1 Month Disney Heroine Poll Results

1 Month Disney Heroine Poll Results

Hiya Lovelies!

It’s time to discuss the Disney Heroine poll! Which lucky leading lady will be getting her own story in the near-ish future? With over 470 votes this month, let’s find out!

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#10 Tinkerbell (Peter Pan) – 12 Votes (3%)

Disney’s most famous fairy and the second oldest character on this list just narrowly beat Frozen’s Princess Anna to the tenth spot on this list. Seeing as I forgot to put the newer Disney Fairies in the poll, I like to think this win for Tinkerbell makes for a decent time to acknowledge them too! My favourites are Rosetta and Silvermist.

#9 Tiana (Princess and the Frog) – 24 Votes (5%)

I’m actually very happy to see Tiana made it on to the list, I would have assumed someone like snow White would have beaten her to this position. Congrats to Tiana and I hope to see more diversity from Disney in the future!


#8 Rapunzel (Tangled) – 27 Votes (6%)

Oh Rapunzel, my third favourite princess behind Cinderella and Aurora. What can I say? As a blonde I just empathise more with fellow blondes!

Tangled is my favourite Disney animated film of the last decade so it’s great to celebrate Rapunzel here. That scene with the lanterns on the water was gorgeous Rapunzel has my favourite Disney wedding dress since The Little Mermaid!

#7 Queen Elsa (Frozen) – 29 Votes (6%)

Well, if it isn’t Disney’s most currently famous character. Frozen is so popular it survives as a brand even without being under the Disney Princess brand and no wonder why, it’s a great film! While I admit I prefer Tangled, Elsa is a thoroughly engaging character whose popularity is totally deserved.

Oh and before you ask, my favourite Elsa dress is her green flowery one from Frozen Fever. xx

#6 Mulan – 31 Votes (7%)

Wow! I did not expect Mulan to beat both Elsa and Rapunzel! She’s barely a princess!

Seriously, this was pretty big shock to the system. I certainly like Mulan, I like everyone on the list, but she wouldn’t have been placed this highly by me to be honest. ūüėä

Although one thing’s for sure, with Mulan being trained as a soldier by General Shang, she’s definitely more of a man than I or I suspect most of my audience will ever be!!! Xx

The Top 5!!!

#5 Jasmine (Aladin) – 36 Votes (8%)

Well we’re in the top 5 now bois and gurls! And to celebrate this we have Jasmine, the first ever non-white Disney Princess and for many people out there attracted to ladies, I imagine their first sexual awakening!

#4 Ariel (The Little Mermaid) – 47 Votes (10%)

Well, if it isn’t our first ever non-human Disney Princess! I admit I never liked the story of Little Mermaid that much, I don’t know why exactly but Ariel giving up her voice to someone as obviously evil as Ursula has always bugged me. That said, I love Ariel’s naive personality and when it comes to her wedding dress and her luscious red hair – OMG absolutely incredible!

Not to mention I think she’s the Disney Princess with the most on-screen outfits!

#3 Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) – 61 Votes (13%)

Oh Aurora, my princess, probably my favourite character ever, fictional or otherwise! What can I say, Aurora and I go way back. If it was up to me, Aurora would have like 40-50% of all votes LOL!

Still, I’m glad enough of you love Aurora just as much as I do. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be for me if Aurora did not get on the list after I modelled this whole blog on her???

#2 Cinderella – 67 Votes (14%)

My second favourite Disney Princess after Aurora! Cinderella is an absolute classic, literally! She’s the oldest character on this list with her film adaptation coming out back in 1950!

Cinderella has the longest legacy but without a doubt, that legacy has made her more and more beloved by fans.

Admittedly, I am curious how many of you voted for Cinderella based on her animated portrayal and how many voted for her fantastic live action movie back in 2015 played by my favourite actress, the wonderful Lilly James! Sure, Aurora was technically played by Elle Fanning in Maleficent and she was cute enough for the role there, but let’s be honest. I doubt anyone who didn’t love Aurora already would deem her their favourite princess after that movie. However, it was definitely Lilly James’ live action portrayal that made me love Cinderella as much as I do. A well deserved runner-up!


Honourable Mentions!

Before going on to our top pick and winner of this future story contest, I would like to reference the ladies who sadly only got 0-1 votes, the ladies who it seems are forgotten by many. Well, let it be known that I love everyone of these characters and so I hope they can get some exposure too!

Honourable mentions to Kida Kidagakash (Atlantis – 1 Vote), Jane Porter (Tarzan – 1 Vote), Wendy (Peter Pan – 1 Vote), Daisy Duck (1 Vote), Princess Eilonwy (The Black Cauldron – No votes), Jane (Peter Pan – No votes) and Kuzco because while not in this poll, he’s certainly fabulous enough to have been!




*drum roll intensifies*


#1 Belle (Beauty and the Beast) – 80 votes (17%)

Belle! Disney’s high achiever princess! The girl who as peasant or as princess remains inquisitive, intelligent and never judges anyone by their appearance. Belle is a hero to young girls worldwide and for gurls like me, is an amazing beacon to strive for!

Belle isn’t my favourite princess, she isn’t blonde after all! But she is an amazing role model and a great character. Her live action movie last year was great too, though if I am honest I thought Emma Watson’s version of the yellow ball gown looked a bit cheap compared to the original but you know what? Her wedding dress at the end made up for that too!

A great pick by you all and I look forward to crafting a story befitting her character! Xx

1 Month Anniversary of Theme Poll!

1 Month Anniversary of Theme Poll!

Hiya Lovelies!

It’s been a month since I asked you all what themes you would like to see in future stories on this blog and with 1,300 votes already applied, I thought it was a good moment to reflect on your choices. xx

The Disney poll is still going so make sure you vote as the winning leading lady will be getting a story of her own soon!

#1 Gender Role Reversal / Genderquake Р126 votes

Wow, I must say I was surprised to see this place so high! When I started out with this blog I wrote a whole bunch of short gender role reversal captions but over time started drifting away from them, as evidenced by the fact my last proper Gender Role Reversal story was written back in¬† February! If I’m honest, I thought my friend the Radical Feminist¬†was going to take up the mantle of gender reversal story writer but unfortunately, she has been absent from writing now since May. We all hope to see you soon Chris!

In the mean time, I guess I better think of some fun ideas.

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#2 Ballet – 109 votes

Ah yes, a classic staple in the TG community as an ultimate example of feminine deportment, grace and beauty. Well, given there have been four posts featuring ballet this month, one of which even including yours truly wearing a tutu, you can be sure to see more Ballet in the future!

See: Is Ballet For Sissies?, My Tutu!, Home Exercises and Dreaming of World Peace

Image result for ballet tutu motivational quote

#3 Cheerleading – 103 votes

OMG! How have I not written any more cheerleader stories since January???? I’ve mentioned cheerleading in posts since then but what an oversight, especially since I’m a much better cheerleader in real life than I am a ballerina. This needs to be addressed soon. Thanks for the wake up call lovelies. Xx

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#4 Black Supremacy – 100 votes

Another big surprise! It had been over a year since a racial cap had been posted and I thought for a while it had simply been forgotten as a theme. I didn’t even intend to add it to the poll, only doing so because I wanted to add more diverse options. AND IT CAME FOURTH!

After seeing your massive support in the poll, I wrote two racial stories this month and have some follow up stories planned in my head so there, proof I care about your input!

See Home Exercises and My Racist Grandpa

Speaking of which, I found a book I think some of you may like if you are interested in this theme Black Future: An Interracial Sissy Story.

#5 ABDL/Diapers – 98 votesWell, I’m glad to see all the diaper/nappy lovers in the audience are enjoying my occasional ABDL stories enough to request more in the future.

I’m by no means an AB or a DL myself, at least not yet though I am curious regarding their feel as garments ūüėä, so your responses matter a lot to me in shaping these kind of stories!

In the last month, see A Messy Prom Night and Love’s Babysoft TV Commercial

#6 Princesses – 95 votes

Definitely my favourite theme, after all have you seen my profile? So I’m glad to see this place so highly. I’m a huge Disney fan so I can’t waIt for the poll going at the moment to conclude so I can start writing (Belle from Beauty and the Beast is winning right now).

Anything princess themed, whether Disney, real or fantasy based is an absolute joy to me and I look forward to more princess stories very soon.

See A Messy Prom Night (Cinderella) and Snow White Doll and Aurora Tshirt

#7 Prom – 83 votes

A pivotal moment in every young feminine woman’s life and a perfect representation of absolute delight. I’ve been teasing at a prom story for a while so maybe it’s about time I write a full on prom story…

In the mean time, while more focussed on ABDL, A Messy Prom Night is set at prom.

#8 Sissies – 80 votes

Pretty much the core staple of TG content, hence why it’s sometimes referred to as sissy captions I guess.

As such, I find it quite easy to tie sissy themes into other stories so expect to see more of this too.

This month alone, Home Exercises presented a semi-voluntary sissy named Elsa thanks to her new black stepdad and Aito, who decided to fight his school’s star female wrestler in his very own Swan Lake tutu in Is Ballet for Sissies?, is definitely a sissy whether he admits it or not.

#9 Historical/Political Captions – 77 votes

First, yes I did make a mistake in combining Historical and Political captions together. I meant to have one Political and one Historical option separate from each other hence why Historical is listed twice.

That said, I’m pleased to see this score so highly since historical captions in particular offer lots of potential story material across all of time and space.

This last month, see My Racist Grandpa for historical content and Home Exercises and Dreaming of World Peace for politically infused stories. Hope you enjoyed them!

#10 Age Regression – 76 votes

Okay, I’ll admit I put this on here precisely because I was wondering what it meNs for a story to be age regressive. Does it literally mean de-aging or can it just mean behaving in a fashion deemed immature for your age.

If the first one is the case, then I doubt this blog has any true regression stories. If the latter works, then just about any petticoating story alone could class as age regressive.

Take this caption below, is this age regression? The model is clearly an adult, with physical assets I admit I’m incredibly jealous of, but she is treated as a child so is this age regression?

In hindsight I do think I should have added two more themes; Beauty Pageant and Petticoating. So I might want to revisit this poll idea some time in 2019, all good willing.

That said, I thank you all soooooo much for your participation in the poll and I look forward to seeing your verdict on which Disney heroine deserves her own TG story.

See you soon lovelies!!!

Princess Aurora of the Fairbreeze Plateau Xx

Lavender Luke

Lavender Luke

Next week my school has decided to experiment with a new event. Like a mufty day, us students won’t have to wear their uniforms for the day next Monday. Instead, we are allowed to wear anything we like so long as its colour matches the first letter of our name.

My best mates, Rob and Blake are pretty excited for the day. Rob’s going to wear his football jersey and Blake intends to wear a stylish black leather jacket.

As for me? My name’s Luke. Do you know what colours begin with L? I’ll tell you; Lavender, Lemon and Lilac! What kind of self-respecting straight guys has those kinds of colours in his wardrobe? I’ve already been to the nearest Primark and still, no guys clothes in those colours that weren’t queer as hell!

lemon gay shirt

That said, in hindsight maybe I should have gone along with it because without any other options, my perfect goody-two-shoes of a big sister just had to pipe up to my mum and offer to lend me a lilac item from her wardrobe. A plain lilac t-shirt? Yeah, I wish.


No, this….

lilac leotard

My sister likes to dance and does gymnastics in her spare time so of course, she just had to offer me her f***ing rhinestone performance leotard! And you know what’s worse? Mum thinks I should wear it on Monday with a pair of pale tights for warmth!!!! This is totally messed up!



I just hope the school realises how bad an idea this colour-name code is. If this gets repeated in the future, especially for more formal school days, it will only be a matter of time before my loving big sis “kindly” offers me her her proudest possession, the lavender prom dress which she keeps framed photos of all over the house!!!

Vestidos-de-debutante-Estilo-Retro-Princesa-Rom-ntico-Lil-s-Prom-Dress-com-Gr-nulos-Dourados lilac prom dress

Dreaming of World Peace

Dreaming of World Peace

“Aww, isn’t he just adorable? All asleep still wearing his tutu!”

“Ssshhhhh…don’t wake them! Whisper!”

(Low) “Sorry, I was just thinking how cute they all look. Gerald makes for such a pretty ballerina.

“Hush now, what if the other girls heard? Besides, her name’s Giselle. Poor little angels are so tired from today’s class, they didn’t even make it to the changing room.”

“Right….not sure ‘her’ birth certificate would agree with you there. Look, it’s been fun dressing the boy up and getting him to dance and play with girls his age, all while he feels he has to play along in case the girls find out about his little secret wedged beneath the tulle of his tutu, but you know this can’t last. Summer’s ending soon and he’ll need to return to school, back to boyhood.”

“Oh really? Have a look at this.”

*Giselle’s mother pulls an ID card out of her purse*

“Wow! You changed his name? Does he know?”

“Not yet, I thought I would surprise her when we go out to buy skirts for her school uniform.”

“No, you can’t be serious. Why would you do all this?”

“Did you forget about the dream I had at the beginning of this Summer?”

“Well yeah but you can’t expect any truth from that. Dreams rarely make sense anyway. Does Gerald even want to be a girl at this stage?”

“Her name’s Giselle.”

“It’s Gerald, no legal change made behind his back will change that for me. I can’t believe you would do this to your own son, sis. It’s crazy and all for a dream no less!”

“Ssssshhhhhhh! Look, you didn’t have the dream, you don’t know how vivid it was-

I was walking through a forest in the dream when I came across an angel who flew down from heaven to see me.

The angel told me God herself had blessed my child with perfect grace, a grace of movement that would allow my child to assist in the formation of world peace through her exploits as one of the world’s most famous prima ballerinas. I have a duty to see my girl’s destiny put into action!”

“Listen to yourself Claire! You sound positively neurotic. Dreams are dreams, not reality. Fairies or angels, or whatever it was, aren’t real. Boys don’t make for world-class prima ballerinas. Your boy should be tired out from chasing girls and playing football in muddy fields, not from practicing pirouettes clad in tights, pointe shoes and a tutu!

Besides even if any of this was true, what do ballet dancers have to do with politics? What possible role could a ballerina hold in creating world peace?”


Related image


“Good afternoon, I’m Charlotte Courts reporting outside the Supreme Centre of Culture here in Antalya, Turkey where we are awaiting the opening of this historic 2025 G20 Summit.”

“Plenty of promises have been made in advance of this weekend’s summit with various major players on the international scene agreeing to convene here. All the usual players are here but additionally, some nations have been given permission to represent their allies in the pursuit of diplomatic negotiations. President Putin of the Russian Federation will also be speaking on behalf of the Iranian and Syrian governments and Xi Jinping of China will also be representing Kim Jong Un of North Korea at this convention. This event could quite possibly be the closest as a species we have ever come to world peace.

Of course, one big change in faces here is the return of President Barack Obama to the political scene.


We all remember the 8 long and for certain minority groups, painful, years of the Trump administration and many of us thought it might never end when the Republicans announced back in 2024 that they would seek to amend the US constitution to allow for unlimited term times. Little did they realise at the time this would lead to Mr Obama reentering politics and beating Mr Trump’s faux populist nationalism in a landslide victory!

However, this isn’t the only surprise appearance at the Summit. This morning, the Summit halls were graced by the presence of Dame Giselle de l’Ange, two time world number 1 prima ballerina and her newly created troupe of fellow ballerinas under her tutelage. Our second correspondent, Simon Smallwood spoke to her earlier…”

“Good morning Dame Giselle, congratulations on your recent knighting. How was your journey?”

“Just fine Simon. All my girls are well rested and eager to go. In honour of the various nations involved we have attempted to diversify our choreography to appeal to each nation’s culture. It took quite some research but we hope to impress. And receiving a title for our efforts has been such an honour.”

“As a dancer, do you follow politics often? Would you say your girls understand how crucial these talks could be?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say I understand all the details of politics, a lot of arguing if you ask me but peace is peace you know? I always dreamed of world peace back as a little girl.”

“Yes, though you are no doubt aware of the rumours that you weren’t ever a little girl?”

“Oh would you look at the time? My girls and I need to finish revising our steps together before changing into our outfits. Nothing must go wrong. I hope you will forgive me for needing to finish the interview early…”

That night, after a long day of negotiations marking the first day of the summit, Dame Giselle de l’Ange and her girls performed their routine before all the national delegates and world leaders at the Summit. Will world peace be achieved? Only time will tell.

Home Exercises

Home Exercises

*Door bell rings*

“I’ll get it!”


“Matthew, WoW! What are you doing here?”

“I was just passing through, thought I’d check on my old college roommate! How long’s it been? 12 years? Since y’know-”

“Claire and my wedding…yeah that was some time ago.”

“Look mate, I’m sorry I didn’t get in touch after the breakup-it’s just-we’ll, you know how things are.”

“Yeah, something came up I’m sure.”

“Ay, no hard feelings eh? You know what us blokes are like…speaking of which, how’s your boy now? Must be what? 16? 17?”

“Elliot’s ah..he’s good. He’s just in the studio exercising with Rachel.”

“Who’s that? His girlfriend?”

“No! His sister, jeesh your memory sucks ass!”

“Oh yeah, must be the booze. Been a while and all that…well, let’s have a look then. Maybe your boy’s been more successful in developing that six pack we always wanted.”

*Matt pushes passed Craig and heads towards where he can hear relaxing music playing.*

“Guessing the sister picks the music then. Back in my day I’d listen to Metallica or Slayer in the gym.”

*Matt turns the corner and opens the door with music playing behind it*

“WTF!!!” Matt screamed at the top of his lungs at the sight of the two incredibly beautiful blonde girls who were practicing their ballet positions on the barre, all while dressed in the most skimpy leotards he’d ever seen.

Matt tried to compose himself.

“Oh, sorry girls. Which one of you is Rachel? I was expecting to see your brother here. Is this a school friend then? Where’s Elliot?”

The blonde with the foot on the bar returned to a standing position, looked over at Matt and yelled “Daddi!”

Craig walked over standing behind Matt.

“Sorry pumpkin, I had meant to talk to Matt before he so rudely barged past me.”

Matt quickly apologised and then pondered “Daddy? Oh, you must be Rachel! Well, aren’t you just a thing of beauty?! And uh..you looked very graceful at that bar, very ladylike” Matt said as he put his hand in his pockets to hide his throbbing member.

“I’m not Rachel.”

“Huh? Craig, do you have 3 kids now? Two daughters?”

“Not quite, Matt.”

“I’m confused.”

“Matt, this is my son, Elliot.”

“Who is?”

The shorter blonde piped up “Who do you think it is? He’s like, a whole head taller than me!”

“What the flying f***!” yelled Matt as he started berating the blonde he now knew to be his best friend from college’s son. “I can’t believe I called you a Beauty-oh who am I kidding? Of course I did, you could be in porn for god’s sake! What the hell is going on?!”

The taller blonde started crying and turned to his sister for comfort.

“And that ass! What’d you do? Shove two melons up it or something?”

“Matt, shut up!” Craig shouted. “Rachel, could you take Elsa up to his room and get yourselves changed please? I’ll have a chat with Matt in the meantime.”

The two blondes wandered off upstairs, the boy still snivelling in tears.

“Fancy a beer?”

“First normal thing I’ve heard in the last 10 minutes. Sure, Craig.”

Having collected their beers, the two guys sat down on the couch.

“So what’s up with your boy then? Is he one of them transgenders?”

“Not quite…following the divorce Claire got full custody of the kids and she went on to remarry, marrying some black geezer named Darnell. He has some…uhmm let’s say…interesting views on how white men or ‘bois’ as he calls them should be raised.”

“Wait, so your son’s been forced into being a sissy?”

“I don’t know! I thought so at first but…well, did he look full of regret to you? Every time I have them I do my best to look out for a single sign he’s unhappy. I tell myself he may be giving off a non-verbal sign of discomfort but instead…well, he comes back more and more feminine every time, never with a single verbal or physical cue of regret. I don’t know what to think anymore to be honest.” Craig confessed.

“What did you call him earlier?”

“Elsa. Claire insists that’s what he likes to be called. He doesn’t seem to disagree either.”

“I can’t believe you’re going along with this! I’d never let my sons look like that!”

“Well, what am I supposed to do? Do you think I asked for my son to have a bigger ass than his own sister? To spend at least an hour curling his hair and applying makeup each day? To never leave the house without light pink lip gloss on his lips?”

*Craig calmed himself before continuing*

“Claire has full legal custody over them. I only get to see them because she allows it and all on the condition that I don’t interfere with her ‘style of parenting’ as she calls it. Just one complaint and I never see my children again! And you want to know the worst thing of all? Based on the online brochures I’ve seen for the weird-ass private school Claire is sending him to, I can tell he’s not getting any good role models either. In fact, I think there’s a good chance that if I were out of the picture, he might never even see a real white man again! Just look at this brochure!”

Matt picked up a brochure on the dining table which called itself ‘Xavier’s School for Rehabilitation and White Obedience’. Turning the first page, Matt found the following blurb on the introduction page:

“Anyone who’s black in America knows the struggles we are being forced into. We have racist cops, unfair sentencing for black victims and fewer opportunities in the job market. This country was born out of white supremacy and it will remain so, no matter how much democratic politicians virtue signal over nice-sounding buzzwords like tolerance and diversity, we know the truth. White men are inherently racist and this can only be fought by changing the white man, changing him from independent know-it-all to what he really is deep down, a simpering white boi jealous of black men’s physiques. Here at this school, we are on the frontline in exposing this basic truth of all white Bois, we strip them of that masculine, arrogant bravado they have and teach them how to adore black men, inch by inch.

– Xavier Blackdurk, Senior Dean of the School for Rehabilitation and White Obedience.

Matt was in total disbelief, “how is this even a thing?”

Craig replies sombrely “Turn the page, apparently they’ll even be opening up a primary school come next September. Something to do with a private benefactor , who approves of their radicalism.”

Matt looked at the page on the primary school’s dress code.

Black boys: Blazer, trousers, white shirt, socks and leather loafers.

Girls, black and white: choice of green school dress ūüĎó or regulation fit school skirt in black with accompanying blouse.

Bois (white boys): Mandatory pink gingham dress (pictured below on the page), hair worn in bunches or pigtails if long enough, white pelerine knee socks and Mary Jane shoes.

“If you think that’s bad, I recommend you don’t look at the PE uniforms section.” Advised Craig.

The two men were suddenly interrupted by the sound of squeaky trainers walking into the room.

“Hi daddi! Sorry for crying earlier, my feelings got the better of me.”

The boy with long, curled blonde hair and a pinkish-red tartan skirt walked up to Matt.

“Hi, I’m Elsa! Pleased to meet you.”

Before he could even react Elsa had planted a delicate kiss on Matt’s cheek, making sure to lean over his lap while doing it to keep her whole body on show to him.

“Rachel and I are going out into town for some shopping bargains. Hope you guys have fun catching up on old times while we’re out.”

“Ok, be good pumpkin!” Craig called out.

“I will daddi!” Elsa said as she blew Craig a kiss and headed out the door with Rachel, closing the door behind them.”

Totally bewildered by the situation, Matt repeated “That’s your son?!” in astonishment.

“That’s my son” Craig replied “and if you think that’s over the top, you should see how giddy Elsa gets around his schoolmate Jamal…it seems that like you, Elsa likes six-packs too. Except, it just so happens that…Elsa likes them on his boyfriends.”

Shoutout To Princess Erin

Shoutout To Princess Erin

Good afternoon lovelies and welcome to October!

To start this month off right, I thought you might like another shoutout so today I am shouting out to Sissy Kiss user Princess Erin’s fabulous artworks!

In order to create some awareness I am posting some of my favourite artworks from her gallery below. However, some of her artwork does contain overtly sexual imagery like sex toys which doesn’t fit the tone of my blog in my humble opinion. You are of course free to view those artworks yourself through the link above.


With all that said, I hope you enjoy Princess Erin’s artworks as much as I do and I hope to see more captioned images from her in the future.

Happy October!

Princess Aurora of the Fairbreeze Plateau xx


princess erin sissy kiss cinderella



P.S. I found this image online which looks quite similar to Christieluv’s artwork but I cannot find where the image was originally posted, instead finding it here. It’s not even on the Sissy Kiss website despite this image saying Sissy Kiss at the bottom! Do any of you know if Christieluv did indeed create this image? If so, I shall add it to my Christieluv shoutout post.



For German Readers; Shoutout to Exxeat!

Good evening lovelies!

This blog recently passed a special landmark: 1000 German viewers! Unsurprisingly given that all previous posts were written in English, my blog’s views have been dominated quite fiercely by readers from English-speaking countries like the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia. And while I of course love all my readers equally no matter where you come from, I would like to do something special for my German readers today given your strong support for my blog.

I would like to shoutout to Exxeat, a German Deviantart user who writes TG stories and captions in German like this Bridal caption below:

To all my German readers, please go visit Exxeat on Deviantart and give them the praise they deserve! xx

However, this is not all. I read Exxeat’s story¬†Die Kostuemparty / M2F¬†and after thoroughly enjoying it, I have attempted an adaptation of it for my English-reading viewers bellow. Be warned, the story is more sexualised than my fully self-written ones normally are. I hope you enjoy this story courtesy of Exxeat and if any translation errors were made (other than regarding hair colour which I deliberately changed ūüėä), please do let me know!


The Costume Party / M2F

Part 1

Nico and Timo knew each other from childhood and always vowed to stay ‘Best Friends Forever’.¬†They did everything together, they were in the same class, liked the same films, joined the German military together and even opted for the same subjects in school.¬†Just before the Halloween party, Nico came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äča common costume.¬†They agreed on Batman & Robin.¬†Unfortunately, of all the costumes available in the shop, all the couples costumes came with one woman counterpart. Trying not to be a spoilsport, Timo volunteered he would take the woman role because of his smaller figure.¬†“Are you sure?” Nico asked.¬†“I won’t be if you keep asking me,” Timo replied.¬†So they borrowed the Batman & Robin couples costumes as well as some fake breasts and a long blonde wig.

On the day of the Halloween party, both slipped into their costumes.¬†Nico smiled a little when he saw Timo: “You would make for a pretty woman.” Nico was the taller and more masculine of the two, making getting laid with women a lot easier for him.¬†“I would be a total slut,” Timo laughed and adjusted his fake breasts. Both had to laugh (before leaving to go to the party).

Both of them had a lot of fun at the party, time and time again someone tried to grab Timo until they approached him far enough to realize he was a man.¬†Nico and Timo always had to laugh about it.¬†“I’ll tell you, if I were a real woman, I would use these guys shamelessly and constantly be invited, even if I had to sleep with them afterwards.” Timo smiled “I’d be a real Bitch.”

“Well then you should try this.” a woman in a witch outfit suddenly said behind her, holding out a small red vial.¬†It looked like a Jagermeister, just in red, with the inscription ‘Womanizer’ on it.¬†Timo and Nico laughed and Timo accepted the vial: “Great joke – thank you!”

Some time later, the two finally found a seat, Timo hadn’t worn too high heels because he lacked practise in them, but they still hurt his legs.¬†“Hey, let’s take a look at this witch’s stuff,” Nico said.¬†“Oh right!” Timo said as he pulled the ‘Womanizer’ out from between his fake cleavage.¬†Nico had to laugh: “So you’re already learning how to store things like real women do.” Timo also laughed, opened the clasp and quickly poured the stuff down his throat.

Suddenly, something unbelievable happened: Timo froze for a moment as Nico watched Timo’s fake breasts fusing with his body, even the cheap wig looked much higher quality, as if it were Timo’s real hair and not only that, his face was now much more feminine … “Nico, I’m thirsty, get me another drink?” Timo said in a clearly feminine voice.¬†“What the‚Ķ?¬†Timo? “Nico asked, startled.¬†“No, not Timo, I think you are even drunker than me – my name is Tina.¬†TIM- … no no no, TINA – got it?” said Timo, or rather Tina “Well pay now, and afterwards we’ll have fun in your car – if you know what I mean.¬†Or if it is not too crowded we could do it in the bathroom…” Tina continued as she grabbed Nico between the legs.

Nico was so startled by Timo’s transformation that he was speechless, but Timo’s – no Tina’s hands rubbed his penis so well under the table that he could not think with his brain for a while.¬†But he quickly caught himself again and said: “No, we’re best friends!” “Exactly!¬†So come on, it’s not like your cock hasn’t seen me before…” said Tina. “Come on my strong Batman, let’s get in the car and after that I’ll pay you for something.”
Nico could not resist, even though this Tina had recently been his best friend Timo, she made him so horny “Ok, come on – let’s go outside for a little while.” No sooner were they out of the event hall than Tina had pulled him in behind a shrubbery: “Hey, I cannot wait forever,” she said hastily as she laid down in the grass, pulled down her panties, pulled her short skirt up and spread her legs legs wide: “Fuck me!” Nico meanwhile could only think with his cock, as he unpacked it and thrust it into Tina.¬†She moaned loudly at each thrust, she did not care that it could be heard at the party entrance.¬†After he came in her she licked his cock clean and said: “Now you owe me but a decent drink!”

They both straightened up a bit and returned to the party.¬†Nico bought Tina a bottle of Eristoff and while she drank, he thought about what had happened.¬†Even less than an hour ago, Tina, with whom he had sex behind a shrubbery, which anyone who went out for a smoke in front of the hall definitely noticed, had been his best buddy Timo.¬†Now Timo had become Tina, and she behaved like a slut doing pretty much anything she wanted.¬†Oh God, just as Timo had said before he got that swap from the witch.¬†“Hey, I’m going to the toilet.” Tina interrupted his thoughts.

Nico just nodded and wanted to use the time to look for this witch.¬†He could not see her anywhere.¬†When Tina didn’t come back after 20 minutes, he started searching.¬†The hall was quite crowded, he found some witches, but none of them were the right one.¬†Finally, at a bar, he spotted Tina chatting with a ghost: “There you are.” “Hey, Nico, dude, go ahead, that’s, um … Casper, the Friendly Ghost, you see … I met him on the toilet and he was so kind to give me a drink afterwards…” Tina said and took a sip of her drink.¬†“What did you do?” Nico asked in disbelief.¬†“Don’t be so wild, he’s just about to rewan … re … um … re-arm.¬†I really wanted to see if a ghost can get hard.” Tina said, spilling half her glass in laughter.¬†“Ok, come, we have to find this witch,” Nico said, dragging Tina after him.¬†But after a few meters he was no longer holding her hand and when he turned around, she was already gone.
Part 2

Despite some rounds at the party, Nico could not find Tina anywhere.¬†If he asked if anyone had seen Timo, everyone looked at him questioningly, nobody seemed to remember Timo.¬†If he asked if anyone had seen Tina, Nico was usually sent to a bar where he heard again that she had drunk with a guy and gone afterwards.¬†“She just left with a guy” said a waiter at the bar, I think they wanted to go to their car.

Nico pushed through the crowd as fast as he could to reach Timo’s car.¬†The plates agreed, but instead of a tuned black VW Golf there was a pink Honda Civic with glued flowers inside.¬†The windows were heavily foggy and the car wobbled.¬†Nico could not go any further, he stood there rooted to the ground and slowly he heard even louder moaning from inside the car.¬†A short sharp scream and then it was quiet.

A short time later Tina jumped out and behind her some guy exited the car. Despite the weak parking lighting, Nico saw cum still dripping from Tina.¬†Tina saw Nico and said: “Hey Nico, where have you been?¬†Oops…” *Tina pulled her skirt down* “… I’m still naked downstairs “and laughed.¬†“You Timo- Tina,¬†I’m going home for today.” Nico said stunned.¬†“What a pity.¬†NIIICOOO… do you still have a quick cigarette for me?” Tina asked.¬†“You don’t smoke,” Nico stated.¬†“Well, I’ve had so many dicks in my mouth today, that I need a few cigarettes,” Tina replied, “but if you do not have one…Won’t you stay with me?” “NO!” Nico said.¬†“Okay, so tonight is your evening – BYE!¬†Are we going to see each other tomorrow?” Tina asked.¬†“Yes, let’s see,” Nico answered, he did not know what he should have said otherwise and turned away slowly.

“Hey you, can you bye me a cigarette?” While walking Nico heard Tina in the background already begging someone else “Hey, thank you man …” he heard “Hey, you’ve got a whole second packet – could you give me that?¬†– You know what, how about we trade the packet for a blowjob?” Nico did not turn around, hearing shortly thereafter the sound of car doors closing.¬†He felt guilty, having had the idea of wearing matching costumes and daring Timo to taste the ‘womanizer’.

Actually Timo had taken him to the party, but now he did not care that he had to go home, so he had time to think about what happened.¬†It doesn’t happen every day that your best buddy becomes a slut who does anything to get some recognition and a few drinks, and he did it with her, too – and she was really good, a woman who had no inhibitions to swallow and probably would lick his cock even if it had been in her ass.¬†When he got home, he immediately went to bed but couldn’t fall asleep for a long time.

At 1AM Nico’s cellphone rang.¬†Sleepily, he looked over at the display which said Tina.¬†Suddenly he was wide awake.¬†He hadn’t altered it from Timo to Tina, he wanted his mate Timo back, his best friend with whom he could do everything together.¬†Tina still seemed to regard him as her best friend, but joint ventures would probably refer more to sex.¬†He tapped on the phone and heard Tina’s excited voice: ‘Hey Nico, woman’s thirsty, I’ve been so full of noodles for a long time now, and I’m not just gorging on my stomach, if you know what I mean.” “Oh, hi Tim-Tina… well, yeah I can already imagine what you mean, I saw it.” said Nico.¬†Tina laughed loudly in the phone: “Haha, yes, I was silly by forgetting to lower my skirt and not wearing panties.¬†Ey,¬†should I come over then?¬†I can bring some repair beers.¬†I could use one, an old one.”

Nico had to think for a moment then agreed to find out more about Tina.¬†At the party he noticed her changed use of language – ‘How did she become such an easy chick, does she always talk like that?’¬†Nico thought, well, it sounded that way on the phone.¬†What interested him even more was if Tina was really such a slut or if that was just the alcohol.¬†Only a few minutes later, the doorbell rang and Tina stood outside.¬†What caught Nico immediately were her legs, they were in shiny pantyhose stockings and high-heeled boots.¬†Over it was a knee-length coat.¬†“Hey, what was wrong with you earlier, why are you home so early?¬†It was a cool party! “Said Tina and took off her coat.¬†The miniskirt that came underneath did not reach as far down as the coat, and the tight pinky-red Robin costume halter top had a low neckline.¬†In addition, her nipples could be seen through the fabric.

Just like a woman Timo and Nico had always wanted in their rooms, but this was not any slut, this was his best buddy Timo now with the look and behavior of a woman.¬†Tina sat down on Nicos bed, Nico, however, sat down on the desk chair opposite her.” Tell me, where did you get this jacket and those shoes, are you just running around stealing things?” Nico asked.¬†“Are you becoming a philistine now, dude?¬†I’ve just got stuff like that, ey, and in the past, that did not bother you too much…” Tina answered, spreading her legs so that Nico looked straight at her shaved genitals.¬†“What the!?¬†You have no panties on!” Nico cried.¬†“Yeah, and there’s still stuff inside from yesterday” Tina giggled.

“Can not you remember anything from earlier?” Nico asked.¬†“What?¬†Last night? Yeah…No…just blurry.¬†In any case, I was fully filled and did not have to spend a penny” laughed Tina.¬†“NO!¬†I mean, you were a boy until last night called TIMO!” Nico said a little louder.¬†Tina suddenly turned pale in her face: “Oh God, he was a boy, he remembered again, he was Timo and they were best buddies.¬†That witch …!” “Yeah, her potion turned you into what you said about how you would behave as a girl!” said Nico.¬†“You’re right, I can remember mixed, oh god, I’m a slut!” Tina said and rubbed between her legs.¬†“What are you doing!?” asked Nico.¬†“I don’t know, but it feels good” grinned Tina.
Part 3

On the following days Nico pursued serious allegations because it was he who made the suggestion of common costume in the first place. He barely had any contact with Tina, she no longer had the same classes as he did, she was trained as a beautician, everything had changed. He had to find this witch, and he had an idea where he hoped to find her again Рsoon it would be October 11 and the first carnival party would take place in the same hall.

Nico went to the party that day. He had no fun, even with other friends, he talked if only briefly. He was always on the move, always looking for that witch, not even sure if she would look like a witch again, the first time was Halloween. But by midnight he finally saw her. Immediately he pressed himself between the celebrating people, damn where she had come he looked around, he saw her again, only a few meters away and then he finally reached her.

“Do you still know me?” asked Nico. “Let me think, yes, of course, your girlfriend is the slut that likes being fucked by all, the main thing is they come through the night so free, right?” Replied the witch.¬†“He owes that to them,” Nico cried outraged.¬†“No no, he even said that he was a woman like that …” “But he only became a woman through you!” “Yeah, right, but she could have gone a different way, but in fact she just confirmed what she said – she would be a slutty woman.” the witch replied.¬†“That’s it, I mean it now! She’s been like this for 11 days, please make her a man again!” Nico now pleaded.¬†“Hmmm … that’s not possible…” the witch claimed. “You could make him a woman, so you can certainly make him a man again, please!” Nico begged. “Usually yes,¬†but…” “What but?¬†Where is the problem?” pleaded Nico. “Well, Tina had quite a lot of intercourse…” “So what?¬†Where is the problem? “Asked Nico and pleadingly continued “Please, I just want us to be best friends again, that we do everything together again, work together…”

The witch started to smile and said, “Well, I could help you both there, take a drink of this.” Without reading the inscription, Nico took a sip of the little vial the witch had given him and said “Will everything now be as before?¬†Thank you!” “Not directly…” the witch answered mysteriously “but unfortunately I have to go now.” Nico did not really register how she disappeared, she just was not there anymore.¬†“Ow, what a stupid cow…” he said aloud to himself.

“Hey sweetie?¬†Problems? “Nico heard a boy next to him and turned to see what he meant.¬†The boy actually looked at Nico and asked, “May I invite you for a drink?” Nico looked at the boy from head to toe, thinking that he would look very sweet and said, “Little gentleman, what?¬†Of course you can.” “What’s your name?” the boy asked.¬†“Nicole, and you?” Nico had not noticed, but the witch’s potion had turned him into a girl.¬†She made small talk with the boy and after the second drink the two were already cuddling wildly.¬†A few drinks later, Nicole had lost all inhibitions and the two had sex in her car.

Two days later, Nicole had to work again. Everything had changed, she was no longer a mechanic – she had been trained in the same company as Tina, except that she was going to be a hairdresser.¬†“Hey, Tina!¬†Why did not you come to the party?¬†It was really hot!” said Nicole when she met Tina in the salon and pressed kisses on each other’s cheeks.¬†“Yo, sorry Nicole.¬†I was not feeling well, I would really like to have come” said Tina. “Hey, I’ve met the sweetest boy!” “Really?¬†Come on, tell me all the details. Did you jump straight into bed with him?” asked Tina.¬†“Not quite, it was just the car, but he drives a horny tuned Golf” Nicole answered with a big grin.¬†“Girls, it’s working time, you’re here to learn something!” their boss interrupted them and the two girls went to work chuckling.

Two weeks later on a Sunday …

Nicole came home to Tina and handed her a small package.¬†“Hey, what’s that?” Tina asked in surprise.¬†“Maybe the answer to why you’ve been sick for some time” Nicole replied.¬†Tina took the lid from the package and exclaimed in amazement, “Whaaaat?¬†Hey, you’re fucking crazy.¬†Never!” “Ok, then give it a try.” Tina disappeared into the bathroom and Nicole went to Tina’s room.¬†When Tina came along, she said, “Now I’m nervous what should we do while we wait?”

For the next 20 minutes, the two talked about boys, posing in front of the large mirror on the cabinet and shooting selfies.¬†Then Tina looked at the clock on her cell phone, went to the little package, took another deep breath and lifted the lid of the package.¬†She took out a small white pencil and suddenly became very calm.¬†“You were right.” Tina held the pen to Nicole and it read “Pregnant, 3+”.¬†But Nicole reacted quite cool-ly, reached into her pocket and took out a pen, held it to Tina and it read “Pregnant, 1-2”.

“What?¬†Hey, you too? Daaamn gurl!” Exclaimed Tina.¬†Both started screaming, waving their hands wildly and hugging each other as they continued to shriek and leap for joy.¬†They were so loud that Tina’s mother came in the door and asked what was going on.¬†“We’re pregnant!” the girls shouted almost at the same time, screaming and hopping for joy again.

The next day, they stuffed small round pads under their shirts and bound themselves with pink bows over the pads – outfitted as such, they went together to their boss to announce their pregnancies.


A Messy Prom Night

A Messy Prom Night

*Claire opens an unlocked stall in the women’s toilets*

“Oh there you are Cindy, we were wondering where you had gone off to.”

“Oh shit! I thought that was locked. And my name’s Clive, not Cindy! Can’t believe you made me come to prom like this…stupid dress.”

“Well you’re certainly no Clive in that dress, a bet is a bet and now you’re this prom’s honorary Cinderella! Are you enjoying your prom night princess? Danced with any hot boys yet?”

“Haha, very funny you know fool well I’ve spent most of the evening in here, 4 number twos in one hour. That’s how bad my nerves are!”

“Well, that’s one explanation… might have something to do with all the girls meals having laxatives in them though.”

“What??? Why are there laxatives in our meals?”

“Aww, so cute hearing you refer to “our meals”! Don’t you remember me offering you a diaper to wear under your dress when we have you your costume? The one you rejected?”

“I thought you were teasing me!”

“Nope, every girl going to prom in a long ballgown knows how difficult it is to go to the toilet in a dress, as I’m sure you have learnt by now, so we’re all wearing diapers under our dresses. The laxatives help us make a mess without any fuss needed, no tummy aches, no crouching down, just a quick stream so we can keep dancing.”

“No, no way do I believe you’re wearing a diaper.”

“Have a look” *raises dress*

“Oh my god…so every girl here is wearing diapers? Even Cynthia in her huge bust-exposing gown?”

“Yep, even her. In fact would it shock you to know your crush insisted on buying a printed pink diaper with little princesses on it to the match her pink gown? In fact, she sent me this photo earlier asking me if it made her bottom look fat.”

*Claire scrolls through her camera roll on her phone before holding the photo up to the toilet-bound princess.*

“Oh god, that’s so h-”

*Clive was suddenly interrupted by a loud rumbling in his stomach*

“Quick Claire, I need a diaper!!!”

“Oh, you think I’m just carrying a spare? Sorry but you turned the offer down. Nothing can be done about that now.”

*Claire hears a loud fart*

“Oh, sounds like Cynthia’s about to leave a steaming dump while in a slow dance with the school’s star quarterback. I’ve got to go see this! Oh, by the way Cindy, any girls who get their dresses messy have to wear them again on Monday in class. See you then, princess. Enjoy stinkies number 5!”

New Barbies!

New Barbies!

Hiya Lovelies,

How is your weekend going? Did you enjoy my latest race and gender swap story? I live to please!

Speaking of being pleased, now that I am no longer at home and back in education, I was really starting to miss playing with my dollies! I have my lovely Aurora doll with me of course, but nobody else.

So, today I decided to jump on my magical unicorn ūü¶Ą (bicycle) and head into town to find the nearest toy shop. Now, as you know I have at least one of every Disney Princess doll except Snow White so I was hoping to find one in town. That said, while the store did have a Snow White doll, it was one of the new range of dolls that while having lovey dresses, have weirdly sized heads in my view.

As such, though it is a very pretty doll, I fear it would look odd sitting on a shelf with a head twice the size of all my other dolls so I decided not to get her. Instead, I will keep looking out for a Snow White doll like this:

But fear not! For I have two new dollies to show you.

As you can see I am happy to welcome a new Barbie Doll, with ginger hair and wearing a blue dress with little ūüĆą and ūüíó all over, and another doll from a doll brand called July. While less known as a brand, the July doll came with a purple princess dress, a pink tutu and tights, a pink ūüĎô and a yellow, pink and blue mermaid outfit (my first ever mermaid doll)!!!

After opening them:

July doll in Purple Princess Gown and Ginger friend of Barbie in rainbow and heart blue dress.

Mermaid outfit – I can’t wait to try this on my Ariel doll when I get home!

Pink Bikini outfit (first one still wearing the mermaid top – the tassels were very difficult to tie on this outfit to be honest, I had to use tweezers!)

Pink Ballerina Outfit. This is my favourite one on her so I intend to keep her like this for a while.

The July doll also came with a stand meaning I can now have a doll stand on my desk when I work ūüėä

Besides, now I’ll have a friend to dress up with me when I’m practising my ballet positions!


I hope you all like my new dollies and are having a great weekend yourselves, maybe you could post your own dollies below so we can all share the love?

One issue though, what do I call my dollies? The ginger Barbie doll is clearly a friend of Barbie, not Barbie herself and I cannot see any names given on her box. As for the July doll, she doesn’t have any names either. Could you think of any names for my new dollies? I was thinking of Rebecca for the latter doll since Becca the Ballerina has a nice ring to it but I’m completely open to suggestions. Please let me know your suggestions in the comments below.

Princess Aurora of the Fairbreeze Plateau xx