In a funny way my life could be like a dream for most guys. What teenage boy wouldn’t want to spend the night with five girls, especially if they were all wearing pajamas or nightgowns?

After we paid for my pajamas, we headed over to the junior section where I picked out a few skirts and a couple of tops. Mom and I took all the items to the dressing room where I tried them each on. We finally settled on a cute, flippy, low riser skirt with a coordinated top. It was casual but in a nice way. I could even wear it to church on a Sunday morning or out to breakfast if we ended up doing that.

By the time we got home I felt really tired so I just went up to my room, took a shower, put on my baby doll pajamas and set my hair. I got into the habit of putting at least a few curlers in my hair most nights to give it some body. I guess I was used to them because they didn’t either bother my sleeping any more.

The Friday night before the party, mom helped me wrap Gloria’s birthday gift in some pretty paper. She also gave me one of her overnight bags to use. I was amazed at all the stuff I had to bring for just one night. In addition to my pajamas and my outfit for Sunday I needed to pack clean panties, bras, a different pair of sandals, some barrettes for my hair, a make up case with lipstick, mascara, some foundation and blush, some body lotion, perfume, a case for my jewelry, some facial cleansers and slippers. I felt like I was going away for the entire month. Before I would have only brought clean underwear and socks.

That Saturday morning mom and I were packing all my things when Mikey noticed all the commotion and asked what was going on.

“Danielle was invited to a birthday party sleepover at Gloria’s tonight. We’re just making sure everything she needs is packed and ready for her. You know girls need a lot more stuff than boys do, right, Danielle?”

Oh great. Now I had to explain to my dumb brother the trials and tribulations of a teenage girl’s packing dilemma. Boys would never understand all the issues involved in putting together a girls’ outfit.

“Yes, mom. Girls do need more stuff.”

“I know honey. Just look at all the things you need as a girl. You need more hair care products, more creams and lotions for your face and body, more accessories, more shoes, more underwear and more clothing. So, Mikey, consider yourself lucky.”

“Yeah, sure Mom. I’m not lucky; I’m just all boy. That’s not reason for sympathy. It’s a reason for joy. You’re actually very fortunate that you’re now on the right path I would just stay at home if I had to pack all that stuff for one night. And I would never wear any of that for even one second. One girl in the family is enough for me, right Danielle?”

I wanted to smack him in the face. He just had to rub it in my face every chance he got. He would never pack like me. He would never wear anything feminine or girlish. He wouldn’t do this and he wouldn’t do that. He was all boy and I was his dumb sister now.

My thoughts were interrupted by my mother’s voice. “Honey, show your brother your pretty new nightshirt you’re going to wear tonight at the sleepover. It’s so adorable.”

I didn’t really want Mikey to see my stupid nightgown. I was sure he would have something mean to say.

“I’m not sure where it is, mom.”

“It’s right on top of your overnight bag, honey. I can see it from here. Take it out so Mikey can see how cute it is.”

Of course she could see it. I’m sure she knew I knew where it was too. So I had no choice but to reach in the bag and removed my nightshirt with the matching panties still attached.

“See.” I said as I held it up for my brother to examine.

Laughingly, he teased me just as I expected. “Oh, that is sooooooooo cute. I just love the little bunny. And it even has little matching panties. I’m sure you’ll be the cutest GIRL at the party. I’m surprised you’re not wearing one of your baby doll sets since you seem to like them so much.”

“I don’t like them that much. They’re just cooler to sleep in, that’s all. Besides, mom bought all those for me, anyway.”

“Big deal. You wear them and that’s all that matters. So, just go have a fun sleepover with all your silly girlfriends.”

“Mikey that will be enough young man.”

“I gotta go anyway, mom. You and Danielle don’t need my help with all this girlie stuff. I’m going over Walt’s for a while. We’re going to play some video games.”

“Okay, but don’t be too late.”

As soon as he left I was annoyed with my mother. “Mom, why do you insist on embarrassing me in front of him all the time. I hate it when you make me show him stuff like my dumb nightgown. It’s bad enough that he sees me dressed like a girl all the time.”

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed at all. Your pajamas are cute, so what? That’s not a big deal. After all he sees you all the time in your little baby doll sets that you wear every night. Besides I want him to appreciate all the work that goes into being a girl so that he learns to respect women better than your father ever did. He’s still a bit young to appreciate everything we do to look nice but he will learn, as he gets a bit older. You should appreciate your femininity more. And remember he’s younger and I’m sure he’s just going through that awkward stage.”

Now she’s telling me about my stupid brother’s awkward stage. This was unbelievable. After all I’ve gone through, it’s hard for me to be sympathetic towards my brother. I mean after all I was the one going through tough times. You have to admit its awkward to be forced to wear girl’s clothing. Going to a girl’s ballet class is pretty awkward too. And let’s not forget the awkwardness of attending an all girl high school. And I certainly think that any boy who has to sew a dress and then model it would find that experience a little embarrassing. Yet, it was my sweet little brother who was going through his awkward stage.

“Mom, don’t make me laugh. He has no appreciation for what I’ve been going through. He thinks the whole thing is hilarious. I’m the one who should get the sympathy.”

“Sympathy? Honey, you should feel honored. I mean you’ve been lucky enough to experience lots of unique things. Unique for a boy, that is. And you have matured so much in the past eight or nine months. You’ve gone from a self-centered ruffian to a beautiful young lady without missing a beat. You’ve developed self-confidence, grace and poise. You’ve dramatically improved your grades at school. You’re associating with a much better class of friends now than those old friends of yours. That’s not reason for sympathy. It’s a reason for joy. You’re actually very fortunate that you’re now on the right path.”

Right path? I really think my mom is wacky. I may be on the right path but I was on it in the wrong clothes and shoes. I never expected to be walking down the right path in dresses and high heels. But what was the sense in arguing with my mother? She already won the battle of the wills. I mean look at me and look at where I would be later today.

Dejectedly, I answered. “Sure, mom. I guess I am pretty lucky.”

Mom gave me a hug. “Honey, I know at times this is difficult but you’re doing wonderfully. Trust me, in time you will appreciate this entire experience more than you’ll ever know. I’m so proud to have you as my daughter.”

Mom planned to drive me over to Gloria’s house. I was nervous in the car. This would be the ultimate challenge for me. I mean it’s one thing to go to school and pass as a girl but it’s quite a different thing to spend more than 24 hours with five girls, especially when we’d all be sleeping together. Mom sensed my nervousness.

“Danielle. Stop fretting. You’re going to have a great time at your first slumber party. Just relax and go with the flow. Now promise me you’ll relax and enjoy yourself.”

“I will mom.” We were now in front of Gloria’s house. I got out of the car, grabbed my overnight bag and headed for the door. Mom waited until the door opened and Gloria and I went inside.

Within the next fifteen minutes all the girls arrived for the party. For some strange reason I discovered girls all scream whenever a new girl arrives. It was kind of silly but it was also fun in a crazy way. So after all our screaming, I now found myself hanging out with five other girls in the basement family room. The room was pretty large with some sofas and comfy chairs to lounge in. There was a lot of snack food on a few tables and there was a refrigerator filled with beverages. So we sure had enough food and soda for the night. And we had music since Gloria had her stereo blasting out some popular songs.

We all settled into den and before I realized it I was having a really fun time. We were all talking and singing, and just doing silly things. Gloria opened all her presents. She got some perfume, a few blouses, my necklace and pajamas. After we finished with the presents, Gloria’s mom cooked us some hamburgers and hotdogs later and then we all settled in for the night.

I was a little apprehensive about changing clothes in front of the other girls. I wasn’t sure if we’d each go change separately or if we’d all end up changing in one room. Mary Beth was the first to go into the bathroom but then Anna said there was no need to wait.

“I’m going to change right here. I want to get comfy.”

With that the other girls all agreed and before I knew it everyone was starting to change right there in the open. Not wanting to look like a prude, I also started changing. I took off my blouse and pants which left be standing there in my bra and panties. I got my bag and took out my nightgown, which I quickly slipped over my head and lowered it in place. I was careful not to put my arms through the sleeves so I was able to remove my bra and drop it down. Once the nightgown was lowered I stepped out of my panties and then put on the matching pair. I must have changed in some record setting time since when I looked up the other girls were all in various stages of undress. Traci was standing there removing her bra. I was surprised at the size of her boobies. She made me look like a little kid. Anna was also standing there in just her panties too. I was trying not to stare but I couldn’t help looking at them. They were both very pretty.

“Wow. Danielle, you must be a speed changer. I can’t believe you have your nightie on already. Look at us, we’re still practically naked.”

“I guess I was kind of fast or you guys are just too slow.”

“Can you get me my pajamas? They’re right on top of my bag over there by you.”

I opened Anna’s bag and grabbed the light nylon gown on top and handed it to her.


Her gown was short and very skimpy. It didn’t leave much to the imagination for sure. She just tossed it on over her head and then tossed her bra over to me. “Throw this in my bag for me.”

I was thankful she only tossed her bra over and not her panties. I didn’t know how I was ever going to survive the entire night. But, fortunately the moment passed and within a matter of minutes we were all sitting around in our nightgowns.

After we changed we listened to some more music and we all danced some more. When we got tired, Gloria took out some nail polish and we all gave each other pedicures and manicures. We all looked kind of silly with cotton balls sticking between all our toes. As we were all lying around doing this, the conversation naturally turned to boys.

“Billy Thompson wants to kiss me.” That comment by Anna started off the entire conversation. Within minutes we were each relating our experiences in kissing boys. Even though it wasn’t a good experience at the time, I felt somewhat relieved that I at least had some knowledge of being with a boy.

But since we were all so worldly kissing a boy wasn’t all that earth shattering. Petting with a boy was a bit more interesting. Mary Beth excitedly told us about the first time Joey Pizzaro put his hand under her blouse and grabbed her boobies.

“Did he go under your bra?” We all asked eagerly.

“Of course he did. And he even French kissed me that day too”

It seemed we all had been groped by at least one young man. And each of us had the experience of having some young boy’s tongue deep inside our mouths. I wasn’t totally sure if we all completely enjoyed the experience because we were all talking and screaming at the same time. It was somewhat hard to decipher.

The next area of intimacy was a bit more delicate. Anna was the one to bring it up.

“Did you ever let a boy put his hands down your pants?”

I was the only girl to say no to this question, which surprised me. I didn’t think all these girls have gone that far already. I felt a bit like a prude as they all related the feeling they had during this time. It was funny hearing girls my age talking about such intimate feelings.

“Oh my God. My panties were soaked that night with Tommy. He was all over me. And he kept trying to get his hand inside my panties but I wouldn’t let him. I told him he had to wait. Thank God, I did that. I found out the next week he was seeing that jerk, Natalie on the side.”

“Danielle, you never had a boy put his hand down your pants?”

“No. Never. But I did manage to put my hands down his pants.”

“Did you touch him?”

“Yes. I did it a few times. Actually it happened this past summer.”

“With who? Do we know him?”

Since I couldn’t tell them he was my cousin, I lied.

“No, he lives by my aunt that I visit each summer. We kind of fooled around a little bit each year but this year we went a little further.”

“Oh my god. What did it feel like? Was it big?”

“I’m not sure. His was the only boy I ever touched. It didn’t seem that big though. I guess it was a little bigger than one of the hotdogs we eat tonight. And wider.”

Mary Beth chimed in. “I touched one boy down there too. He was the size of a small banana.”

“This is too funny. We’re talking about boys like they’re food. But I guess we all know what bananas and hotdogs have in common.. And we have our cute little grapefruits.”

As we talked Mary Beth and I both revealed that we actually jerked our boyfriends off. I don’t think the other girls ever did that to a boy. This was the first time that I ever felt like more of a girl than real girls. I finally had done something that a few of them haven’t. This was almost as cool as being selected by Miss Taylor for my ballet solo this summer.

I guess I got a little carried away and I let it slip out that I put his thing in my mouth.

“You mean you gave him a Monica Lewinsky?”

All the girls giggled at the reference to the former intern.

“I guess I did. It all happened so fast. I wasn’t planning to do it. It just kind of happened when we were fooling around.”

Traci started laughing. “Oh sure, it just popped right out of his pants and landed in your mouth.”

“Of course it didn’t just pop up like that. You know. We were kissing and stuff on the couch. We were pretty far along and his pants were unzipped. Somehow when we moved I fell off the couch and ended up on the floor with my head close to you know what.”

Mary Beth said. “Oh my God. I mean I touched one but I don’t think I ever really looked at it. So what did you do next?”

Anna laughed. “We know what you did next but not exactly how.”

Traci thought she was so funny. “Evidently someone knows how to do it, right Danielle?”

“Stop it, Traci. You know I’m a nice girl. I don’t know how it happened. I was fooling around and I think I just gave it one little kiss Jason went wild when I did that. He was so turned on. He started moaning and begging me to kiss it again. I guess I got a little caught up in his excitement so I kissed it again. He was pushing it in my mouth so I just kind of let it slide in and out a few times. I didn’t really feel too excited or anything doing it but he sure liked it. And because of the way I was laying he could keep his hands on my head. I guess if I really wanted him to move them he would have but I just let him keep holding me. So, anyway, he just kept moving it up and down for a few minutes. He was moaning so loud he sounded like a sick cow or something. I thought maybe he was sick.”

“Oh, gross.”

“It wasn’t really gross. It’s kind of hard to explain. I mean it was just there. And the whole thing only took a few minutes.”

“What do you mean the whole thing?” Anna questioned.

“You know. The whole thing! Until he was finished, duh..”

“Oh my God, you mean he came with it in your mouth? Yuk!”

“It wasn’t that bad. It didn’t taste bad or anything. It just felt a little funny, kind of gooey. I’d rather have an ice cream any day.” I said jokingly.

“Maybe we’ll make you a banana split and you can show us your technique. Gloria, does your mom have any bananas upstairs?”

“I’m sure we do. Do you guys really want to have some ice cream?”

All the girls yelled out a resounding yes and so we all headed upstairs to get a dish of ice cream. And much to my dismay, there was a large bunch of bananas sitting on the counter. We all scooped out our ice cream and syrup and peeled our bananas but no one cut them.

Once we got downstairs, we all finished our ice cream and then sat around giggling and staring at the peeled bananas. Knowing they weren’t going to give in I finally relented and took the banana, holding it in both my hands.

“Okay, I was holding his thing like this and then I just leaned over and kissed it right on the top. Like this. I guess I did that a few times and then started letting it go in and out of my mouth. I breathed through my nose so I didn’t gag too much. I started out slowly and didn’t put too much of it in my mouth until I got used to it a little bit. Then I started going further. I kept my lips on it too. Watch.”

Amid much giggling I was now sitting on the couch shoving a banana all the way into my mouth. At this point all the girls decided they wanted to try it too so before you knew it we were all shoving bananas into our mouth. We were laughing so hard we almost chocked to death a few times.

“The only things different were it pulsed when he was coming. You could feel it moving in your hand and then out it comes.”

Mary Beth said, “I know. That feels so funny when it moves and stuff. I felt it in my hand too when I had my hands down Ron’s pants that time. It’s weird.”

For the remainder of the night we continued talking about boys and music and school and all kinds of stuff. We didn’t stop talking until about 2 a.m. when we finally got tired. Gloria had a pull out sofa so her and I slept there. The other girls slept on mats on the floor. As I lay there trying to drift off to sleep I couldn’t believe I was in bed with Gloria with her only wearing a little nightie and thin little panties. It was almost more than I could bear.

Part 7

As I was lying there next to Gloria my mind was racing. I was tired but I was having difficulty falling asleep in a roomful of teenage girls. Just as I was drifting off to sleep I thought I heard Gloria whisper something.

“I’m really glad you’re my friend Danielle and I was so happy that you agreed to come to my party.”

“I’m glad I came to.” I whispered back. “And I’m glad we’re friends. You’re fun to hang around with.”

“You know I found it really exciting when you were talking about what you and that guy, Jason did. I never really did too many things like that with a boy. I mean I kissed a boy a little but we never really made out and stuff. It was just a kiss, if you know what I mean. I’m embarrassed to even say this but I’m not sure how to make out. Would you show me how to do that?”

Oh my God! Gloria was now asking me to show her how to make out with a guy. What did she mean by that? Does she want me to kiss her?

“Show you?” I whispered back to her in a quizzical tone.

“Yeah. You know. Show me how you kissed Jason. Was it like this?”

With that she quietly moved over closer to me and put her lips on mine. I almost died at the softness of her lips as they gently brushed against mine. I was petrified as she moved in to kiss me again.

“Come on, Danielle. I know you can kiss better than that. I mean you’re experienced. Please show me.”

“Gloria, what are you doing?”

“Shhhhhh. You’ll wake the other girls. I just want you to show me how you kiss. It’s no big deal. So, come on and kiss me.”

As she moved her lips closer to mine I could no longer resist her. I just opened my mouth and kissed her like Jason kissed me. Like before it was so nice. Her lips were soft but not mushy. I could still taste a little bit of her lip-gloss, which I found exciting. I eagerly moved my tongue towards her open mouth and French kissed her passionately. She moved closer and pressed her body against mine. I could feel our breasts touching as we held each other tightly. I could also feel a slight pulsating movement in my panties as my excitement grew.

“Wow. I guess you really do know how to kiss. Is it any different kissing a boy like this than kissing me.” Gloria whispered.

“Sure it’s different. Boys’ lips are not as soft and you have to watch where they put their hands all the time. You know. They’re always trying to feel you up and stuff.”

“That’s why they’re boys.”

And that was how I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up Gloria was still there beside me. I remembered a little of what happened last night but I wasn’t really sure if it did happen or if I just dreamed it.

I got up, grabbed my overnight bag and ran into the bathroom. After I peed I took a quick shower, threw on the skirt outfit mom and I bought and fixed my hair a little. As I was doing my hair, the bathroom door opened and Anna came running in. She rushed by me and pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet.

“Oh my God, did I have to pee. I couldn’t wait for you any longer. I thought you died in here or something.” As she was talking I could hear the sound of her urine stream and I knew she wasn’t kidding.

“I can hear that.” I laughingly replied.

Anna stood up and cleaned herself with the toilet tissue as I stood there in stunned disbelief trying to act like this was an every day kind of occurrence. As I absently stared at her bush I could see why mom made me shave my area. Anna’s hair was very sparse and hardly noticeable. Even though no one would see mine I felt good that it at least looked similar to hers. Well at least the hair part looked similar. There were a few other things that didn’t look quite the same.

I turned away and tried to finish my hair as Anna pulled her panties back up and pulled down her nightshirt. This was the closest I ever was to a somewhat naked girl. I knew now that I could never reveal my true self to Anna, Gloria or any of the girls since I have now shared some very private moments with them. I could imagine the screaming and yelling if they ever found out I was a boy. No matter how I felt about dressing as a girl, I realized I had no real choice now not only to continue my charade but also to do it better and more convincingly. Getting exposed as a boy would be too horrible for me.

As we were finishing up in the bathroom, Gloria announced that her mom was going to take us all to the mall for a late breakfast and then we could all do some shopping. Since I was already dressed I just had to do my makeup. Traci had a large mirror in her bag so I was able to sit on the floor and apply my makeup right there as the girls all scurried around to get ready.

It was another one of those strange feelings as I sat there on the floor applying some eye makeup. Although I tried to keep my focus on the task at hand, I found myself frequently looking up from the mirror to watch one of the girls getting dressed. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Here I was in a roomful of young teenage girls all running around in various stages of undress. But my good fortune was also my misfortune. Sure I was able to sit here and see Traci, Anna or Mary Beth topless in their panties but I could never reveal myself to them. They could never know I was not 100% girl so it was almost useless that I could see them like this. It was like you can see, but you can never touch any of them or date them. The only people I would be dating would be boys and that wasn’t a thought that made me very happy.

Finally about an hour later we all had our clothes on, our hair styled and our faces made up. We sure looked like five young hotties, or at least we thought we did. Gloria’s mom gave her one of her charge cards to pay for our breakfast at the Pancake House.

After we all ate we split up and went to a few different stores in the mall. Most of the girls wanted to go to the music store but Gloria and I decided to go look at some clothes and jewelry. We looked at some cute skirts and tops in one of the trendy stores and then we went into Claire’s to look at some jewelry and necklaces. Gloria found a cute pair of earrings that she held up for me to see.

“Danielle, look at these earrings. They say Best Friends on one side and we can get our names on the other side. And they have both of our names in stock. Come on; let’s get them… Please.”

Without thinking too much I agreed. As we were getting ready to pay, Gloria realized my ears were not pierced.

“Danielle, these are pierced earrings. Come on, they do piercing right here. You might as well just do it now and then you can wear them today. Come on. It’s even free with a purchase.”

Not knowing how to say no, I agreed and in a few minutes I was the proud owner of two holes in my ears and a pair of new earrings filling the void. I was surprised that it didn’t really even hurt but I wasn’t all that sure of getting it done.

“Those look so cool, Danielle. How do mine look?”

“Sure. And now we’re really best friends.”

We met up with the other girls at one of the clothing stores and then we just hung out for a few hours checking out all the cute boys, of course. I thought boys were bad in checking out the girls but I found out that girls are much worse. Some of their comments about bananas even made me blush but I guess I only had myself to blame for that.

Gloria’s mom came back a little later and drove us back home. Shortly after we returned my mom called to say she was on her way to pick me up. I was surprised when I heard the doorbell ring and Gloria’s mom called to tell me my mom was here. When Gloria and I got to the door, Gloria’s mom was telling my mom what a sweet girl I was.

“Danielle is a pleasure. She’s such a really sweet girl and I know Gloria and her get along so well.” Turning to me, she continued. “Danielle, you’re welcome here any time.” She then gave me a big hug.

“Thanks, Mrs. Bracco. I had a really nice time. Bye, Gloria. I guess I’ll see you in class tomorrow.”

“Sure. And thanks for my present. You’re the best.”

I was surprised to see my dumb brother sitting in the car when mom and I walked out of the house together. And he had that stupid grin on his face.

As soon as I got situated in the back seat of the car, he turned to look at me.

“Where did you get those dumb earrings?”

Mom turned too. “Honey, those are so cute. Oh my God, you got your ears pierced, too.”

“You pierced your ears? You really are turning more and more like a girl every day. You’ll probably be wearing a bikini this summer.”

Ignoring him, I looked at mom. “Gloria wanted to buy these best friend earrings for us to wear. At first I didn’t realize they were for pierced ears and when I did, it was too late to back out. So now my ears are pierced.”

“Well, honey, they look very nice and I’m sure you’ll enjoy having your ears pierced. You’ll be able to buy lots of cute earrings now. So, tell me all about your first sleepover party. Did you have fun?”

“Actually it was fun. We talked a lot, listened to music and danced a little bit, ate all kinds of junk and watched some movies on cable. Oh, and we all polished our nails. Gloria even gave us each our own bottle of polish to keep.”

“And did you and all your little girlfriends put on your cute little night gowns?” Mikey asked.

“No stupid. We slept nude. Of course we put on our pajamas.”

“I bet all the girls just loved yours the best. I can’t believe you were able to stay there all night with a bunch of girls and doing all that stupid girly stuff. Now you’re polishing your nails and getting your ears pierced. You’re turning into the biggest girly girl I know.”

“Oh shut up. You’re such an idiot and a royal pain in the ass.”

“Danielle, is that any way for a young lady to speak? I don’t ever want to hear that type of language out of your mouth again. It’s very unbecoming of a young lady to ever use that word. I know your brother was teasing you but that is still no excuse for you to act so un-lady like. Now, be a good girl and apologize to your brother right now.”

“Mom, he started it. Why should I have to apologize.”

“I don’t care who started it. He was only teasing you anyway. I will not have my daughter using that kind of language for any reason. Proper young ladies don’t talk like that, do they? Now tell your brother you’re sorry for such unfeminine language and that you promise to be a good girl from now on.”

“Yeah, tell me you’re sorry for being so un-lady like.” Mikey chimed in.

I wanted to belt him right in the face, sitting there with that ever-present stupid grin on his face but I knew this was one of those defining moments. Here he was sitting in the front where I really belonged. And me, I was sitting demurely in the back seat with my knees pressed together and my hands neatly folded on my lap. My eyes caught sight of my cleanly shaven thighs and my polished nails. Meanwhile my brother was in his jeans with dirt under his fingernails and I was the one being forced to apologize. I looked up and could see my brother staring at me, waiting for me to utter those horrible words of sorrow and remorse. How I wished he were the one wearing panties and bras but I knew that was not to be. Being a girl was my cross and I knew it. And gradually, very gradually I was beginning to accept it. It all kind of hit me in that instant. And I knew saying that apology would seal my fate further. Up until that time I always felt like the big brother, the alpha male. But now sitting there with my clean-shaven legs wearing a mini skirt and cute top, I was in no way an alpha male. In fact I wasn’t even a male. I lifted my eyes slightly to glance at my brother. Looking at him I fully realized he had assumed my rightful position. Even though I was technically older he was the big brother now and I was his little sister. I knew it. And what’s worse, he knew it, too. I never felt more like a girl than I did right at this instance.

I could sense that mom was getting impatient with me so I grudgingly managed to squeak out an apology to my stupid brother.

“Mikey, I’m sorry that you got under my skin and made me call you that name.”

“Go on, Danielle.” Mom reminded me that I still had to utter those embarrassing words.

I could see mom looking at me in the rear view mirror as I looked up and said what she wanted to hear. Uttering those words would be the most feminine statement I have made. It was more feminine than attending ballet school and performing in that dance recital. It would be more feminine than attending my last birthday dinner in my pretty dress and high heels. And yes it would make me feel even more girly than when I enrolled in Mount Saint Mary’s.

But despite all the issues running through my mind I managed to say it. “And yes, I promise to be a good girl from now on.”

I could see mom smiling happily as I lowered my eyes to my lap just like any good girl would.


Part 8

It seemed things spiraled out of control even faster after that fateful day. Mom reminded me every chance she got of my promise to her to be a good girl. And of course my brother reminded me every day without fail. Not that I needed that many reminders anyway. The more I dressed and interacted as a girl the more like a girl I became. And I really believed that being surrounded by girls all day was having a significant impact on my demeanor, my actions and reactions, my vocabulary and my mind. My femininity was becoming more and more pronounced since I was seeing a lot more of Gloria and the other girls after school and even on some weekends.

Mom seemed a bit more stressed out than usual in the weeks following the slumber party. She explained that finances were getting tight since my father was way behind again on child support payment. This was forcing her to take a part time job to make ends meet. She would be working three to four nights a week and most Saturdays.

“And I expect you two to help out a lot more around the house. I’m going to need a lot more support than you both have been providing. So, you’ll have to decide who does what but I need help with the cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, ironing and whatever else needs to be done.”

Immediately Mikey started whining. “But mom, I mow the grass every week for you.”

“That takes all of about 15 minutes. And you need to clean out your room too, young man. It should be declared a disaster area. And it better be done this week or you can forget about having your friends over Saturday to watch the game like you planned. Is that clear?”

‘Mom, this sucks.”

“Mikey, watch your mouth, young man. Now you heard me. If that room isn’t cleaned up, forget about your weekend. So tomorrow you two can start helping out around here. I’ll leave you some food and cooking instructions for your dinner. You can decide who cooks and who cleans up afterwards. And there’s a ton of laundry in the basement and some ironing. The ironing is mainly your clothes, Danielle. Mister wrinkle here doesn’t seem to need an iron.”

The next day after school Mikey and I both arrived back home around the same time. Remembering Mom’s request, I asked my brother what chores he preferred to do.

“None of them. Those are all girls’ chores. Boys don’t do washing, cooking and ironing. And since you’re the only girl in the family you should do them all. I’m going to watch television.”

“You can’t do that. I’m going to tell Mommy that you wouldn’t help and you’re going to be in big trouble.”

“Listen sis, you’re not going to tell mommy anything. You’re going to do all the chores like a good little girl. And what’s more you’re going to tell mom that I helped you a lot. And if you don’t do that, I’ll just have to tell all your little girlfriends about your secret. I’m sure they would all be very interested to find out the truth about Danielle. So, you better just get used to the fact that you’ll be doing all the chores for both of us. And you can start by cleaning my room. I told all my friends that they could come over on Saturday and watch the big football game. In fact since mom won’t be here, you’ll have to help with the food and stuff too.”

“Are you nuts? I’m not doing any of that.”

“Okay. It’s your death wish. I’m sure the girls will be really upset to find out that their girlfriend is really a boy, especially after you saw some of them practically naked. But that’s up to you.”

“I can’t believe you’re going to blackmail me. You’re such a rat.”

“I guess I am. But if I were you, I’d start cleaning my room. Mom’s right. It is a big mess.”

In a way I wasn’t too surprised that Mikey was doing this to me. He knew he had a big advantage over me and that I couldn’t really fight him back. Resigned to my fate, I simply turned and walked away. After I changed out of my Mount Saint Mary’s uniform, I knew I had to start cleaning out his room before I started dinner for us. As I opened the door to his room I was shocked at the mess. He had clothing all over the floor, dirty dishes and empty soda bottles were strewn about the room and stuff was everywhere.

“Mikey, are all these clothes dirty?” I called to him.

“I guess? But what’s the difference? You can just wash them all to be sure, can’t you?”

Sure. It was no big deal for him. I’d be washing clothes for days. I got the laundry basket and filled it up three times with all the clothing. There were lots of sweatshirts and pants, dirty, smelly socks, dirty, gross underwear, towels and some jeans and tee shirts. Plus I still had a few loads of my clothing that needed to be washed as well. By the time I had all the laundry picked up and sorted, I only had time to remove some of the dirty dishes and empty bottles and cans before I had to start dinner.

As I walked into the kitchen, I couldn’t help but see my stupid brother sitting on the couch watching television.

“Aren’t you going to help me with dinner? You heard what mom said yesterday>”

“And you heard what I said. Cooking and cleaning are for girls. None of my friends do any of that stuff. Their cute little sisters do it just like you’re going to do it for me. So be a good sister and go make us dinner. I’m sure you’re going to look cute in your apron too.”

Storming out of the room, I could barely contain my anger. “Oh, you make me sick with your attitude. You’re just a spoiled brat.”

“Yeah. So what! I may be a brat but you’re the one doing the cooking and cleaning.”

So it was left to me to prepare the dinner mom had arranged. Fortunately it wasn’t too complicated; just some hamburgers, potatoes and a canned vegetable. Even I could prepare that. Once dinner was prepared I called my stupid brother to eat. I was half expecting him to tell me to bring it in but he surprised me and joined me to eat. Naturally as soon as he filled his face he just left me to do the dishes and clean up the dinner mess.

Things were pretty much a repeat of that day for the rest of the week. I worked and he didn’t. It took me a few days to get his disgusting room cleaned and another day to do our laundry. As I washed all of the dirty laundry and put the clothing away, I couldn’t help but notice the difference in our apparel. His clothing was heavy, coarse and pretty much colorless. Mine was soft, dainty with pastels and lace and just so much cuter. It was almost hard for me to conceive that I used to wear the same things every day. How boring that seemed to me now. Even though I had to wear my school uniforms during the day, I knew I could always change into something different as soon as I got home. And I usually did that as soon as I could each day. He could make all the fun of me he wanted but I knew my clothing was much cooler than his drab wardrobe. And I also have grown to appreciate the soft and silkiness of my panties and camisoles. I mean cotton is okay but nothing could compare to the feeling of silk next to your skin.

By the end of the week I had all of our chores done. Mom told us both that she was very proud of our efforts. She especially praised Mikey for cleaning up his room so nicely.

“I know Danielle had to help you a little since I’m sure you never would have done it so well by yourself but it’s even nicer that you two worked so well together. That really makes me happy. And Mikey, since you were so good, you can have your friends over tomorrow like you planned.”

“Oh that’s great mom. Can you make us some of those homemade pizzas and some of your meatballs and stuff.”

“Oh honey, you know I have to work tomorrow so you’re on your own. Danielle knows the recipe for both the pizza and the meatballs. Maybe she’ll help you out tomorrow since you two have been getting along so well these days. What do you think, Danielle? Do you think you could help your brother tomorrow?”

Help him? I thought. I’ve practically been his slave all week and now mom wants me to cook for him and his dumb friends.

“I don’t know mom? I mean I only made pizza once and I only made the meatballs a few times too. And they’re a lot of work.”

Mikey couldn’t resist getting into the act. “Oh please, Danielle. Will you help me out this one time? All the guys are coming over tomorrow and I kind of promised them some food. Please.”

I had the little weasel right where I wanted him now. Now I could be the mean one and let him suffer but somehow when I looked over at his stupid face I knew I couldn’t refuse. I was surprised at my reaction but somehow I was powerless to refuse.

“I guess I can help out. I know I really shouldn’t be nice to you but I don’t want to ruin your day. I’ll cook and help you serve everything.”

“Oh honey, that’s so sweet of you to help out your brother. You really are a very special girl. We can go shopping tonight to pick up all the stuff you’ll need for tomorrow. I’ll write down the recipes for you tonight too.”

I was pretty busy the next morning. The pizza was pretty easy to prepare but the meatballs required a lot more time plus mom suggested I make homemade tomato sauce for both the pizza and the meatballs. However, I pretty much had everything done by noon giving me a few hours to rest and get changed out of my grimy clothes. After taking a shower, I combed my hair and pulled it back and tried to figure out what to wear to serve six young teenage boys. Oh my God, I thought. I can’t believe I’m going to be in the house with six boys all very similar to my brother. And they were all at that age when they first started noticing girls.

As I looked through my closet I smiled and started giggling. Maybe I should wear one of my short mini skirts to give them a little more to look at than their silly game on television. I could wear my black mini, with my fishnet stockings and my black boots. I had lots of tops that would look cute with it. As I was still debating, Gloria called and I told her about my brother and what I was planning.

“That sounds like fun. Why don’t you wear that and I’ll get dressed up too and come over. We can give the little squirts a treat. What do you think?”

“I think we’re both crazy but let’s do it. How often do we get the opportunity to drive a bunch of young boys wild? Can you get here soon?”

“Sure. I’ll just grab my clothes and have my mom drop me off. I can get dressed over your house. I’ll be there in about 45 minutes.”

I figured I better get ready before Gloria arrived just to be safe. I hooked my bra into place, stepped into my panties and slipped on my black fishnet stockings. I just put on my robe and sat down at my vanity to do my makeup and hair. Just about the time I was finished Gloria arrived with her bag. Locked away in my room, she told me to open my robe so she could see my sexy fishnets.

“Cool. You’ll look hot.” She said as she began undressing.

“I brought a hot pink mini skirt with a pink and black top. It’s really cute too. Wait til you see it. I wasn’t sure what color pantyhose to wear so I brought over two pairs.”

Standing there watching her strip brought back many memories from her sleepover and our sewing class. I could feel a slight tingling in my panties as we were both standing there in our lingerie. I decided I better slip on my skirt and top right away to avoid any potential problems, which is exactly what I did.

Danielle, do you like this outfit better with the black or the nude shade? What do you think?”

Turning to look I could see she had one shade on each leg. “Actually they both look good. But why don’t you just wear the nude since I’m already wearing black. We can give the boys a choice of legs to stare at. This is going to be so much fun. My brother is going to flip.”

By two o’clock we felt like we were two hot chicks. We were both admiring how sexy we thought we looked. And to be sure, we were both showing an awful lot of leg.

“Do you think our skirts are too short?” I asked somewhat nervously.

“Nah. We look hot. Let’s just have fun tormenting the little creeps for the afternoon.”

When we walked downstairs, I found Mikey in the family room.

“Mikey, Gloria came over to help me with the food and serving you guys. I hope that’s okay.”

“Oh sure.” He said without looking up at first.

“Hi Mikey.”

“Oh hi, Gloria.” He said as he looked up at both of us. “Wow. You girls look really dressed up.”

“Glad you noticed. We thought your friends would enjoy it more this way. It’s okay, isn’t it?”

“Sure. It’s kind of cool, actually. I’m sure the guys won’t mind.”

And they sure didn’t mind. Gloria and I had a ball that afternoon finishing the cooking, baking the pizza and serving the boys their food and soda. Mikey also didn’t mind. I’m sure his standing with his friends went way up. And I was even surer that a few other things were way up that afternoon as well based on some of the looks Gloria and I got. I was pretty sure that his silly little friends thought we were two cute girls.

After Gloria and all his friends left, Mikey surprised the heck out of me.

“Danielle, thanks for helping me out today with the guys. I know I’ve been a pain to you but that was really nice of you. You know, you’re actually a pretty good sister after all. My friends all thought you were really nice making all that food and stuff. A few of the guys even told me you were really, really hot. They thought Gloria was cute but they thought you were the hot one. It sounded funny to hear them say that but I guess you do look hot in that get up.”

“Wow. They really thought I was hot? That’s pretty funny, you know, considering”

I didn’t have to add anything else. We both knew what I meant.

“But you know, as funny as it sounds, I think it’s kind of cool that your friends thought I was hot. Thanks for telling me that. And, Mikey, I guess you’re not such a bad brother either.”

Part 9

By this time I was fully immersed in my new life as a sister to my brother, a daughter to my mother, a slightly above average student to the sisters at Mount Saint Mary’s and a nice girl friend to Gloria and a few other girls at school. I’ve spent many, many months totally involved in a girl’s life so most of my actions seemed second nature now. I no longer had to concentrate on what to wear or how to coordinate an outfit or what shoes to wear. I no longer had to think about how to apply my makeup properly or how to style my hair. Polishing my nails and toenails was now a fairly common activity and I no longer felt funny shaving my legs during my bath. I was used to applying moisturizers to my skin to keep it smooth and silky. I always sprayed myself with perfume every morning and even learned to put my earrings in most days. I didn’t want to have my piercing close up again.

My life seemed fairly routine now. Well, not really routine for a boy but it was fairly routine for a teenage girl. The days went by quickly and I was becoming more and more comfortable in all aspects of my teenage girl’s life. It was hard to believe but before I realized it my freshman year was drawing to an end. June was here and there were only a few weeks left before summer vacation.

One day after school, Gloria and I were hanging out and she asked me if I heard about the Sadie Hawkins dance that was being planned..

“The what dance?” I questioned.

“The Sadie Hawkins dance. It’s a freshman tradition. Since this is an all girl school we get to invite a boy to take us to the dance. You’re coming, aren’t you? You have to come. I wouldn’t want to go if you’re not there. I wouldn’t have any fun without you around.”

“Wow. I guess I forgot all about it. I wasn’t really planning on going. Besides, I don’t know any boys that well to ask them to take me to a dance.”

“How about Jason? You sure know him well enough.” Gloria laughingly said. “And you told me you still see him once in awhile. Can’t you see if he can be your date? Please. You have to come.”

“Who did you ask?”

“Oh, no one yet. I was planning on asking Billy Jackson. He said he would take me a while ago if I wanted. Please come. Please.”

“Okay. I’ll call Jason this weekend and see if he can come. I can’t promise you anything though. He may be busy.”

“If he says no, you let me talk to him. He can’t be that big of a jerk to ruin both our nights. I mean it’s our first high school dance.”

Later that night when I told mom about my dilemma she said Gloria’s idea isn’t so bad. I’m pretty sure Jason would do it. He didn’t seem to put off by your newfound femininity last year. And it can’t hurt to ask. The worst thing that could happen is he says no. I was planning to talk to Alice tonight anyway so I’ll just ask her what she thinks. If she thinks it’s a dumb idea, we’ll just drop it. Okay?”

“I guess. I know it’s a dumb idea already but we’ll do it your way.”

I dreaded the rest of the evening waiting for mom to call her sister. I was hoping that they would all just think it was too goofy and drop it but somehow I knew deep down inside that Jason would end up agreeing. I wanted to tell mom about what he did to me but I was afraid to say anything now since so much time had passed since last summer. I still hated the thought of what he forced me to do to him last summer. I was still humiliated by that entire episode.

“Honey, aunt Alice thinks it’s a wonderful idea for Jason to take you to the dance.” Mom said as she came into my room. Handing me the phone, she said, “Here, talk to Aunt Alice.”

“Hi Aunt Alice.”

I talked to her for a few minutes about the dance. She thought it was a great idea and she was certain Jason would do it. “He’s talked about you quite a lot this year. I know for sure he thinks you make one heck of a cute girl. Here he is now, Danielle. I’ll let you talk to him so you can ask him yourself.”

Talking to Jason was a bit strange. We have talked occasionally during the year but about regular stuff. Now I had to ask him to take me to a stupid dance. After a few minutes of idle chatter I finally got up the nerve to ask him.

“Jason, my school is having a dance on Friday night, the 23rd. It’s a Sadie Hawkins Dance so the girls get to invite the boys and I was wondering if you would like to come with me.”

“You mean like on a date?”

“I guess, kind of.”

“Is it a fancy thing? Will you be wearing a fancy dress and high heels?” He asked a little more excitedly.

“Well, sure. I mean I don’t’ have a dress yet but I guess mom and I will have to go shopping for one. This is my first formal dance and I’m not exactly sure what all the girls will be wearing but I’m pretty sure they’ll all be wearing something fancy. I think the boys have to wear jackets though. Is that okay?”

“Sure. I have a few jackets. Okay, it’s a date, Danielle. I think we could have some fun that night for sure.”

I didn’t like the sound of that but I just let it go. “Okay. Oh, my mom wants to talk to your mom. I’ll see you. Bye.”

Mom took the phone and walked out. As she closed the door I could hear her and Aunt Alice plotting my big night. But I was already getting worried about being with Jason again. I hated the thought of him seeing me wearing such an ultra feminine prom dress and high heels. And I knew it would make me seem even more feminine and appealing to him. But there was nothing I could do now that he agreed to take me to the Sadie Hawkins dance.

Since the dance was only a few weeks away, mom told me we’d have to start looking for my dress right away. I never realized how difficult it could be to buy one stupid dress but believe me it was a chore. We first went to all the big stores, like Macy’s and Lord and Taylor but couldn’t find anything. I knew I wanted something with spaghetti straps with an uneven hemline in a pastel color. Mom also wanted to make sure it was cut a little low in the front to show off my bosom but not too low to look sluttish. We had no luck at any of the bigger stores so we looked in a few smaller boutiques but still couldn’t find the right dress. Finally, mom remembered a fancy store called Oh So Dressy.

“I bought my dress there for Carol’s wedding there. They had a pretty big selection and I think they carried prom dresses. We can go there on Sunday.”

This was the first time I ever visited such a fancy dress store. They must have had thousands of fancy dresses for parties, wedding, dances and proms. And we actually found a few dresses that we both liked. After I tried on a few of them we settled on our choice. It had the spaghetti straps that I wanted and it was just low cut enough to look sexy but still somewhat innocent. The straps were made from rhinestones, which added a degree of elegance to the gown. It was a very pale blue with some very subtle embroidery on the bodice. It was made of a chiffon material, very delicate and sheer with a silk lining as an under slip. Finally, I thought. Now we could go home and I could relax. Or so I thought.

As soon as we paid for the dress and left the store, mom told me we now had to find the perfect pair of heels, some jewelry to accessorize the dress and the proper lingerie and hose to wear. So off to the mall we headed.

I still felt funny trying on girl’s shoes; especially fancy ones like I needed for the dance. Mom suggested I look for silver shoes since they would complement the color of the dress and coordinate with the rhinestone straps. Naturally the shoes had to be open toed with a two-inch heel or so. Once again we tried a few department stores and even some smaller boutiques. We finally found the right pair in our fifth store. By that time we had already bought a few pairs of hosiery too so the only things left were jewelry and lingerie, which proved to be the easiest to find.

So an hour later I was home with all my purchases. I hung my dress up in my closet and dumped all my other bags on the bed.

“Honey, you better try everything on together just to make sure it all looks perfect together. And we need to make sure your bra and panties fit you properly too and that they feel comfortable. Nothing worse than going to a party and feeling uncomfortable with what you have on.”

I didn’t really feel like trying all this stuff on but I knew mom was right so I just did it. I put on my lingerie in the bathroom and then joined mom to put on the dress, shoes and accessories.

“Oh honey, you look so pretty. You’re going to look so beautiful that night when we get your hair styled and your nails done. You’re going to be the belle of the ball. I’m sure Jason will be quite happy that he got to accompany such a beautiful young lady to her first dance.”

Oh goody, I thought. Jason will be happy. I just hoped I would be happy too and that he behaved himself in front of my friends, especially Gloria. I would die if he did anything to embarrass me in front of them. That would be horrible.

I’ll make your appointment at the salon tomorrow for your hair and nails. Oh and you should wear your shoes around the house a little bit to break them in before the dance. That way your feet won’t be killing you halfway through the night since I’m sure you will be dancing quite a bit.”

After mom left I took a few minutes and looked at myself in the full-length mirror. I did look very pretty and more grown up than I thought. God, I was maturing into a woman already.


Part 10

Before I realized it the day of the dance arrived. I had a busy day and night in store for me based on all the preparations mom had planned. After eating a light breakfast and taking a quick shower, I threw on some jeans and a casual top. I had a nail salon appointment first and then we were off to the hairdressers for my hair appointment. Naturally, I didn’t wear any socks or hosiery on my legs since mom made arrangements for both a manicure and a pedicure. Mom told me to wear flip-flops so I wouldn’t ruin my toenails after they were polished. I usually did my nails myself so this would be a new experience for me.

The shop was right around the corner from the hair salon so Mom only had to drop me off there and then I could walk over for my hair appointment. She came in with me to the nail salon to give the girl her credit card number so they could charge the service. The manicurist took me over to a large chair that I had to step up to sit into. There was a large basin at my feet, which I soon discovered was there for me to soak my feet to soften my nails and calluses. It felt funny soaking my feet but it was kind of relaxing. I must have had them soaking for about 15 minutes or so and then the girl started working on them with various brushes and tools. After she finished filing my nails and buffing my rough spots, she smoothed some very nice lotion on my entire foot being careful not to get any on my toenails since they would be polished.

I wasn’t sure what color I wanted even though Mom and I had briefly discussed some options. We wanted something that would complement my dress and shoes but still be very soft and feminine. The girl suggested we do a French manicure on both my toenails and fingernails. She said it was the most popular choice now with all the young girls. She did one toe just to let me decide. I loved the way it looked so she proceeded to do all ten toenails after she placed some cotton between each toe to keep them separated until they had time to dry. As they were drying she moved me over to another table so they could start on my nails. I didn’t realize it but Mom arranged for them to do acrylic tips. I usually kept my nails a little on the short side so this new length would be quite a change for me. I was kind of mesmerized at the transition as my nail length grew by a good inch or so. And the French manicure added to the illusion of my ultra feminine hands. By the time all my polish had dried I felt prettier than I had in a long time. I never realized how much femininity a manicure and pedicure can add to a person’s image.

As I walked the short distance to the hair salon I couldn’t help but notice what a beautiful day it was. The sun was shining brightly with just a slightly warm breeze gently blowing. The air was filled with the aromas of spring and I felt very light and airy. I was so pleased with my manicure and pedicure and was getting excited about my hair. Mom told me she arranged for some highlights to be applied and my stylist and I could decide on the final style when the highlighting was done. I never had much done to my hair before so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I knew that they would put some chemicals in my hair and wrap me up in some silly looking aluminum stuff. I always thought girls looked so silly sitting in those places with all that junk in their hair and now I would be that silly looking girl but somehow I didn’t seem to mind. I was looking forward to a new style and color to complement my new dress. I was tired of my mousy looking hair.

Three hours later I emerged from the hair salon with a totally new look. My hair had some blondish red highlights and a new cut. The stylist actually was able to give me almost a French braid style with some long tendrils hanging down the side in the front. It looked really, really cute but with an air of sophistication. It was exactly the style I dreamt of having done.

When mom saw me she let out a shriek. “Danielle, you look so cute. I love that cut and the highlights are perfect with your complexion. You look so grown up already. I can’t wait to see how beautiful you’re going to be tonight when you’re all dressed up with your make up on.”

As mom gave me a big hug, I told her I really liked the way it came out too. “Thanks mom. I feel really pretty. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it but I do. I can’t wait to try on my dress later.”

By the time we got home, I didn’t have all that much time left before we had to leave for the dance. Jason and my aunt were still out somewhere so I just had a little snack before taking a quick bath. I couldn’t shower since my hair was all styled and I didn’t want to risk getting it wet. As I soaked in the tub, I shaved my legs and underarms so my body would be nice and smooth for my big night.

Alone in my room, I began my preparations for my first big formal dance. After smoothing some lotion on my body, I slipped on my robe and sat down at my vanity to apply my makeup. Although I’ve done this hundreds of times already, tonight felt different. I took extra time to make sure my makeup looked flawless. I carefully blended my foundation to cover my one pimple near my chin. I applied three different shades of eye shadow to make my eyes appear larger and more dramatic. I applied three coats of black mascara to really bring out my lashes. I applied some blush to my cheekbone to give my face a rosy glow and outlined my lips with a lip pencil before filling it in with a rose color lipstick. As I sat at my vanity I was mesmerized by the transition occurring right before my eyes.

I removed my robe and slipped on my bra and panties. I heard a knock at the door so I slipped my robe back on. Mom came in to my room to see how I was doing and if I needed any help.

“I will soon. I just need to put on my pantyhose and then you can help me with my dress. How does my make-up look? It’s not too much, is it?”

“No, honey. It looks perfect. You look lovely.”

As I sat down at the bed and slipped on my pantyhose, mom continued talking and talking. “I can’t believe how pretty you look. My little girl is all grown up and going to her first dance. I’m so excited for you.”

As I stood up and pulled my pantyhose up to my waist I removed my robe. Mom already had my dress off the hanger. She held it down for me to step into since we didn’t want to put it over my head due to my hair and makeup. I certainly didn’t want to smudge the dress or myself either.

I felt like a total girl as I wiggled my butt to get the dress up into the proper position so mom could zipper me up. As soon as she zipped me in, she handed me my high heels.

“Be careful that you don’t snag your hose or chip your nails. In fact, let me buckle them for you so you don’t have to worry. Just sit down on the bed and I’ll help you.”

“Oh, thanks mom.” I said as I sat on my bed. It felt funny to see my mom kneeling at my feet helping me to put on my high-heeled sandals but I was glad for her help. I had a hard time earlier just putting on my earrings and necklace with my longer nails. As soon as she finished with the straps she had me stand up in front of the mirror. By now looking at myself dressed and made up as a girl was second nature but tonight seemed so much different.

“So what do you think, mom?”

“Think? There’s nothing to think about. You’re beautiful. You look simply exquisite in that dress. You’re the picture of femininity and I’m sure you will drive all the boys crazy tonight. Good thing you have an escort or you may have been in trouble.”

Little did mom know that I might be in more trouble with the escort I have. I still never told her anything about last summer with Jason. I’m sure if I did tell her, Jason would not be my date for the dance for sure.

“Do you have your purse ready?”

“Yes. It’s on my vanity. I just have some tissues, some perfume and my lipstick and powder. I guess that’s all I need.”

“That should be fine. You should bring your cell phone too. It will fit okay, won’t it?”

“Yes. It will.”

“Its funny. When I was a young girl going out on dates, my mother always told me to wear clean underwear and she always told us girls to bring change with us in case we had to make an emergency phone call. I know you have on clean underwear since I bought it with you and now all you kid have cell phones so I know you don’t need change.”

“Well, I guess my little girl is all ready for her big night. I saw Jason in his suit and he looks quite handsome as well. You two will make a very nice couple and I know you’ll both have fun.”

When I walked downstairs, Jason, Mikey and my aunt were all standing there looking at me as I made my way down the stairs. I had to navigate my way down slowly since I was not accustomed to wearing high-heeled sandals. I felt very much like I was on stage, almost like my dancing debut when I felt every eye was on me. Step by step, I carefully went down each step aware of the sound of my heels on the wood. I kept my eyes on my feet and how pretty my feet looked with my pedicure and my sexy high heels struck me.

“Danielle, you look lovely. That dress fits you perfectly. My God, you’re such a pretty little thing.”

“Thanks, Aunt Alice.”

As I stood there I coyly looked over at Jason. He seemed almost in a state of shock. I’m sure he thought I would look good but I don’t think even he expected me to look this cute. As I looked over at him I could see he was holding a small box in his hands.

“Jason, show Danielle what you bought her.”

“Oh sure mom. I ah got you some flowers. They go on your wrist. You want to see them?”

Flowers. How sweet, I thought. I never had a boy buy me anything before so I was more than a little surprised and embarrassed.

“Oh yes. I would love to see them. That was really so nice of you to do that for me. Thank you so much, Jason.” I said with a great deal of sincerity. Meanwhile Jason opened the box and took out the corsage and held it out to me.

“Hold out your wrist dear. Jason will put it on you.”

“Which wrist, Aunt Alice?” I questioned.

“Your left one, sweetie.”

As Jason held my hand I couldn’t help but notice the difference in our hands. His were strong with dark hair while mine were soft, my fingers looked long and feminine with my nails. Jason took the corsage and slipped it over my hand and positioned it on my wrist. He continued to hold my hand as our eyes met.

“Danielle, you look really pretty tonight. I can’t believe how beautiful you look in your dress.” Jason said very sincerely.

“Yeah, Danielle looks like a fairy princess tonight. You look so sweet in your dumb dress. Too bad you got a giant run in your pantyhose, though…” Mikey yelled out with a real emphasis on the words fairy and sweet.

“Oh no.” I cried out. “I was so careful too. Where is the run?” I said as I looked down at my legs.

Mikey just laughed. “Gotcha. You may look all grown up but you’re still just a big dummie.”

“Mikey, I’ve just about had it with you and your attitude towards your sister. You’re walking on very thin ice, young man.”

“Yeah, leave her alone. I think she looks really pretty.” Jason said coming to my rescue.

“Mom, she’s not my sister. She’s not even a girl in case you forgot. She’s just some freak and you’re all oohing and ahhing over her like she really is some princess or something. Give me a break.”

“Mikey, that’s enough. Get upstairs to your room this instant. Danielle, honey, don’t you listen to him. You’re a beautiful young lady with a charming date and you’re going to be the belle of the ball tonight.”

“Thanks, mom.” I said in a chocking voice fighting back the tears that were welling up in my eyes.

I took a few minutes to compose myself. The support of my mother and aunt helped a great deal but the real key was Jason. He was just so sweet and kind to me. He even put his arm around me and told me not to worry my pretty little head. “Don’t let your stupid brother spoil your evening. You spent so much time preparing for tonight. Besides, you’re going to be the prettiest girl there tonight for sure. I’m really happy you asked me to come tonight.”

I actually felt chills run down my legs as Jason said those words to me and I could feel my eyes moisten up again but this time with happy tears. I felt protected in a way. It was a foreign feeling for me and it felt strange but nice too. I imagined this was a feeling that only a girl could experience. I felt like my Prince Charming had just rode into my living room on his white steed and rescued the fair maiden Danielle from the clutches of the fire-breathing dragon. In my joy, I just turned to him, looked him in the eye and then kissed him on the cheek.

Nina Kaptsova – Sugar Plum Fairy!

Nina Kaptsova – Sugar Plum Fairy!

Merry Christmas lovelies!

I hope you are all as excited for tomorrow as I am. I just love Christmas. All the family together, lovely meals, sharing presents and most of all, I get to wear my Christmas dress!

In light of this festive time of year, J thought you might enjoy this wonderful video of Russian ballerina Nina Kaptsova dancing the part of the Sugar Plum Faury in the Nutcracker, which is of course set at Christmas itself.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from myself and all the residents of the Fairbreeze Plateau.

Princess Aurora Xx

Shoutout to Celebswap!

Shoutout to Celebswap!

As of today the new DC Superhero film Aquaman entered cinemas, introducing Mera, one of my all time favourite superhero characters to the silver screen!

In honour of this Hollywood Blockbuster’s realease, I would like to Shoutout to CelebSWAP!‘s excellent Superhero Body Swap Crisis Series!

I hope you enjoy the captions and let me know what you think of the movie!

Princess Aurora of the Fairbreeze Plateau Xx

Which of these captions is your favourite? If I get enough demand I might write a story featuring the lucky winning superheroine so comment below please! Xx

Calling Mummy

Calling Mummy

6.45PM: Sandra sat down in the theatre seating, having bought tickets for herself as well as her husband Clive and their son John who Clive was picking up from after-school club, all to see their daughter Amelia performing her Grade 3 ballet recital which will begin in 10 minutes time.

Related image

As Sandra removed her coat and placed her coat and handbag on two other seats to show they were reserved she suddenly heard her phone ringing. “That must be Clive, probably calling to tell me he’s been stuck in travel I bet” Sandra thought as she picked up the call.

“Mu-mummy, could you come round backstage and collect me please? I c-can’t do this mummy.”

“Amy is that you? What’s the matter darling?”

“I’m too scared mummy. What if I make a mistake? What if I fall during a spin and my tutu flies up exposing my bottom to the audience? I will be laughed at.”

The fact Amelia hadn’t referred to her spins as pirouettes was alarming to Sandra already. “Don’t be silly Amelia, I’ve seen you practising in the hallway and you’re so graceful dancing your little steps. You’ll be fine, no, you’ll be amazing darling, have some faith in yourself okay? You’ve begged me and your father to let you go from Aaron to Amelia and take up ballet dancing since all the way back in primary school, don’t blow all that good will out by the wayside from nerves dear. I mean, have you got any idea how expensive that tutu daddy bought you for your birthday was? Don’t you just love wearing so beautifully girly Amy?”

Amelia looked down and thumbed the material of her gorgeous tutu’s tulle skirts “Oh yes mummy, I love my tutu so much. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have one mummy.”

“Well there we go sweetheart. We wouldn’t want to deprive the audience of seeing you so beautifully dressed up now would we? You’ll be amazing Amy, I believe in you.”

“But mummy, you don’t understand. I’m scared because it isn’t just girls in the crowd, there are boys too and I recognise some of them…I even saw my old friend Scott sitting out there! What would I do if he recognises me? How could I explain that I quit boys gym to take girls ballet classes?”

“Oh you silly sausage!” Sandra exclaimed “you should have said from the start this was a boy problem … look, I was going to keep this a surprise until after the performance you’ve seen it now so I will explain. Scott isn’t here by chance, he’s here specifically to see you dance. I invited him.”

“What? Why would you do that? He will make fun of me!” *sobs*

“No he won’t. If anything I think he’s excited to see you again. You two were such close friends until we took you out of public schooling to become Amelia and I think he is genuinely curious to see how you are feeling now that you’ve been a girl for a while. I think performing on stage as one of the girls is a great way to show him how well you are settling in to girlhood don’t you?”

“So he’s not here to laugh at me?”

“No, in fact given you’re growing up into a young adult darling and plenty of your girlfriends will soon be seeing boys in new light, you may want to give that a try yourself. Who knows? Maybe you will see Scott as more than just a friend who happens to be a boy…..I’m just saying you might enjoy that experience. And between the two of us, he asked me what your favourite flowers are so he’s clearly putting in some effort.”

“Oh, uhmmmm I-I see mu-mummy. Well, uhmm the backstage announcer just called me to the stage so I guess you will see me soon.”

“Good luck sweetheart!” Sandra smiled to herself knowingly, she had rightly predicted that the thought of kissing boys would create an easy distraction from Amelia’s stage-fright.

“Oh and mummy? Will daddy and John be watching?”

“I’m afraid they’ve been held up in a traffic jam dear. But fear not, mummy will record everything for you so we can watch you dance as a family at home.”

“Thank you mummy.” Amelia responded before hanging up and skipping through the backstage hallways through to her fellow dancers who were stretching and limbering up for the performance. Amelia stretched a bit before she and the other girls heard the intercom announce they were set to perform. The girls daintily tip toed onto the stage and lined up in their starting positions.

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The Dance was specifically choreographed to highlight individual dancing talents so rather than dancing in unison, they would all dance towards the back with one ballerina at a time coming forward to show off their skill in a 10 second solo before the next dancer took her place. Some girls showed off their arabesque, or their batement or their Grand Jete but when it came to Amelia, it was all about the pirouettes.

Scott looked in awe from the crowd as his former friend spun round and round and round, never placing her foot down or needing support, as she spun 8 pirouettes in succession, dressed in her pretty pancake tutu.

As Amelia’s 10 seconds drew to a close she walked back to her fellow dancers, stepping on her toes in a couru along the way as another girl stepped forward to take her place.

Finally, the girls all took each other’s hands and ran to the front of the stage as they all dipped into their curtsies and received lots of applause. As they smiled and curtsied, Amelia could hear Scott loudly shouting “Amy! Amy! Amy!” which made her blush profusely as she and the girls ran off stage to make way for the next group’s performance.

An hour later Amy was home with Sandra, Clive and John and was about to play mum’s recording on the TV when the doorbell rang.

Amelia opened the door and saw Scott standing there in the porch holding some daffodils. “Uhmm hi Amy, I saw your performance today, you were aah very pretty. I uh I bought you these flowers, your mum says you like them.”

Amelia smiled and accepted the handful of daffodils, taking them up to her nose and taking in a great big smell of their scent. “Oh, Scott they’re so pretty! Thank you for the flowers and thank you for coming to see me perform. Would you like to come inside? If you like we could catch up and I could show you my tutu up close in my bedroom?”

Scott nervously laughed and responded “Sure Amy, I’d like that.”

“Yay!” Amelia squealed in delight, surprising herself as well if she was honest. “Okay, I’m going to go put these flowers in a vase with water so I will see you in a sec, you know where my room is. Oh but a little bit of fair warning, my bedroom has changed a little since the days of our Lord of the Rings movie marathon…”

Miss America: Sissy Edition Week 1

Miss America: Sissy Edition Week 1

“Well hello there, welcome to Miss America Sissy Edition! The show where one unfortunate fellow is stripped of all his masculinity and converted into the ultimate All American Sissy!

This year we have 7 astounding contestants, entered into the show by their mothers, sisters, aunts and girlfriends who over the course of the next month will be sissified beyond belief, all in the hope of getting that 10 million dollar USD cash prize to afford their de-transition and be set up for life, that is if they choose to go back to being men of course which we know from previous series is quite rare.

From left to right we have Bill, Darnell, Jake, Colin, Kenneth, Charlie and Adam, or as they will soon be named, Billie, Darcy, Jacklyn, Caroline, Kendall, Charlotte and Amanda. Stay tuned over the coming weeks as our new born sissies are put to the test!

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Shoutout to BabyNiki!

Shoutout to BabyNiki!

Hiya Lovelies,

You may be glad to hear that now that Cheer month is over and Christmas is nearing, I am now in the process of fulfilling my promise and writing my TG Beauty and the Beast story which I hope you will all enjoy. 

In the mean time, here’s a shoutout to Baby Niki’s story on Sissy Kiss called Role Reversal. A fun story for any of my readers who like AB and/or brother sister stories. Enjoy!

Role Reversal

My young life changed dramatically a few years ago. After my dad passed away and my mum went into full time work, me (Stacy, no I’m a boy) and my twin sister (Alex) were forced into care. Our long term babysitter, a young woman in her twenties by the name of Sally had to rush off to work urgently on the morning of our arrival, but she promised us that she would be back in under an hour. The government woman who took us had to leave, so we were left in our new house alone with strict instructions to behave, with just under half an hour to go.

Straight away Alex turned to me. She is extremely smart, and seems to out-perform me in just about everything. Being a tomboy, but never able to experience her boy side because of our mums traditional idea’s, she had come up with a plan to make us both happy during our stay. Well I say us both, but I was far from happy at the outcome, for a long while anyway. “We’re going to switch lives.” she said, grinning at me.

“What?” I asked, turning back to her, looking up slightly because of the small height difference. I had been admiring the huge front room.
“You, me, switcheroo.” she smiled, adding; “You know its what you want.”
“I don’t get it.” I said plainly.
“You and me switch identities. Sally has only seen us a few times, we’re identical twins, she’ll never know the difference. She thought you were me last time she saw you, and you werent even in my clothes that time!”
That made me blush, we play dress up a lot for Alex’s sake.
“You know how much I want to be a boy, and you’ll just love being a girl! You’ve even got a girly name! Plleaasssee?”

I sighed, and before I could respond she shouted “Yes! Thankyou!” and pulled me into a huge hug. Afterwards, she picked up my suitcase and ran upstairs in a comical way. Despite being a tomboy, she wasnt exactly strong. Neither was I though. I was quite shocked, and without thinking began towing her heavier, pink suitcase to my room. The bright pink one. Before I even had a chance at opening my new suitcase, Sally ran up to me in my blue ducky onsie, now hers, looking exactly like me. She was holding some things. I swear I was looking into a mirror, a sensation I got whenever playing dress-up. We are that alike!
“Come over here!” she said. I went along with her blindly, not sure exactly what she meant. Was this just for an hour, one night? I walked over to her, only managing to say “B-but I don’t-”

“Of course you do, you’ve just got to try it. Now quickly, undress!”
I did, reluctantly. I’d never been a confident person, naturally shy and a little feminine. Holding my naked ‘bits’ with my hands, I waited for her to pass me my new underwear, only to remember the horrific truth. She wears diapers!
“You need those though! You pee yourself!” I stated, stopping her from folding one around me. She’d suddenly started to uncontrollably wet herself recently, we dont know why.
“No I don’t, I’ve been wetting myself on purpose for the last month.”
“What, why?”
“So that we could do this! Now, there is no risk of Sally seeing your man bits at all. She cant exactly remove your diaper, she’s not allowed. I’ll teach you how to change yourself, by the way.”
“So.. So you did that because you wanted to be a boy?”
“Yeah! Cool, huh?”
“What about when you pooped yourself that one time?”
“I… was curious.” Alex blushed, smiling at me. “Now put this on!”

I let her lift the diaper around me, pure thick terry cloth diapers with discretion not even considered. Wearing one of these things would stand out a mile, they did on Alex. It was obvious when she was wearing them, especially since the plastic pants were so loud! You could then understand my surprise when she put another two on me, when one was more than I would ever need! I didnt pee enough in a day to fill one!
“What are they for!?”
“There was still a small bump, we have to be totally sure she cant see its a boy under there.” she said, pinning the three together.

Related image

“Besides, I changed some of Mums list, Sally thinks you need three diapers now so there’s no going back.”
“You changed Mums list that she gave to Sally?”
“But thats not allowed! Mum wrote that.”
“It was nothing major. Get over it.”
“Fine. I guess it makes sense…”
“Yeah, I also said that you’re a pooper.”

“I need to make sure Sally never gets tempted to want to change your diaper for you. She made it clear to me that she wouldnt go near a diaper, now there’s no risk!”
“There was never a risk, legally she cant! And what about me!?”
“This is about you! I’m covering your back! Stop whining, anyway!”

Alex pulled a bright pink plastic diaper cover up my legs quite forcefully, and I fell silent, watching her tie the cute pink ribbon securely around my waist, making sure to put it in a bow behind my back. She then pulled her matching nightie over my shoulders, making sure the soft middle belt was tight, giving me a girlish figure. Its not the first time I’ve worn this (hay, we get bored at home!) so it wasn’t too bad. She looked me up and down, giggled, and quickly clipped two pink flower hair clips onto my head as she tied my hair into bunches. 

Related image

“All done!” she said, skipping out of the room and into mine… well hers. His. Hers?…She’s a boy now so its his, right?

I sighed, deciding to put on some socks because my feet were cold. Long pink knee-lengths, my favourite! *Sarcasm alert!* 

Image result for pink knee socks

I slipping my feet into the waiting slippers, and waddled down the hallway, deciding that I may as well explore the house while I’m here, take my mind of my predicament. 

A few minutes later I heard Alex call my name. I finished up my exploring, and waddled back upstairs (a difficult task!). 
“Sally will be here soon! Come with me so we can meet her when she opens the door!!”
“Your voice sounds different.” I said, “…deeper.”
“I’ve been practicing.” She giggled. “You should too!”
“No thanks.”

“I don’t want to poop myself.” I said to her a moment later, as we waited.
“Its not as bad as you think. It feels strange the first time, but after you get over the grossness, its just like warm mushy playdoh and feels nice!” she giggled. “Peeing is even funner! Its all warm and snug!”
“Yeah! And I can always help you.”
“You’ll see.”
She giggled at me, nudging my elbow.
“You look pretty.” she said. Only she smiled.

We stood by the front door, Alex getting more and more excited. I noticed her repeating checking the wall clock, I was too, its a whole new world for us that we were about to jump into. Finally we heard a car pull up!
Alex giggled, turning to me and grabbing the back of my diaper. 
“Oi, what are you doing?”
“Helping you. There’s a few more things you should know.”
I heard a click.
“What was that, and what things? And why are you telling me now?”
“That click was my princess-diary lock, its to help you poop yourself, and umm… Sally thinks your three years younger than me.”

“And… that you lie a lot…” She’d only just got started.

“…And that Sally should trust me over you, and that Mum forgot to tell Sally that you need a crib, and that she needs to buy you one soon because your worried that you might fall out of bed so you wont sleep, and that you help Mum with chores, and that you love frilly clothes, and that you only get pocket money when you’re my age, and that your bedtime is 6pm on the dot, and that with a bit of encouragement your actually a really girly girl, and that you sometimes act like me because you want to be all grown up, and that you love ballet, and that Mum puts you in a safety leash when we go out, no matter how hard you deny it all. I’m really really sorry!”
“Why did you do all this!? W-wha-”
“Shhh, I’ll explain later! She’s here!”
I turned as the door opened, and was met by gorgeous Sally! I realized she told me no so that I couldnt attack her. Nice move, I had to admit. 

“Heeyyy Alex, Stacy…?” she paused for a second.
“I’m Alex” said Alex.
“I thought Stacy was the boy?”
“Nope.” she giggled, “I am!”
“Oh, I’m sorry, Hello Alex and Hello Stacy!”
I said a shy hello, still too shocked about everything.

“Please give me the key Alex!” I pleaded. I was desperate for the key to my diapers, I really needed to pee! I’d never done it before!”
“Nope, it’s the only way you’ll be comfortable with it! Just let go!”
“Hey what are you guys up too?” Said Sally, suddenly appearing behind us. 

Minami Ke crossdressing fun by The-Padded-Room

Sally interrupting Stacy and Alex

To explain my pose, Alex quickly said;
“Stacy was moaning that her dress was too big, how could she ever notice when her diaper needs a change if her skirts always in the way?” said Alex, grinning smugly.
“Aww Stacy I know something that’ll fix that for you!”

And by next morning, I had been given a gift, a little beeper in my diaper that would loudly buzz when I wet myself, the cause of much humiliation! I didn’t know, but it was Alex’s idea. I also didn’t know that it had a volume setting, and that its on full all the time. I had pooped my diaper for the first time since babyhood last night, an extremely horrible experience that left me feeling totally ashamed and disgusting, trapped in my crib (Sally bought it as soon as she found out so that “her little princess” was scared of falling out.

Related image

Now she thinks I’m not scared to go to beddy weddy’s any more, which results in me being put in the crib at 6pm “as usual”!) for over 14 HOURS (I got let out at 8 next morning, when they all wake up)! Its going to be a common occurrence to because my stupid body has an amazingly regular rhythm. I always poop around 7!

Alex told me why she’d made up all that stuff about me; Sally’s convinced I’m a liar so I wont ever win an argument against my sister. That I need a crib so I’m not tempted to use a toilet during the night (in case I get caught). So that no matter how hard I show Sally that I am in fact a boy, she’ll think I’m just faking it to feel grown-up, which usually ends in a patronizing “maybe next year” speech about all the older girl stuff, including the games consoles, TV remote, bike, roller-skates and pretty much everything else, everything that Alex has access too. And since its illegal for her to see me naked, I can never convince her otherwise. Not for a few years, until it gets obvious, anyway. 

That I go to bed early because its good for me!? That I love all the stupid girly stuff because it’ll help me adapt to my role, and the safety harness… She said its so I’m not tempted to go play ‘boys’ sports when we go to the park, not that I’d just join in anyway! Its so unfair, there is nothing I can do! I used to think that I could somehow switch back, but by the time I’d come up with a plan, Alex got his… I mean her hair cut so it looked completely different. That, and the fact that she’d made me pierce my ears. 

My last hope to get things back to normal faded just a month later. I’d fallen asleep in a very wet diaper, being too tired and lazy to change, thinking that I’d just change in the morning. 

I messed myself as soon as i felt like i needed to, why wait? You get used to it after thirty days of it. I rolled onto my side, trying to avoid putting pressure on it, not that it mattered much, I just didnt want to get a rash too badly, and keeping it in one lump helped that. 

Unfortunately, when I woke up, I discovered that I’d leaked. Typical, at least it wasnt on the sofa.

Wait a second… that means that I pee’d during my sleep!!! Omg I wet the bed! I just hadnt noticed before because of how wet my diaper was usually!! I screamed, I’ve never wet the bed! I’ve never lost control like this! 

Related image

####Additional Fantasy Ending###
Princess here; not a big fan of this ending but it was included originally so I kept it here in case you like it.

I must have woken up Alex, because she came running into the room.
“Whats up?” she said through the bars.
“I-I-… I wet the bed!”
“Oh, like for real? But how do you know?”
“I-I wasn’t leaking when I fell asleep, now its all over the bed!”
“Its ok, just don’t think about it. Here, I’ll get you out, you go get changed and come sleep in my bed till morning ok?”
“Ok, thanks Alex.”
“What are brothers here for?”
“Sisters.” I corrected.
“Alex’s.” we both giggled. I cleaned myself up and after making extra sure that my diaper was on properly, I climbed into Alex’s bed. This was similar to mine, ages ago.

I woke up, Alex snoring in my ear. I sighed, trying not to think about last night. It wouldnt make much difference, its fine. I’m in diapers anyway. No big deal…

Climbing out of bed, I waddled downstairs and into the living room. It’s the first time I’ve been first up because I’m stuck in the crib, and I didn’t exactly know what to do. I couldn’t help but notice a slight pain in my chest though, it had been bugging me for days. My nightie, despite being extremely soft, seemed to irritate my nipples when it rubbed. No bother, probably just sensitive skin. I let myself get distracted by the TV, it’s the first time I get to watch what I want for ages!

By next week, the fact that I wet the bed was nothing to me. I’m in diapers 24/7 anyway, what’s the difference? I was more worried about the increasing pains in my chest, which had now caused a slight swelling! Alex told me it was exma, and that I shouldn’t worry. She gave me cream to rub on it, which helped. Another thing was that I swear my bits were getting smaller. I’d never really measured, but they just looked… small. I guess I’m just used to being girly now that I don’t mind.

The real shock came a few days later, when I removed my dress one 5:30pm, getting ready for bed. I looked at myself in the mirror, and suddenly something clicked in my head. This isn’t swelling, these are breasts! I gasped, unable to speak, what was happening?! I was interrupted by a loud buzzing sound coming from my diaper! No way! Please tell me I’m dreaming! But it was unmistakable! No no no no! That’s never happened before! I cant deal with breasts and daytime accidents!!

I ran to my bed, hoping that simply lying down and thinking would help. Unfortunately, a mass in my diaper that I was previously unaware of made its presence known by squishing between my butt cheeks! 

I… pooped myself too! I didn’t even notice! I burst into a flood of tears, burying my face into my pillow.

Minutes later, I resorted to the only thing that could relax me. I tried to casually walk to the bathroom, but I was only too aware that I a bright red face, mascara lines running down my cheeks. I turned on the taps, and slowly undressed. I had my eyes closed when I took off my diaper, who wants to see poop after all? I wiped my bum as best I could with toilet roll, and turned to get into the bath. Only, there was something wrong with my reflection. That’s not me, that’s a girl! A real, biological girl. I looked down. OH MY GOD!